use crystals for manifesting

Crystals are beautiful, diverse, and popular in many circles. They are used in jewelry, sculptures, architecture, decorations, the list goes on. There was a time that priests would use crystals for manifesting desires and foreseeing the future. Then there was a time they were (are) viewed as representing witchcraft and therefore evil by some religions. However, popularity of crystals seems to be on the rise as of late.

Why use crystals for manifesting?

Crystals and rocks give off a vibration. Each one is unique in its level of vibration, some need to be charged by natural elements and others emit constant energy without needing recharging. They can channel energy into the body and also absorb energy. Crystals harness power from nature, such as from the sun, moon, earth, and water. These natural vibrations aid in bringing harmony, balance and health to whomever they are in contact with.

Crystals have been used for manifestation for thousands of years. Their natural and infused energies are perfect for directing intention, cultivating faith, and inspiring creation. Even though there has not been significant scientific evidence supporting the benefits of crystals (yet), too many people have found them to be beneficial for there to be no merit in their powers.

How to pick your crystal

Before I went shopping for my first crystals, I did a bunch of research. I wanted the crystal that solves this problem and the specific crystal for that issue, and I was very stuck on the procedures for using them and recipes and all that. When I got to the crystal store and asked the store clerks which ones I should buy, I was told to hold the ones I was drawn to and choose the ones that I vibed with. And when I asked how to use them, they said in whatever way feels right to me.

I’m thankful that these clerks were spiritual enough to know I needed to learn to follow my intuition. That’s what crystals/rocks are really all about. Recognizing the subtle energies and using them to our benefit. So, I suggest learning a little about the crystals, but mostly going with your heart. Feel your way to the stones your soul needs right now. Feel first, think later.

How to use crystals

I will at least give you more options than the ladies at the crystal store. But I will say, the best way to use crystals for manifesting is whatever feels right to you. The more personal the ritual or practice, the more effective the results, I believe.

I mostly use my crystals during meditation. I will hold one or two in my hands, or if I’m lying down, I will set them on or around different parts of my body. I have also used them in jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, and rings. You can take a bath with crystals in the water with you. You can carry an infused crystal in your pocket or in a pouch around your neck.

Many crystals need periodic infusing to re-energize them. I set mine in the window during a full moon, but you can also set them in the sun. You can infuse crystals with your intention by holding them with your desire in mind. You can cleanse crystals after they have been used to remove negative energies by smudging with sage, or setting in salt. There are so many things you can do with crystals!

Crystals I use for my daily intentions

I don’t have a very large collection of crystals. I found a few that work for me in a variety of areas and so far, I haven’t needed to add to them. (Although I want to! Collecting crystals can be addicting and super fun!)

I have amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, tiger’s eye, aquamarine, kyanite, selenite, scolecite, and black obsidian. I’ve given away a few and have not replaced my clear quartz yet, which is another good one to have. But for the most part, these that I have now cover all my basic needs and wants.

use crystals for manifesting

Crystals to manifest happiness and peace

When I first started my journey using the Law of Attraction and intentionally directing my life, I was troubled and my emotional state was in turmoil the majority of the time. I seriously just wanted some peace and possibly some happiness.

The crystals that helped me the most during that time was kyanite and selenite. These crystals do not need to be charged as they give off their own vibrations, and can even be used to cleanse other stones. They help balance emotions, are calming and grounding, and aid in meditation. I wore the kyanite as a necklace, meditated and even napped with both. Clear quartz is also a good one to meditate with, infused with ground energy (I leave it on the ground outside for a night) to help settle internal turmoil.

Crystals to manifest self-love and friendships

I definitely have done a lot of work on self-love. Everything originates from within, that includes happiness, success, friends, and interactions of any kind. With self-love comes more fulfilling relationships and a more fulfilling life.

I use rose quartz and amethyst primarily to promote love to myself and others. Rose quartz promotes unconditional love, compassion and peace. Amethyst encourages spirituality, trust and understanding. I have taken a bath with rose quartz and the effect was powerful. These crystals made a huge difference in my journey to self-love.

Crystals to manifest health

Health is one of the most important aspects of physical life. From debilitating illnesses to small health annoyances, we all deal with bodily issues. I have had (and am still in the process of overcoming) some frustrating health issues that doctors can’t seem to figure out. There is usually not one cause of a health problem and therefore not one cure. However, crystals can help!

Aquamarine has been used to for anti-aging and to promote youthful skin. It can also help to de-stress, which is where I believe many health issues stem from. Amethyst and rose quartz are good ones for this area as well. Amethyst has been used for stomach problems and rose quartz has been believed to boost circulation.

Crystals to manifest wealth/business/goals/motivation

A popular subject of manifestation is prosperity. Many of us feel the pinch of not having enough money to do or buy the things we want and need. Because everything originates from within, a good place to start is to change the vibrations we are giving off. Crystals can help guide us into higher vibrations and move us into a more optimal state to create success.

The crystals I use for generating wealth and confidence are tiger’s eye and citrine. Tiger’s eye helps to elevate courage, generate “luck”, and nurture prosperity. Citrine also promotes prosperity, along with joy and energy.

Clear quartz is great to use for goals. You can infuse this crystal with anything you desire by holding it and imagining/feeling what you want. Then you can wear it, carry in in your pocket, or meditate with it before working on your tasks.

For business, pyrite or “fool’s gold” can encourage your power of influence and wealth creation. Carnelian, a smokey orange colored stone called “the artist’s stone”, can stimulate creativity, ambition, motivation, and help eliminate fears/doubts.

Have fun with your toolbox!

Crystals are a great way to enhance your manifestation process. Change is usually subtle (although not always!) and so it’s the subtle consistent levels of vibrational change that brings us closer to our dreams. Using crystals for manifesting is fun and limitless.

May all your dreams come true!

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