reprogram your subconscious

Most of us are aware that we have a conscious and subconscious mind, and that the subconscious contains a ton of information that seems to be beyond our reach. Did you also know that your subconscious mind controls 95% of what you do, say, feel, and attract into your life? This powerful mind determines most of your experiences! Best make sure the programming is what you want. Here’s a post to help you reprogram your subconscious mind the way you desire.

Why is the subconscious so important?

The subconscious mind is important for many reasons. This part of our consciousness operates at a superior level, doing millions of things for us every moment. Our subconscious maintains our breathing, blood flow, digestion and other bodily functions that we don’t think about. It also contains all of our memories, including every bit of information that goes into our brains.

Any skills and habits you learn, are programming of your subconscious. This is why you can perform certain activities without even thinking about it. Such as driving a car and eating, talking on the phone and doing dishes, or any other task that you do and afterward don’t even remember really doing. Because the actions were subconsciously executed.

Your personality is also determined by your subconscious mind. How you feel about certain things, what you’re interested in, and what you’re afraid of. How you behave and your impulses are all controlled by your subconscious.

This is why its so important what your programming is! Luckily, you can reprogram your subconscious mind to produce impulses, feelings, and habits that you want.

How the subconscious gets programmed

Our subconscious minds are basically programmed as children. As we are growing, we are extremely susceptible to influences from our parents, siblings, and experiences including how we are biologically predisposed to interpret them.

Before the age of six, our brains are vibrating at a lower frequency (delta and theta) than when we are adults. This lower frequency is how the brain vibrates when we are meditating, falling to sleep, or under hypnosis.

When the brain is vibrating in theta, the subconscious mind is open and subject to programming. This is when suggestions, feelings, and other data can have an impact.

The conscious protector

The conscious mind serves as a protector of the subconscious. This part of our mind is the thinking, logical, perceiving, reflective mind. The conscious, unlike the subconscious, differentiates between right and wrong, and determines if something is true or false.

The conscious mind is not nearly as powerful as the subconscious. This is why we can only think of a few things at once (5-7), where as the subconscious can process millions of info at once.

Our conscious mind protects the subconscious by analyzing all the data that comes in. How we perceive it, what category we put it in, if it matters or not, all of it is decided by our thinking mind. Therefore, when our conscious mind is active, not much gets in. We will continue to run on past programming.

Some stuff gets through, such as emotional info, repetitive info, and impressions made during a theta brain wave state. Therefore, how we feel and what we expose ourselves to often is of great importance!

How these minds work together

These two aspects of our minds are like yin and yang, male and female, active and passive, voluntary and involuntary. Understanding how these aspects work together is absolutely necessary in creating harmony and utilizing the most of what they offer.

You can learn how to determine what you think and feel. This is the power you have over the active mind. Once you learn to direct your conscious mind how you want, you will start to see the subtle changes in the automatic behaviors of the subconscious.

The subconscious is considered the female aspect of mind according to the Kybalion, because the subconscious gives birth the what the conscious mind instills in it. Also, the subconscious mind cannot be forced or coerced. You will need to gently and lovingly convince your subconscious of new beliefs.

This is where a relationship with your subconscious mind is so important. Start to have conversations, thank your subconscious for helping you remember to do something, ask your subconscious questions. Once you start actively cultivating this relationship, you will begin to see responses in amazing ways. Then you will have more and more active influence over changing the beliefs that are deep within your subconscious.

reprogram your subconscious

The first step to reprogramming your subconscious

You will want to pay attention to your unconscious beliefs. How can you pay attention to something that’s unconscious? You watch out for the clues.

When you react without thinking to a threat such as a car cutting you off or a neighbor harassing you, what do you find yourself saying or thinking? What feelings flood over you when when someone questions why you did something? What comes up when you’re by yourself with your thoughts?

These reactions tell you what is in your subconscious. Habitual thoughts and feelings also tell you whats in your subconscious. Start taking note of how you feel and why. What beliefs are influencing your feelings?

Once you start seeing the changes that come from reprogramming your subconscious mind how you desire, you will get excited when reactions come up. You want that! These revelations enable you to see these trouble spots and modify them in order to create the experiences you want in life.

Techniques to reprogram your subconscious

Here are some techniques and tools to enable you to take control of your programming. These techniques are best used together, as they kind of go hand in hand and blend into one another.

It doesn’t matter how long the programming has been there or how strong it seems to be in your life. You can change it! You are more than your mind and more than your programming!

#1- Affirmations/Reframing

I think when most people think of reprogramming the mind they think of affirmations. I go a step further and suggest affirmations that act as reframing for current belief patterns.

Affirmations are good and all, but they are not truly powerful until you can make sense of them in relation to your personal situation. Just saying “I am rich” or repeating “I love myself” over and over won’t necessary convince your subconscious.

Remember that you need to build a relationship with your subconscious in order to influence it. Say these affirmations in response to a real situation and in a way that is persuasive. Be an active advocate for this new way of believing. Convince yourself!

  • Write out the situation that brought up the unwanted feelings/actions/thoughts/results.

