manifesting in your subconscious

Our subconscious mind is a direct connection to the power of the universe, and whatever is impressed on it will manifest. The beliefs we have about ourselves and the world are stored there. What’s amazing is that you can plant whatever you dream of manifesting in your subconscious, and it will happen!

The mind is a garden

There are many philosophers, leaders, and spiritual influencers that compare the mind to a garden. Earl Nightingale speaks in The Strangest Secret about the garden of the mind, in which you can plant either corn or nightshade, which is a deadly poison. Whichever you plant is what will grow. The mind doesn’t judge it, just like the ground doesn’t care whats planted. Regardless, what you plant is what will appear.

The bible mentions sowing seeds over 100 times. “Whatever a man sows, that will he also reap,” is a popular verse. The bible isn’t talking about an actual garden on the earth. The garden is our mind. “This is the meaning of the parable: The seed is the word of God.” The word of God is our dreams and desires.

“The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn; the bird waits in the egg; and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities.” 

-James Allen

Believe it is possible

Whatever you want to experience in this world, you absolutely can! Don’t let doubt or overthinking get in your way. Maybe our caregivers and teachers taught us that we don’t get to have life the way we want it. That we are supposed to do what others want and play it safe. This might have been planted in our subconscious, but we can plant new seeds! (Check out my blog post on Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind.)

After seeing many of my dreams begin to manifest, including signs and synchronicities along the way, I am becoming a full on believer that if a person can sufficiently plant a dream in their subconscious, it MUST come to be. I desired for peace after decades of depression and suffering, and it manifested. I desired to be sober, and it happened. I wanted a certain job and got it. After envisioning my relationships playing out differently, they would play out sometimes exactly how I visualized them. There’s no way I can’t believe at this point!

Planting the seeds

Through all my reading, YouTube watching, and conversations with my Higher Self, I have come to realize the ways of impressing the subconscious with my desires. Its an intuitive process, and each person must experience and feel for themselves the best way to plant their dreams. But I will share some tools that have helped me.

You will know when the seed has been planted. The feeling that “it is done”, and that you feel satisfied and complete and are ready to move on, will be your confirmation. Just as you will know when you keep messing up the soil and not allowing it to grow. I do this sometimes, when I want something so bad that I keep visualizing it over and over, wondering why it hasn’t happened yet, and feeling frustrated. There is a fine balance between digging deep enough to plant the seed, and giving it room to grow.

Do we have to believe?

I’ve been checking out Joseph Ali’s content on YouTube and his blog, and his take on manifesting. He meticulously keeps track of his manifestations, and has for years. Like a scientist, he will record exactly what he did, his thoughts/feelings, synchronicities, and other details that led up to a manifestation.

Joseph doesn’t think belief is essential (–>video here<–), which I find interesting. Its true, I didn’t necessarily believe I was going to get sober, it just seemed to happen effortlessly. This was after years of struggling to get sober to no avail, so there was no reason for me to believe I would.

Joseph thinks that whatever gets planted in the subconscious will come to be whether we believe it or not. Having faith that something will happen is believing that it hasn’t happened yet. Therefore, belief can almost be a hindrance. Its very nuanced.

He also thinks law of attraction followers place too much importance on feeling and emotions. Once the seed is planted in the subconscious mind, our feelings don’t really matter. It will manifest regardless. Very interesting take, and I don’t know if I fully agree, but maybe partially. What do you think?

Tools for planting seeds in the subconscious

Here are some tools that I and many others use to influence the subconscious mind. If the seed is sufficiently planted, the crop will grow! So read carefully, and use the ones that resonate the most with your unique soul.

Visualizing in “state akin to sleep”

Neville Goddard stressed the importance of impressing the subconscious mind in a “state akin to sleep”, which is basically semi-awake, just before falling asleep. You can also get to this state of mind in hypnosis, during meditation, or during prayer.

While in a drowsy state, your conscious mind is quieted and is not protecting the subconscious from impressions. This is when anything you are open to can gain access. Because of this, it is so important to pay attention to what you watch, listen to, or read just before bed. This information will impress your subconscious mind and have an effect on your reality.

I use meditation to get to this state (mostly because I can’t stay awake for more than a minute when my head hits the pillow). You will know the time is right to begin visualizing when your entire body is relaxed, you feel kind of drowsy and either heavy or very light, and suddenly you will experience a clear alertness within. This is when you’re in the quantum field (Joe Dispenza has meditations to get to this point), and whatever you visualize and say to yourself will be impressed.

What you visualize is what you will end up experiencing, therefore its best to visualize your experience in the first person. See your vision as you would if you were really there. Feel the emotions, imagine the senses of smell and touch, and immerse yourself in the dream as realistically as possible. You will get better with practice.

I’ve experienced visualization manifestations so many times! Especially when imagining my interactions with others. Its crazy how accurate the results can be! It gets better with practice, and the more light-hearted you are, the better.

manifesting in your subconscious


Writing is a powerful way to influence the subconscious. There’s something about it, the movement of language becoming physical reality on paper, that seems to have a direct impact on our experiences.

I truly believe the most influential tool that I use is journaling. I can trace the transformation of my life to this simple habit. I started writing in my appreciation journal every morning, and my gratitude became amplified. Whatever I wrote about, feeling peace, enjoying family and friends, manifesting my dreams, started happening more and more. I began to enjoy my life and was excited to get up in the morning. I continue to write every morning and the feeling persists!

