manifest sobriety

I used the law of attraction to manifest my sobriety. I didn’t really realize it at the time, but later, once I learned about this universal law, I recognized that that was exactly what I did. This “miracle” is available to anyone looking for relief from alcoholism and addiction.

Substance disorders

Alcoholism and drug addiction are disorders. Substance use disorder is characterized by a person’s inability to be able to control their drinking/drug use which causes significant impairment in the person’s ability to function in their life, as well as causing health issues. This illness is related to brain dysfunction of the reward circuitry among other brain functions, and symptoms are behavioral and physical.

If we analyze substance disorders from the perspective of the law of attraction, these illnesses may have been attracted by our ancestors due to their thinking patterns, which were passed down to us. If you follow Dr. Bruce Lipton, he has found through his research on stem cells that the environment of the cell (which is its membrane) is what determines which genes are turned on or off. He believes that the thoughts we think influence the environment that our cells are in, because our thoughts create impulses that are sent to our cells.

Therefore any disorder, even if its genetic, can be overcome. You can create an environment that effectively turns off the gene for alcoholism/addiction and turns on a different gene. The power is within each one of us. And this absolutely worked for me and many others, even though we might not realize that we were using the law of attraction to do it.

Why is someone addicted?

The medical community has many reasons for addiction. More like “risk factors”. It could be genetic, environmental influence, inability to cope with stress, an impulsive character, co-morbid mental health disorder, and the list goes on. But many will agree that addiction is a thinking disorder most of all. The thought process becomes unreasonable, delusional, and obsessive, even after the physical addiction has been resolved.

Humans want to feel good, so if our life is characterized by many things that we perceive as negative and our emotions are in the gutter, addiction will become a solution if we have a brain at risk to it. Also, if a susceptible person has no control over the direction of their thinking and the way they experience life, then overuse for the feeling these drugs provide is much more likely to occur.


People in addiction always find time for their substance of choice, and usually it will affect their ability to perform their daily responsibilities. Alcohol and drugs can be a way to avoid a life of drudgery, stress, and hopelessness. If you don’t have anything to live for, or if you are super afraid of aspects in life, this may become the solution.

Once you become addicted, it becomes a circle of avoidance. You have a bad day at work and need a drink or drug to avoid the negative emotions. Then, you feel like crap at work and you need a drink or drug to feel better; you are avoiding the physical consequences. Then, after you recover, you become bored/depressed and crave stimulation and excitement, so you need to drink and drug again to avoid the low that is caused by the lack of dopamine, because your body is out of homeostasis and produces far less dopamine than normally.

Alcohol was my solution

I drank alcoholically across 14 years of my life, with a two year sobriety stint at 10 years. Alcohol was my solution to extreme anxiety, low self-worth, and dysfunctional thinking and view of myself and the world. From a young child, I was quiet and self conscious, and preferred disappearing into my imagination to escape my world.

Alcohol was relief from overthinking. I felt I was finally able to breath and relax. I could talk to anyone and “be myself”. The world became interesting when I was drunk. I began looking forward to drinking over everything else. I had to drink to do pretty much anything. It was my crutch for life.

Only problem, I turned into a monster and blacked out regularly. I was abusive, put myself in extremely dangerous situations, embarrassed myself and others, and injured myself and sometimes other people. None of the consequences (jail, lawyer fees, lost relationships, lost jobs, health problems) were enough for me to give up my solution to life. Even though I felt complete shame and self hatred over the things I did, I couldn’t give up that feeling of relief, even if that feeling was becoming more and more fleeting.

manifest sobriety

Why it has to get so bad

Many recovering addicts had to experience a breaking point, or “hit rock bottom” before they would finally do what was needed to get sober. This is usually true with anything in life, really. Humans, just like animals, prefer comfort and familiarity over an uncomfortable change.

Alcohol/drugs become a reason for living. The jumping-off place (Big Book- A Vision for You) happens when a person can’t imagine going on with or without alcohol. Alcohol stops being the solution and is seen as it truly is, a prison. However, this place is hopeless because there is no other solution for life. Many commit suicide or continue to drink/drug themselves to lockup or death.

**Please seek help if you are severely depressed and think of hurting yourself. There are people who can help you get through these feelings. –> suicide and crisis lifeline

The belief

I used to believe that anything bad that I didn’t consider would for sure happen. So I would try to think of every possible bad thing to prevent it from happening. I’m sure you can see how this way of thinking could turn into a terrible way to live. My mind was filled with negativity, and my body craved the emotions that were produced by this familiar way of thinking (see what Joe Dispenza says about the brain of the body).

I loved horror movies, dark and disturbing books, and was told that I was a drama queen. Everywhere I went, destruction was sure to follow. I romanticized tragedy and unknowingly craved the feelings of being a victim. My attention, beliefs, and perception of the world completely created my reality.