  • Identify the beliefs that drove these consequences. Realize that these beliefs manifested these results.

  • Write out the preferred result in response to each belief written above. How do you actually want to feel, behave, think, and manifest? What do you want instead of what you are currently creating?

  • Reframe these beliefs. At first it may be helpful to have a therapist or trusted friend help you reframe your beliefs, but you will get more skilled at this with practice. Start small. What is a way of thinking that would make you feel slightly better than how you feel about this now? Maybe in response to believing that you are not good enough to be successful, you can decide to start focusing only on the areas where you ARE successful, because everyone is successful in something. Even if its simply acknowledging that you brush your teeth every day, or that you are a dependable worker. This is reframing, which is basically refocusing your attention on the situation differently then you usually do.

  • Make a list of I AM affirmations. Write down a short list at first. Make it believable to you right now. Its like you’re reminding yourself of what your conscious mind already knows. You just need to get your subconscious to know it! “I am friendly and connect easier and easier with people.” “I am determined and never give up.” “I am growing more faithful every day.” “I am loving who I am more so every day.”

  • Read your list first thing every morning and every night just before bed. When I started doing this I noticed weird dreams as my subconscious started rearranging itself. You might find alot of uncomfortable feelings come to the surface. This a good sign!! Stuff is shifting and making room for your new beliefs.

  • Use your affirmations throughout the day. Remind yourself of who you really are in the moments that you find yourself forgetting. This new way of thinking will become a habit, and then your subconscious will take it from there!
reprogram your subconscious

#2- Feel as the Person You Want to Be

Feeling is the secret” according to Neville Goddard and many other New Thought Movement teachers. You will see this secret revealed in the bible “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” – Proverbs 23:7 , early Chinese philosophy, ancient Greeks (Plato), and Egyptian philosophies. Feeling is how you impress your subconscious mind.

Feeling is also the indication of your vibration. I know for me, I didn’t know how I felt for many years. I even thought that I was numb and devoid of feeling. However, I was still sending out vibrations, I was just so out of touch I couldn’t identify them.

Begin to pay attention to how you feel. Notice when you feel good and in flow. Acknowledge when you don’t feel so good, such as when you’re agitated, annoyed, or sad. Take note of these moments so you can revisit them and uncover the meaning behind their expression.

Most importantly, pay attention to how you feel about yourself. How do you feel about yourself when interacting with certain people, when by yourself, when in front of a crowd? What is your feeling regarding your self-image? This is what needs to be modified in order to change your programming.

  • Make a list of the feelings that you would have if you were the person that you desire to be right now. Some ideas: “I feel confident”, “I feel animated”, “I feel bold”, “I feel loving”, etc.

  • Make peace with and appreciate the negative emotions. Be sure when these undesirable feelings arise that you appreciate their notifying presence. They are revealing thinking and believing that doesn’t serve you. Say “Thank-you”, and let them be. They are not your identity, and they will dissolve on their own as the image you have of yourself begins to change.

  • Before you begin your day, take a minimum of 5 minutes to meditate and feel yourself as you truly are in all the situations that may arise. Get nice and relaxed from head to toe, and imagine the day as you want it to go. See yourself interacting and performing your tasks with the emotions that you listed above. Feel yourself as that person.

  • When you are finished, solidify your intention with a phrase such as, “It is done” to affirm that you believe yourself to be that person now.

  • With practice, you’ll be amazed how your day will play out exactly as you imagined. I do this every day now with complete confidence, because it works!

#3- Visualization

I use visualization for everything! This tool is so effective, and it doesn’t require a ton of time. Also, you don’t have to be a master visualizer to be successful.

This one does take a little practice and some faith (even if its just a mustard seed!). Its like meditation; if you use this technique for a few days in a row, you’ll start to see the magic happen. You’ll get so excited that you will be instantly hooked!

It is important to remember that feeling needs to be embedded in all your visualizations. Even if you just think feeling words in your mind until you can feel it in your body, be sure to do this.

  • Sit comfortably either on a cushion or chair.

  • Start as you would a meditation. Focus on your breathing, letting thoughts float by without attaching to anything. Relax every part of your body and feel yourself get heavy. Once you are completely relaxed, perhaps feeling a little drowsy, and entirely detached from this world, you are ready to begin the visualization.

  • Start to imagine yourself in a scene that depicts you as your ideal self. This scene could be located at your dream job, in your dream house, or at a cafe in a country you want to visit with the people you love. Choose the scene which represents all your desires in one. See your surroundings as you would if you were really there. Look at your hands, feel the pressure against your seat on a chair or feet on the ground. Feel yourself smiling at the people and objects surrounding you.

  • Imagine how you interact in this scene. What are you saying to the people around you? What are you thinking at that moment? What are your mannerisms? How are you being?

  • Imagine how you feel as you are there. Are you overwhelmed with gratitude? Are you excited and exhilarated? Do you feel peace and safety?

  • You are finished when your alarm notifies you or when you feel it is done. I usually visualize for at least 20 minutes every morning. But I also will do mini visualizations before certain activities. Its so much fun and the results are astonishing!

