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Hitting a brick wall…

Manifesting my desires is supposed to be easy, but sometimes it ends up feeling like I’m banging my head against a brick wall. It’s easy to forget that I am not the one making things happen. I can do do do all day long and get nothing done.

I have realized this when I tried to manifest more money into my experience. I treaded to all the areas that I thought would provide opportunity, posted all over online, did a ton of research and drove everywhere, but it was all in vain. All this busy work seemed to get me nowhere.

Being in flow…

It doesn’t matter what I do, if I’m not in flow with the Universe and my higher-self, not much that I attempt is going to bring results. I can check off all the boxes and still come up empty.

Being in the flow is the same as a state of allowing, following your joy, being in alignment with your true self, etc. When you’re in flow you know it. Everything clicks and feels easy.

High vibration = Flow

When we are in a high vibrational state we are naturally in flow. So therefore, in order to be in flow with what we are trying to accomplish, we need to be in high vibration first.

Sometimes I find myself going about this backwards. I have a goal/ desire that I visualize and then think that I’ve released it to the Universe. I then make a plan of action and start marking off the boxes of what I can do to make this happen. Then I find myself not in flow and not in high vibration and not getting the results I was hoping for. I’m too focused on doing and not where I need to be vibrationally.

Hard vs Easy

I can do the hard work. I can be obsessed, super serious, laser focused, and end up tired and maybe see some results. If I really want something that bad, its likely that’s how I will try to accomplish it.

But what if I get into flow instead? What if I can cultivate the skill of flowing what I do, having fun, and experiencing everything clicking together like magic? Wouldn’t that be more enjoyable?

Releasing attachment…

A very hard lesson for me to learn was that I needed to release attachment to my desires in order for them to manifest. The more you fixate onto needing something to happen so bad, the more you resist it actually coming to you.

This was counterintuitive and annoying for me to understand at first. Why have a desire that you want to manifest if you’re supposed to let go of wanting it in order to get it? How annoying that as soon as you stop wanting something that’s when it comes to you. What’s the point?

Having fun…

The point is to have fun. If I am attached to a desire, then I’m wrapped up in the fact that it’s not here yet and my vibration is one of lack and need. If I can’t be in a state of joy right now with where I’m at, then when I get what I think will make me happy, I will find that I’m still not vibrating at a good-feeling place.

Happiness is a state of being. This state is learned by training the mind to think differently. It takes time, but once habits of thinking begin to form, true satisfaction, peace and fun can be had no matter what your situation.

Be in the flow

What’s the worst that could happen…

It helps me to think of the worst-case scenario when attempting to releasing attachment to my desire and get into flow. What if my desire doesn’t manifest for another three years? What if it takes 13 years? How do I want to be and feel about things in the meantime?

I can release the need for my desire now when I realize that I do actually have everything I need right now. I have air to breath, food to sustain me, love in my heart, a mind to focus and enjoy the moment, a body to do what I need, a voice to communicate with others. I have it all, right now. And its free!

What can I focus on?

Sometimes the best thing to do is stop thinking about the desire, especially if thinking about it gets you out of flow. What can you focus on instead that will raise your vibration and make life enjoyable no matter what is going on in your reality?

How to cultivate flow…

What do you enjoy doing? What gets you excited? What do you think could be fun? What would you like to become an expert at? Make a list.

Being in flow comes from doing something you enjoy and perfecting your skill at it. Challenge and focus met with skill creates flow.

I have started feeling the flow at work. In the beginning I was unsure, messed up a lot and felt super uncomfortable. As my skill grew, so did my state of flow. I started operating at a higher level and having fun. I now know more of what I’m doing and I can work more quickly and efficiently. It’s become easier and more enjoyable for me now.

Focus and flow…

Getting into a flow state is similar to prayer or meditation. In meditation you are focused on one aspect, such as your breath, a sound, or maybe watching a burning flame. In flow, you are focused on your task/ activity.

Focus is powerful! If we can learn to become laser focused on activities that bring us joy, challenge us in exciting ways, and that we can become skilled at, then our vibration will sky-rocket!

The most important thing…

The most important thing is that you feel good. We are here to have fun and experience this human life with curiosity. We get to feel satisfaction with what we create and the skills that we learn. There is fulfillment in the process of this journey.

I’m learning to not take life so seriously. Everything is just feedback. How I interpret the feedback determines my happiness. Feedback can be discouraging and viewed as a set-back, or it can be interesting and seen as an opportunity. I’m determined to create a mindset of more opportunity and less limitation.

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