It all starts with a burning desire

I finally got to the point where I just wanted peace. I was tired of turmoil and pain. I didn’t care if I was successful, had friends, or appeared favorably in other people’s eyes. I was done. I just wanted to be ok. I knew that I was killing myself and I wanted to live.

This became a burning desire in my soul. I didn’t necessarily have faith that I would get sober, or believe that AA or rehab would work (hadn’t worked in the past). But I made a decision to believe in something greater than me. It was a decision I had refused to make for many years. This huge shift in my perception of reality changed everything. I was no longer alone. I was being guided and directed to my desire.

Your faith has made you whole

My decision to believe in a power guiding me to sobriety gave me the faith I needed to allow the miracle to happen. Trust me, I’ve gone over and over how I got sober because it was truly effortless. All my struggling, fighting, and doing what people told me didn’t get me results. And now, I simply decide to believe in something greater than me, and I seem to stroll right into a life of sobriety!

I realize that everything I utilized to get sober probably contributed to my ultimate freedom from the disease, but I still believe that it was mainly my faith and acceptance of my desire that caused the transformation. I had made clear in my mind what I desired, peace and freedom, and believed that I was being guided toward it. I didn’t let the past or overthinking distract me for a second, and instead saw the workings of the spirit in every aspect of my life.

manifesting sobriety

How I suggest using the law of attraction to manifest sobriety

  • Make your desire clear- make the decision of what you want. Even if what you want is to desire sobriety. The pull of these substances are so strong, I know I still wanted them even in the depths of the torture I knew they were causing me. Write out your desire, state it to the Universe/God, and decide that it is yours.

  • Anonymous meetings/12 steps- I highly recommend going to AA/NA/CA or whichever one resonates. I still go now. There is power, love, inspiration and accountability in those rooms. You will find people who will understand you and accept you always. Look for the similarities not the differences. And work the 12 steps with a sponsor (I have at least 3 times). You can work these steps according to your beliefs- traditional Big Book, The Red Road (Native American), AA the Woman’s way, 12 steps the Buddhist’s way, or many others. Although, I caution regarding the 4th step, don’t linger there or focus too long, as many relapse during this step. Honestly, this step didn’t do much for me except make me feel awful, but to each their own.

  • Appreciation journal- writing out the things that I loved in my life was a game-changer! I wake up early to make sure I have at least an hour to write in my journal. Its my favorite part of the day and has shifted my way of thinking, therefore changing what I experience. Addiction is dysfunctional thinking, and learning to think about things that bring good results to your life will be instrumental in feeling better and thinking better. Focus on the good, and you’ll start seeing it manifest in your life. So simple!

  • Fill your mind with inspiration- start putting what you desire in life in the front of your mind. Get excited to be alive! This life is magical, especially when you realize that you create everything you want to experience when you believe. Watch YouTubes, read blogs/books, connect with people and start pursuing your dreams. You used to have dreams before substances completely took your life away.

  • Autosuggestions- affirming your new beliefs every day is how you will reprogram your subconscious mind (see my post How to Access Your Power). You will not feel very good initially. Sobriety is the hardest in the first 1-6 months. Its like a roller coaster ride of emotions. But be stubborn, and keep affirming even if you don’t feel it yet. You WILL. And you will begin to see what you affirm start to appear as your reality. Here are some autosuggestions to get you started:
    • I am guided in everything I do and experience
    • Everything happens for me
    • Thankyou for my sobriety
    • I feel better and better every day
    • Its ok to feel my emotions
    • My life just gets better and better
    • I am loved and I am worthy
    • All my dreams come true

  • Release resistance- anything we resist persists and stifles the flow of power from the Universe/God. Release from overthinking by practicing meditation, focusing on being fully present in what you are doing (flow), cultivating faith, and having fun/feeling good. If you are experiencing resistance to emotions, check out my blog post How to Feel Better- Overcoming Feelings of Hopelessness. I write about the Sedona Method, which is a way you can make peace with emotions, therefore allowing them to dissolve from your body. Also, in the Meditations to Raise Your Vibration post, I talk about Joe Dispenza’s breathing technique to reset the body’s emotional brain.

Begin anew

When I finally allowed freedom from alcoholism to be mine, I disregarded past assumptions. I went to meetings like I had never been to them before. I worked the steps like it was my first time. I connected with love to people in the meetings, and believed that they cared for me and that I would find healing. And I did!

If you want to change your future, believe in a new one. Don’t hold on to the past. Trust and believe that someway somehow you will be free. Never give up! Health and well being is your right, and is yours if you believe.

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  1. Please keep going with your writing
    I love your approach
    I will be putting the things you suggested into practice
    Thank you again 😊❤️

    1. Thank-you for your comment! I’m so happy you might use some of the suggestions. Let me know if you’d like me to write any more topics on sobriety and manifesting. I think they go beautifully together. 😊

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