Using Prayer for Manifestation

Is there a God?…

From the time I consciously started my journey using the Law of Attraction in my life over two years ago, I made the choice to believe in a higher power and I began using prayer for manifestation of my dreams. I had been an agnostic for over two decades, which really means I wouldn’t commit to believe or to not believe. I didn’t think there was a way to really know, so I had remained non-decisive about it.

I was raised in an orthodox religion, and there were many aspects of that affiliation that stimulated a negative self-image, judgement, fear, and guilt. Once I left home and was exposed to the “worldly sinners” I realized that there was no way there could be a God like that. There were too many good, kind, inspired people who didn’t necessarily believe in God. They were not all damned.

Making the decision to believe…

After years of being agnostic, the biggest struggle of my life caused me to make a decision. I battled with alcoholism for 14 years, and no matter how hard I tried I could not remain sober. I went to rehab and did everything they told me. I joined AA and worked the 12 Steps multiple times with sponsors, led meetings, took commitments, worked at a recovery home, was very involved, and yet I could not stay sober.

I finally stopped searching and just surrendered. I wasn’t going to find the answer from someone else. There wasn’t a specific program I needed to follow. Nothing I did was going to fix me. So, I decided to believe that I was being guided by something bigger than me. I started looking for the signs of a Spirit in all things. I refused to let doubt or “reason” talk me out of it anymore. And that’s when I started to see what had been there all along.

My prayers were answered…

I didn’t worry about staying sober. I honestly became very preoccupied with my new belief and how it was transforming my life. I was watching as I was literally being guided every day by an unseen force. I felt excitement as I watched prayer after prayer be answered. Before I even knew much about the Law of Attraction, I was using prayer for the manifestation of everything in my life

I prayed to be able to speak up in a meeting and not have my voice break, and a calm would sweep over me, allowing me to share with ease. I prayed to find the perfect sponsor, and in the same meeting she spoke, and I felt an exhilaration as I knew she was the one. I prayed for an apartment and job, and even with Covid-19 just starting to hit hard, I got both in record time. Anytime I needed uplifting or a change in perspective, I prayed and the inspiration would come, always.

Combining belief with prayer…

When prayer is combined with a belief that it is done, nothing is impossible. I realize that the reason why my prayers are always answered is because that’s what I believe. Early on I affirmed “My prayers are always answered,” and amazingly they are. Many times, super quickly too!

There is a YouTube video featuring Joseph Murphy conveying the power of prayer and affirmations. I find it interesting now (as I’m releasing my resentment toward Christian religions) to explore Jesus in the Bible and connect the miracles he performed to the Law of Attraction. Every time he healed someone, he told them that their faith made them whole. He said that we could do even greater works than he did. The power is within each of us and expresses according to what we believe,

Prayer to influence the subconscious…

I keep learning more and more about the subconscious mind and how it dictates everything we do, experience, and attract in the physical reality. It’s pretty much impossible to get yourself to do something if it doesn’t align with your subconscious programming. Bob Proctor called it the paradigm. The paradigm is formed by habitual thoughts which turned into beliefs that are ingrained in the subconscious mind. Because the subconscious is below our conscious awareness, we are not even aware that these beliefs are dictating absolutely everything.

There are many ways to influence the subconscious to serve us how we desire, and prayer is one of those ways. There have been scientific studies done studying the effects of prayer on the brain. When we are in a state of prayer, our conscious brain becomes more still. This is similar to when we are in meditation, or just before sleep. When the conscious mind is quieted, then the subconscious is more easily influenced.

Therefore, when we pray we can literally direct the subconscious to bring us what we want. We can ask our subconscious a question and get the answer. We can pray for growth and clarity and we will be taught and guided. As soon as the subconscious is aligned with the new thoughts and beliefs that are being impressed onto it, then it is done. Using prayer for manifestation only fails when lack of persistence and faith in convincing the subconscious of the new beliefs causes us to give up.

Using prayer to ask questions…

Lately I have been using prayer for the manifestation of questions I have. I am learning that searching for the answers from others has not always brought successful results. The lesson the Universe is teaching me is that I can ask myself, and then my own magnetic energy will draw the answers to me. They may come from people, something I read, or an idea will spontaneously pop into my mind.

The key is to believe my subconscious has the answer already, that I have the answer. Not to think that I need to go get the answer. I want to facilitate feelings of having what I want, not lacking what I want. Also, when I pray I believe it is done. I go about my day and get into flow doing what I love, completely forgetting about what I prayed for. Then when I return to pondering the question I had, sometimes the answer comes right then. It’s amazing!

Making friends with your mind…

To me, praying is like having a conversation with a friend. Only now I know this friend to be my powerful subconscious mind, who is connected to the ultimate wisdom of the Universe. Once I stopped looking at my mind as defective and that I needed to change it, I’m now starting to cultivate an actual relationship.

When my subconscious reminds me of something I almost forgot to do, I thank her. If I have a question, I ask and I get better and better at hearing the answer. I’m seeing that we are working together and its super exciting! I believe that when I am using prayer for manifestation in this way, there is nothing I can’t achieve.

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