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I love to meditate!! I do a meditation any chance I get but for sure every morning before I start my day. I didn’t always enjoy it as much as I do now. Its a journey but one that will give you so many rewards. I hope you try these meditations to raise your vibration, and either embark on your own practice or expand an already existing one. 🙂

Why meditate?

Meditation has been used for thousands of years as a way to connect with the sacred energies of the divine. With science and modern research, meditation has been shown to help with stress, emotional imbalance, pain, and symptoms of a vast array of health conditions (depression, cancer, high blood pressure, anxiety, tension headaches, asthma, sleep problems, and more).

The question really is, why wouldn’t you meditate? Schools, businesses, and companies such as Google, Aetna, and General Mills swear by mindfulness practices. Successful entrepreneurs such as Jeff Weiner (CEO of Linkedin), Jerry Seinfeld, Russel Simmons (Def Jam Records), and Oprah Winfrey all swear by meditation. Therefore, meditation not only helps with your health, but it supports success as well.

Meditation helped me

It was hard for me to stick to a meditation practice at first. I used to be a chronic over-thinker, perfectionist, and anxiety queen. I took medications for depression and smoked cigarettes for 14 years as a “stress reducer”. When nothing helped anymore for my anxiety, I decided to try meditation.

My anxiety lessened after only 3-4 days of meditating consistently. This encouraged me to continue to practice because I could feel the results. After a couple years, I completely got off my medications (by safely weaning with a doctors help) and stopped smoking cigarettes. Such a simple activity that takes hardly any time, and yet so effective!

How to start

The only way I was able to get myself to stick to it was to start small. I started meditating for 3 minutes each day. I think I was consistent for 3 or 4 days before I raised it to 5 minutes. After just a few days I started to enjoy meditating.

To start, I used a guided meditation from the Calm App, which helped focus my mind and taught me how to let thoughts float by without attaching to them. I now meditate for 15-20 minutes every day and sometimes for a few minutes before starting a task to ground myself. Honestly, I’ll meditate any free moment I have, I love it so much!

How to meditate

There are many ways to meditate. You can use visual, auditory, or sensory cues. You can follow guided meditations which stimulate mental visualization. There are meditations where you sit in silence, repeat mantras, walking meditations, movement such as Tai Chi, being in flow (where challenge meets skill), or prayer (see my post Using Prayer for Manifestation).

When I began, I started with the basics:

  • sit comfortably, back straight, hands on knees or in lap, palms up
  • set a timer that is at a low volume and a calming sound (or you can go as long as you want without a timer)
  • put phone on airplane or “do not disturb” mode
  • either sit in silence or play soft non-distracting music
  • focus on your breath- there are a few options to do this
    • think the words “breathing in” on the in breath, and “breathing out” on the out breath
    • focus on the sensation in either your nose, throat, or lungs with each in and out breath
    • follow your breath from the beginning to the end, and know that each breath is new and unique
  • any time thoughts arise, notice them, allow them to be, and gently bring your focus back to your breath
    • do not shame yourself for getting distracted by thoughts, this is completely normal
    • continue to bring yourself back to your breath
  • end with thoughts of gratitude, stirring from your position slowly

Choose your flavor

Here are a few meditations to get you started or add to your practice. Guided meditations are helpful when you are just starting out, but are also fun to change things up and try new approaches.

Meditation #1

Calm App–> 10 Minute Meditation <–for beginners

This was one of my first guided meditations. I love its simplicity. The technique is focused on breathing, total body relaxation, and allowing thoughts and emotions to just flow through you. This meditation will teach you how to acknowledge thoughts and feelings when they arise, and then release them without judgement or attachment. The theme of the meditation is relationships and not taking things personally, so this is a good one to release overthinking surrounding our interactions with others.

meditations to raise your vibration

Meditation #2

New Reality–> 5 Minute Morning Meditation <–to raise vibration

This meditation to raise your vibration is an awesome way to start your day. This one’s helpful especially if you don’t have lot of time and you’re still working a meditation practice into your schedule. During this meditation, you will be focused on breathing and your body. When you inhale you will feel your whole body energize, and when you exhale you will feel your body completely release and relax. You are also releasing thoughts and emotions that are not serving you on your journey, and instead focusing on emotions that raise your vibration such as gratitude.

Meditation #3

Pura Rasa–> Raising Vibration Meditation <–20 minute meditation

I follow Pura Rasa on YouTube and I love her meditations! Her voice is so soothing to me and relaxes me remarkably fast. In this meditation you are directed to relax each area of your body. She will guide you through noticing each part of your body and the sensation of the pressure against your bed or chair. It is suggested that you are safe and supported, and you begin to focus on your breath. Then she will guide you through thoughts that will enhance positive emotion, ultimately raising your vibration to amazing heights. Try this one, I think you’ll love it!

Meditation #4

Joe Dispenza–> Vision of Your Future Meditation <–30 minute meditation

I mention this meditation in my last post (Stop Overthinking to Manifest Your Dreams). Joe Dispenza highly suggests meditation to overcome illness. He healed himself from a terrible accident through meditation and visualization.

He suggests meditating for at least an hour per day. Not everyone is ready to commit to that much time (I’m not there yet), but I found that this 30 minute one is doable.

His voice can be a little trippy and different to listen to in this meditation. The perineum breathing technique is interesting. I’ve tried it a few times, but its one that will definitely take practice. Dispenza attributes many of his spiritual experiences to this breathing technique. A lot of emotions can come up too. Its supposed to reset our emotional body and enable us to release that negative programming from our body.

Perineum breathing technique:

  • sit up straight
  • after you have emptied your lungs, start to breath in while pulling in and contracting your perineum (the muscle that you would use to hold in a fart, basically, lol)
  • as you continue to inhale, contract and pull in your lower abdomen, then upper abdomen
  • imagine that you are pulling energy from your sacrum up through your spinal column to the top of your head
  • hold the energy at the top of your head once you reach full capacity of your inhale
  • hold for 10 seconds, keeping perineum and abdomen contracted, pulling everything upward
  • then release through the top of your head
  • repeat 2 or 3 more times

Meditation #5

Michael Sealy–> Transform Your Powerful Dreams <–1 hour sleep meditation

Michael Sealy is my favorite for guided meditation and hypnosis sessions!! He’s my go-to when I’m taking a nap as well. You can find him on YouTube and I highly suggest his free content.

This meditation is awesome for raising vibration because Sealy will guide you effortlessly to visualizing your dreams into reality. He will get you super relaxed in order to quiet your conscious mind and access your subconscious. The use of colorful visualizations will keep you interested and open up your mind to more possibilities than you would imagine with your rational mind. He will guide you to see yourself as confident, resilient, using and cultivating skills that get you to your goals.

I love this guy! Check him out!

Practice and feel the magic

Meditation is a wonderful practice and powerful way to raise your vibration. This is a tool that will build your muscle of focus, alignment with self and the Universe, connection to intuition, relief from stress (and many other negative symptoms), and if you stick to it you will gain confidence and trust in yourself.

Do this for yourself and you will be amazed at how it changes your life. Its only a few minutes. You can make it happen!

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