Tools to Feel Better

Be real with yourself…

If you are feeling anything, whether it be good, bad or bleh, be honest with yourself about it. When I first started my journey with the Law of Attraction, I was so afraid of feeling bad and attracting what I didn’t want that I would ignore my bad feelings and pretend that I was doing great.

I was ignoring my guidance system. My higher-self was trying to talk to me and I wouldn’t listen. Then I would become so uncomfortable that I would blow. Not fun!

Ride the rough seas…

When you are starting to change habits of thinking, sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. It’s as though your subconscious is so scared of change it will fight you to hold on to what it knows. You might think you’ve gotten past an old belief and then out of the blue you’re super triggered and feel worse than ever!

Don’t get discouraged or become lost in hopeless feelings. This is a good sign! Stuff is moving around. Just the fact that you are aware of your feelings and you are working towards changing the thoughts that create them, is freakin’ awesome! Never forget that! Your persistence WILL pay off!

Tool #1: Pivot

Once you’ve acknowledged that you’re not feeling so great, and have given yourself love and validation, then it’s time to shift. Abraham calls it “pivot“. Instead of thinking about what you don’t want, think instead about what you DO want.

From Esther and Jerry Hick’s book Ask and It Is Given, there is a process for pivoting. This process is so easy and can be done anywhere because you can do it in your mind, although writing it out is very powerful as well.

Step 1- acknowledge what you DON’T, which is what you’re thinking about.

Step 2- ask yourself “What DO I want?”.

Step 3- go on a tangent of what you actually want in this situation or on a completely different subject. Sometimes just changing the subject you are thinking about to one that feels better is all that is needed to raise your vibration.

Step 4- spend at least 17 seconds thinking of things you DO want. 17 seconds is the bare minimum amount of time it takes to start changing your vibration. After 17 seconds, whatever you are thinking starts to attract other thoughts like it and they can be built upon from there.

Do this one all day every day and soon you will realize you are thinking mostly thoughts that feel good!

Tool #2: Laughter List

It really helped me to make a list of experiences that I would laugh out loud over anytime I thought of them. It took me a minute to make the list at first because my sense of humor was not that great in the beginning. But when I started looking out for moments, they began to appear!

Step 1- start a note list on your phone/ laptop/ journal/ etc. of memorable moments that make you laugh out loud when you think of them.

Step 2- be on the lookout for new funny instances and add to the list. You can even check out videos on YouTube that crack you up when you think about them later.

Step 3- pull out the list when you are feeling low vibrations. Spend at least 60 seconds laughing at the memories.

Laughter is so healing!! Taking life too seriously is not necessary and definitely not as fun.

tools to feel better
Book suggestion: No Mud, No Lotus by Thich Nhat Hanh.

Tool #3: Naptime

Taking a nap is a great way to reset. I took many naps at the beginning of my journey to self-healing. Plus, they just feel good!

Step 1- close your bedroom/ office door, put your phone on Airplane or Do Not Disturb mode, and pull out the headphones.

Step 2- search for a hypnosis or meditation on YouTube (I love Michael Sealey and Pure Rasa, among others), or binaural beats music, or just some relaxing sounds that you like. I prefer guided hypnosis/ meditation because I’m directed on breathing and relaxing techniques that get me sleeping fast.

Step 3- lay down in a comfy spot with a blanket (don’t get chilly!).

Step 4- set a calming alarm for 20 min, 30 min, an hour, or whenever you need to get up. If you don’t need to be up at a certain time, then just enjoy! Catch up on that sleep!

Step 5- when you awake, make your first thoughts be of things you appreciate and love.

I have found this tool so helpful! Many times, a quick nap will be all I needed to get back to feeling good again, or at least better than I did before.

Tool #4: Focus Outward

I have found that getting outside of myself is a great way to feel better. This has worked when other processes have not. There’s a spiritual aspect to helping another person. I learned this through AA, which stresses the importance of service. In AA, the belief is that you need to be of service to others in order to stay sober. This has worked for many people, and I can see why!

Step 1- ask the Universe/ God/ your Higher Power to reveal to you the person and situation of whom you can help. Many times, the moment I needed it the most, the perfect situation would arise for me to help someone. I didn’t want to do it at the time, feeling bad and all. But I knew I NEEDED to in order to feel better.

Step 2- brainstorm someone you can support. Maybe it can be related to your own challenge at the moment. Example: if you are worried about money, find someone to donate a little money to, even if it’s only $5. There is always someone out there struggling more than you are. Go through your contact list and decide on someone to call. Even just telling someone you are thinking of them, and you hope they are having a beautiful day is enough to significantly raise your vibration and get you out of yourself.

Step 3- give yourself a deadline to act. Don’t put it off! If you want relief than you must follow through. Do this for yourself as well as for the other person.

I’ve had some intensely magical moments putting myself out there to help someone else. I once was inspired to give a man $20 and was struggling with scarcity thoughts at the time. I cried after giving the money and was swept away by gratitude and love. It was life-changing for me!

Tool #5: Journaling

Writing is a powerful way to shift energy and the beliefs behind our feelings. Getting the thoughts on paper can reveal the truth and cause us to change perspective on them.

Step 1- list without restraint, all the “problems” that are upsetting you at the moment. Get it all out on paper. Just let it flow. Cry if you need to.

Step 2- reframe those issues/ situations. Write out how you WANT to feel or experience those circumstances. Change the story to one that feels better, even if it’s just a little better. If it’s a person that you are struggling with, write out all their positive aspects; if it’s a situation you wish were different, write about anything that is good about the situation, even if it is just that you will become stronger and be able to help someone else with your experience. Put a positive spin on things and be amazed at how they transform.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

Wayne dyer

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