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Are you frustrated and feeling impatient as you wait for your dreams to manifest? I used to feel this way when I first intentionally began using the law of attraction. I will show you the tools I used to release this resistance and allow my desires to come to me. You will need to let go to receive what you desire.

Spiritual creates physical

The law of attraction is a spiritual law. Being spiritual, it is not understood from the physical perspective. If you have lived believing that physical reality is the cause, then it will take a minute to understand how spiritual laws work.

In physical reality, physical action creates results. Therefore, when we want to make something happen from that perspective, we will believe that we have to do things to get what we want.

This is partially true. However, when using the law of attraction, what we will need to do first is change our vibration, not perform physical actions.

Trying too hard

If you think that what you physically do will change your vibration, you can slip into trying too hard. Because again, the spiritual creates the physical.

You can do all the things, meditation, journaling, affirmations, and thinking positive, but still end up blocking your manifestations.

You’re doing all the things, you’re checking all the boxes, and you’re trying to force your desire to appear. There is almost an underlying frantic desperation, even if you don’t realize it at first.

Vibration of lack

Without knowing it, you are acting as though you need the thing you are trying to manifest. Your vibration is one of lack and scarcity.

I was vibrating in lack when I was trying to manifest money into my life. I was desperate, full of fear, and so unhappy with my situation. Bills were strangling me, I barely had enough money to make it between paychecks, I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything.

I did all the things to manifest money. I watched YouTubes about people who manifested winning the lottery. I scripted myself as a wealthy woman. Did up a vision board, visualized money raining on me, listened to hypnotherapy to change my mindset around money, all of it.

Instead of feeling better, I felt worse as all the things I did didn’t bring me what I wanted. The vibration I gave off attracted more feelings of desperation and lack, until I finally had to stop and do something different. I had to let go to receive.

Why do you want it?

A good question to ask is why we want the desire in the first place. We might think its to experience life the way we want, or to be more free, or to make our lives or others better.

What we really want is to feel better than we do right now. We feel crappy about something in our physical reality and think that changing that reality will make us feel better.

This is a false belief. Our feelings are caused by our interpretations and beliefs. Changing the outer world will not change that. Change our surroundings and these feelings will still present themselves and we will just manifest another similar reality.

You are whole now

A big lesson I had to learn was that I didn’t need anything. I have everything that I need within me right now. I am spiritual perfection, connected to infinite love and inspiration.

If I was homeless, with no friends or family, living in the forest, I could still be happy because the whole Universe is within me. I’m connected to everything and everyone whether its physical or not.

These things and situations that I think I need, are not necessary. I create my happiness and feelings of bliss, not my environment.

Why do we desire?

The reason why we desire anything is because the Universe desires to expand. We are here because the Universe seeks to understand itself and explore many different perspectives.

This exploration is meant to be fun and awe-inspiring, such as how a child discovers the wonders of its environment. Life is meant to be a carefree, lighthearted experience.

Instead of needing something to manifest, we can desire it from a place of curiosity and joy. When we realize that we have all that we need inside us right now, it is a lot easier to release forceful effort or urgency.

Ways to let go

#1- Have gratitude for your life now. It really helped me to let go by writing out what I loved about my life. I had lost gratitude in my focus on what I didn’t have. Focusing on how good I actually had it instantly made me feel better.

Things could always be worse, and they are worse for someone out there. What you have right now could be someone’s dream. See the blessings and thank the Universe for your abundance, health, love of friends and family, and the capabilities that you have right now.

If you need inspiration, find some YouTube videos on gratitude, ask the Universe to change your perspective, do something nice for someone. Find a way to see how good you actually have it, and embrace that feeling.

let go to receive

#2- Journal on these questions:

  • What’s the worst that would happen if it took years for me to receive my desire?
  • What can I focus on in the meantime?
  • How do I want to be now?

Journaling helped me tremendously to find out what beliefs were causing me to feel the way I was. Writing is a good way to stay focused on what you are working through. Sometimes thinking can get out of hand and go in a million different directions.

You can become scattered while journaling too, but at least you can look at what you wrote and discover the hidden meaning. Getting it all out is how you shed light on your hidden blocks and leads the way to breakthrough (see my blog post Spiritual Breakthroughs).

#3- Focus on feeling. Don’t avoid your feelings or shame yourself for where you’re at on your journey. How you feel is your higher self’s way of communicating to you (Abraham/Hicks believes this and I love it!).

When you feel joy, bliss, ease, and excitement, you are thinking and perceiving from the place of your higher self. When you feel stress, fear, lack, hopelessness, you are not seeing things from the perspective of your higher self, and this is how its communicated to you.

First, you accept where you are emotionally. Its ok; and your thoughts/feelings are not who you are. They are just communication and results of interpretation.

Then, decide you want to feel good more than anything. More than having what you think will make you feel good. You want to feel good just being. You want to feel good in the eternal now. Focus on a thought that feels slightly better than what your thinking now, and move up the emotional guidance scale.

With practice, you will learn to live in the feelings that you want. The ability to decide your thoughts and beliefs becomes easier. And you don’t need your desire to manifest in order to feel the way you want now.

#4- Distract yourself! Do something fun. Learn something new. Get busy on things you can do now. Immerse yourself in flow (where challenge meets skill) and feel accomplished and fulfilled about your life.

I’ve experienced the magic of this! So have many others. Sometimes taking your mind off your desire completely will allow it to manifest quickly.

You are giving off the vibration that you believe your desire is done, and you are enjoying your life like you have everything you could ever want. There is no resistance in this technique. And you will have a great time doing things you enjoy!

#5- Practice faith. Living by faith takes practice. Sometimes one can embody such conviction and profound belief, that they feel anything is possible! I love when I feel this way. My day is full of flow and magical moments.

On the other hand, we’ve all felt the stab of doubt and indecision. When we unwillingly ruminate about possible failure and all the things we haven’t manifested yet. Its a snowball effect.

Practicing faith doesn’t have to be perfect. Actually, it can be messy and extremely inconsistent at times. But all we need is a mustard seed of faith to produce the results. Have persistence, even when we don’t feel it. Keep going, even when you feel like giving up.

Faith is believing in the vision even when the physical senses deny its existence. Faith is never giving up.

Build up your faith:

  • Read/listen to inspiration from others who manifested similar dreams
  • Let go of overthinking and focus on feeling the end
  • Pay attention to progress, even if its tiny
  • Interact with people who are following their dreams; support them and let them support you
  • Let go of how, and just know that its done

The relief of release

Its a relief when you can finally release your death grip on your desires. Knowing that they are yours the moment you set an intention to achieve them, will allow you to let go and have fun.

When the dream is a done deal, you can now enjoy the journey to the end (see my post How to Enjoy the Journey). It becomes fun when you can expect everything to work out perfectly, and get curious as to how the dots will all connect.

There is no rush!! The lessons you are learning right now are essential to who you are becoming (which is who you truly are). Enjoy the process. See the value, accept where you are, and work on what is right in front of you.

Opportunities will present themselves precisely when you are ready. Your higher self knows exactly what you need. Trust and believe!

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