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The best part about using the Law of Attraction is knowing that you get to create your life exactly how you want it. The question is, how to DO it? How do we live the way we want in reality, NOW?

What’s your dream life?

Many of us kind of know what we would prefer to be doing every day. Maybe you want to travel, lounge on a beach, read a book in bed all day, create art, or just have fun. Living life to the fullest is a wish many people have.

These dreams sometimes seem to be far out of reach, and perhaps you don’t even believe you could live life the way you want. So you drudge along, staring at the clock while you work, counting down the days until the weekend, or until you can go on vacation and have fun.

How do your dreams feel?

Thinking about how we wish life could be is fun because of how it feels. It feels exciting to think about having money to travel to beautiful and exotic countries. There’s a feeling of bliss when thoughts of ocean air flowing across your face and through your hair come to mind. Being able to do whatever you want with your time feels empowering and peaceful. Doing what you love on a daily basis brings emotions of love, joy, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Feeling is the drug of life! Why else would we do (or not do) anything except because of how we feel? Feelings of responsibility, self-respect, and ambition might keep us going to our jobs (as well as fear of being broke). Emotions of love, belonging, and duty can keep us in relationships. Many consume alcohol and drugs in pursuit of feeling ecstasy and relief from negative feelings.

How feeling is the secret

There is a book by Neville Goddard called Feeling is the Secret. He explains that our consciousness is where everything we see originates from, and that being able to feel what we want is how we bring it into being. According to the Law of Attraction, the vibration that you emit is the vibration that you will attract. Feeling is the indicator of your vibration.

Some higher vibration emotions are peace, love, bliss, acceptance, gratitude, etc. These vibrations will bring into your life more things/people/circumstances that generate these feelings. The lower vibrations of fear, discontentment, anger, agitation, and guilt will bring experiences to validate them. Its easy to see how this works. Just pay attention the next time one thing after the other goes wrong and see how things pile up due to the energy you are giving off. It can be frustrating when we’re attracting what we don’t want, but its also an eye-opener.

Resistance is the enemy

Anything we resist will persist. Carl Jung, the famous psychologist, knew this. Our first instinct is to force things, because we think that the outside world is the cause. We try so hard to feel in control because ultimately we don’t feel in control at all. So we push and fight and do things the hard way.

Resisting emotions is one of the most painful experiences. Stuffing feelings, running from them, lashing out with them, and letting them control us can lead to a tumultuous and destructive life. I know this well. And trying hard to change them can also lead to hopelessness and despair.

When I first discovered the Law of Attraction, I was terrified of feeling bad. The problem was, I felt bad the majority of the time back then. The fear of attracting negativity made it so much worse. I learned tools and techniques to release my resistance to the emotions, such as the Sedona Method (see How to Feel Better-Overcoming Feelings of Hopelessness). Relaxing and allowing the feelings to be, released my resistance to them and they dissolved automatically.

live life

Identifying the interpretation

The reason why we feel anything is because of the interpretation that we are giving to the situation. You feel good when you think about your dreams because you interpret them as freedom and everything that you want. If you’re at work and you’re annoyed with customers, or feeling sluggish and wishing the day would end, its because you are interpreting yourself as doing something you don’t want to do. The meaning you’ve given is expressing itself in your emotions and overall energy.

Once you realize that your interpretation is determining your experience, you will realize the power that you hold. You are deciding how your life is RIGHT NOW. How you do one thing is how you do everything. What you are vibrating at the majority of the time is the majority of what you will attract.

At the end of your day, try recalling any negative experiences and emotions that came up. Write out what your interpretations were of these experiences. Maybe you feel like your job is meaningless and that’s why you want the day to end. Perhaps you see customers as being hostile and you feel that you need to be on guard with them to protect yourself. Maybe you are encouraging feelings of discontentment because you are wishing you were somewhere else, doing something else. Note down these beliefs.

Would you rather be right or be happy?

Instead of thinking about what you would rather be doing, maybe think about how you want to BE in your life. How do you want to feel? Would you rather be tossed around by the environment that you manifested and continue facilitating the same thoughts and feelings over and over again? Or would you like to change your experience? How would you be if you did what you loved every day? How would that feel?

Ask yourself these questions as you go through your day. When a seemingly frustrating situation arises, ask yourself if you would rather be right or be happy? Pick a feeling. What feeling represents the way you want to experience life? My feeling is bliss. Maybe yours would be excitement, or peace, or fun. Come back to this feeling over and over and it will become a part of your life. Live life the way you want NOW.

Detaching from unwanted thoughts and feelings

What has really helped me, and meditation taught me this, is to detach from your thoughts and feelings. I used to be swept up by my negative emotions and their corresponding harmful thoughts on a daily basis. The reason why I was so affected was because I completely identified with them. I saw the emotions as representing who I was. If those emotions were who I was, than I was a pretty crappy, useless individual.

Meditation (check out my recent post Meditations to Raise Your Vibration) will teach you to separate yourself from your thoughts. They are not you, they are just what your physical brain is thinking. You are spiritual perfection, connected to ultimate intelligence and love. Your negative thoughts are just programming, nothing more. Even the emotions are nothing to be afraid of once you realize that they are programmed reactions. These will become less and less as you change your interpretation.

I am literally amazed at how far I have come regarding low-vibration emotions. I just had a flare up yesterday, and I chased the thoughts regarding the feeling for a couple of minutes. But, quickly I was able to feel myself separate from identifying with them, and comfort myself in knowing that they were just past programming that is still buried in my subconscious. I get grateful when they come up now, because I know I’m making peace with them and they are becoming less and less. Some day they will be completely gone because my subconscious will be programmed to the beliefs that I’m working to cultivate now. The same will happen for you!

Get uncomfortable

Changing how you live is uncomfortable. Our brain is used to thinking a certain way and our body is used to feeling a certain way too. Habits are hard to break, and take consistent effort initially. Letting go of control in an area in order to feel bliss instead, is going to feel like pulling teeth. You’ll almost be unable to do it, like something is preventing you from changing. You WILL get there though. The desire will move you, even if its slow at first.

As emotions come up, and they will, be encouraged. You are being given the opportunity to change the meaning. You can decide to have fun at work, as though you are on a daily adventure. You can see opportunity in the people you meet and the interactions you have. You can see this world through the eyes of a child, and dismiss past realities. They have no bearing on what you will create now.

You are the creator

The life you live RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow, not when you have more time or money, not when you finally get to do what you want, is what will determine your future. Creation happens now. Your circumstances and environment may be reflecting what you created in the past, but how you feel now determines what comes next.

Make today feel like you’re living the life you’ve always wanted to live. Be the person today that you see in your vision. But what if your job is crazy and there is not enough staff support? Decide you’re not going to get stressed or upset. Instead, you will feel bliss because you would rather be happy than be right. What’s the worst that could happen, that you attract more bliss into your life?

You are the creator! Stop letting your circumstances determine your life! Take your power back and decide today how you will live. Live life the way you want NOW.

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