  • Finish with a confirming intention that “It is done”, and know that the change has been initiated.
reprogram your subconscious

#4- Revision

**If the memory you are revising is triggering and brings up seriously disruptive emotions, work with a therapist.

Neville Goddard suggested revision in many of his books and lectures. This is a powerful technique to reprogram your subconscious mind. Revision deals with memories and changing them into ones that serve us instead of hinder us.

Negative memories are created by some event or situation that we perceived in a hurtful/scary/traumatic way. Because powerful emotions impress the subconscious mind, our perceptions from the time the event occurred are still influencing our habitual thoughts, feelings, and behavior now.

The present is the only moment that exists, and yet many of us continue to live in the past and don’t even realize it. And science has shown that most of us don’t even remember the past correctly. So why not change it and live a more free and happy life the way you desire?

You can use this technique to not only modify memories from the past (if the memories are very triggering for you, be sure to have a therapist assist you in this process), but you can use it for your day to day events as well. Going over the past day is a great way to catch unwanted behaviors and situations, revise them, and the next day will play out differently.

  • Prepare for revision by deciding which memory you will be revising. Consider the way the memory makes you feel. Write out a few feelings that sum up the way you feel when you remember this event. Then, write out a few words that describe how you want to feel instead. Would you prefer to feel peace, love, and acceptance? Determine the feelings you are using to create the new memories.

  • Lay down in bed just before sleep, or sit as you would for meditation. Relax your body completely and quiet your mind. Once you are fully relaxed and feeling floaty, you are ready to begin.

  • Bring the positive emotions to mind that you want to utilize in your revision. Start to bring up the scene of the memory. Play out the memory in an ideal way. Imagine a different interaction than the one that happened. If you witnessed a dog fight that was upsetting, imagine that the dogs sniffed each other and then started playing. If you had an argument with a family member, imagine that there was sympathy and understanding on both sides and the talk was ended in a loving embrace. Envision the perfect outcome, leaving out any reasoning or overthinking.

  • When you are finished, soak in the feelings of a wonderful memory, and know that it is done.

  • Replay the new memory as many times as is needed for your negative response to be replaced by the positive one you desire.

#5- Invisible Counsel

Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich, wrote of his invisible counsel, which contained famous/successful individuals that he would have meetings with in his mind. His counsel consisted of people whom he looked up to, such as Emerson, Abraham Lincoln, Edison, Darwin, Ford, and more.

Hill expressed how inspiring and helpful these meetings were for him. If he had a question, he would bring it to the meeting and receive intelligent answers which would solve his problem. If he wanted to discuss secrets to success, spirituality, creative inspiration, etc, he would converse with his invisible counsel and acquire insight.

The invisible counsel is helpful in reprogramming your subconscious because you are inviting into your mind the mentors of whom you are wanting to emulate. This is especially beneficial when you are unable to, at this time, physically surround yourself with the people you want to learn from.

The reason why this works is due to the fact that we are all one mind. Everyone is connected and therefore wisdom can be found within when we decide to connect to the infinite mind. This reality is demonstrated when individuals in completely different parts of the world with no contact come up with the same invention, or scientists separated by countries discover a similar biological phenomenon at the same time.

Likewise, you can imagine conversations with a living or historical person in your mind and attract wisdom, counsel, answers to questions, and learn their ways of being which can help you transform into the person you desire.

  • Decide who you wish to meet with. You can start out with one person/being, or you can meet with as many as you’d like. You can meet with a famous person you look up to, someone from history that you want to learn from, your higher self, your subconscious mind, God, Mother Earth, anyone you desire to gain knowledge from.

  • Lay down for sleep or sit as if for meditation. Completely relax your body, release thinking, and become drowsy.

  • Imagine yourself in the scene that you wish to hold your meeting. You could be sitting at a conference table, on a chair in a dimly lit room, by a lake, around a campfire. Anywhere that you want, really! Its your imagination!

  • Then, envision your mentors entering the space and sitting around you. Begin to talk with them. Have a chit chat. Start small. Just get to know your counsel. Ask questions and see what kind of conversations unfold. It might feel incredibly strange at first, but with practice you’ll get used to it. With time, your invisible counsel will take on a life of its own, and your old subconscious programming will be completely rewired according to the characteristics you desire.

Start directing your power

I hope you try some of these techniques and start directing your vast and infinite power within! Your subconscious mind is where much of this power lies. This is your connection to the divine.

May you cultivate a compelling relationship with your higher self, and unveil the abundance of beautiful experiences you are destined to have.

You are free!

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  1. Hi Cass! I really appreciate the steps you shared here. Reframing with personal affirmations is the technique that I have most often used, but I love the idea of incorporating the invisible counsel. Anyway, I enjoyed your article and added it as a resource to my blog post about the Whisper Method for Manifestation. Hopefully, more people can tap into the power of the techniques you’ve listed here. Thanks!

    1. Thanks for the comment and link, Kari! My blog is growing slowly. Still learning so much about the blogging world. I’m having fun, though! I will link to your blog as well. Never heard of the whisper method. I will check out more of your blog. Thanks again! Happy manifesting 💖

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