Journaling can be a way of affirming what you want to experience on your subconscious mind. I’ve started writing out affirmations every morning, rewording them and personalizing them for the day. I’m amazed to look back on past affirmations and realize that they have manifested in my life!

Scripting is another way to impress a vision on your subconscious mind. Abraham/Hicks talks about scripting, which is basically writing out a scene of an experience you want to manifest. You write it as if you are experiencing it now, in all its colorful details. You can revisit your script a few times until you feel that its been sufficiently planted, and then allow it to grow.


Self-talk can be short or longform affirmations (autosuggestions), conversations with yourself, declaration statements, etc. There is power in the word! Sometimes I’ll read my affirmations out loud and feel them very differently than if I just read them in my mind.

Whether you speak out loud or in your mind, the words you think and say influence your subconscious. Some people, such as Joseph Ali and Joseph Rodrigues think its helpful to record your own voice saying statements of how you want to believe your reality to be, and listening while you sleep or during the day. This process can plant the seeds that you desire into your mind with amazing results!

I pay attention to how I feel, and if something comes up I have a conversation with myself. I ask myself whats going on, why I’m reacting, and what we get to believe that will set us free from that identification. Sometimes I have to stop whatever I’m doing, sit in quiet for a few minutes, and talk things out. Usually I feel amazing afterward, and experience big shifts in my life.

Pay attention to what you say. I catch myself saying rude things about people, or even saying something I don’t believe just because I think someone wants to hear it. I catch myself more and more and decide instead to say what resonates with me, even if it might not be popular to everyone else. Once your self-talk gets aligned with your outward speech, watch out!! Manifestation is eminent!

Reading/watching before bed

As I mentioned earlier, what you put into your mind just before bed is super influential on your subconscious. Try reading a book that reflects what you are wanting to create in your life. Even if its just a page or two before turning out the light. Your subconscious will play with that information, and you might even have some interesting dreams. This means its being processed!

Also, what you watch on TV or on your phone will plant seeds. Watch inspiring YouTubes or webinars that include information that you want to manifest in your physical life. Scrolling Instagram or Facebook is fun, but who knows what you’ll come across! You might see a video that impresses you in a way you don’t want. Do you really want to take that chance?

Take control of what you plant in your brain garden. Be intentional. Get excited, because what you sow you will reap!

Vision board

I love my vision board! So much fun to see the dream house, money flowing in a river, or lots of friends as pictures on a board. It just makes me happy. 🙂

Vision boards have been used by millions of people, and so many have experienced what they posted that it can’t be coincidental. Psychologists recommend vision boards for setting goals, even though they can’t really explain how it works. It just does.

We know how it works, though! The images that you hang on the board prime your subconscious, and your accompanying emotions and intentions make the impression. Again, the more light-hearted and playful, the better. Have fun and feel as though the pictures are reality now.

You don’t even need to look at the board every day. I’ve heard of people making the board and then putting it in their closet, forgetting all about it. Then a couple years later they find the board and are amazed that everything manifested. Once the seed is planted in the subconscious , let it grow!

manifesting in your subconscious

Acting as if its done

The quickest way to experience the manifestations of the planted seeds, is to act as though they are done. This is called quantum leaping.

Price Pritchett in his books You Squared and The Quantum Leap Strategy, states that quantum leaps can be achieved by assuming you will accomplish your goal. He believes it can happen fast this way. “You don’t have to be content with improving things incrementally or gradually—You Squared implies an explosive jump in your personal performance that puts you far beyond the next logical step.”

Neville Goddard spoke of “living from the end”, and knowing that your desired reality is done. This is the quickest way to manifest, but can also be the hardest to accomplish.

It can be hard to not let reality convince you that your dreams haven’t (or won’t) happen. Living as though you are a wealthy, healthy, successful person with all the freedom in the world can be difficult when you’re using credit cards to buy groceries, suffering from health issues, and working at a job you don’t like.

Therefore, even though quantum leaping is the quickest way to manifest, it might not be what we’re ready for yet. And that ok! The journey is as important as the destination, as Joseph Rodrigues says. Its who we become on the journey, and what we learn about ourselves and others that makes all the difference.

How will your garden grow

How do gardeners grow their crops? They till the ground, getting out all the weeds and plants, plant the seeds that they desire, water them really good, and continue to water and pull any weeds that sprout up. This is what we need to do for our subconscious mind garden.

Tilling the ground is getting into the right state of mind, letting all other thoughts float away. Planting the seeds is impressing our clear vision of what we want to experience. We water the seeds with the relevant information that we pour into our minds. Just like a garden, if we don’t feed our mind with inspiration related to our dreams, they will wither up and die. Also, the weeds of negative, unhelpful thoughts need to be pulled out when they come up.

Allow the growth

Another idea that Joseph Rodrigues suggests often is “making flow a priority”. He has a series of YouTube videos explaining how to live a flow-based lifestyle. This is incredibly beneficial in allowing the seeds that you’ve planted to grow.

The best way to allow the manifestation, is to plant the seed, and then get busy enjoying your life! Do the next step that is necessary to get you to your vision, and immerse yourself in it completely. Become laser focused, yet without rush or force. Have fun! This gets to be like a game, where you level up and reach higher and higher levels.

As you enjoy each moment, before you know it, multiple seeds will have sprouted. Once they sprout, watch out! The growth can be rapid!!

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