youtube channels for manifesting

There are so many content creators who add massive value to this world!! I’m beyond inspired by these “regular” people who decided to dedicate their time to freely share their journey and help someone else on theirs. These YouTube channels for manifesting and living a flow-based life have opened up my mind and revealed so many possibilities for me!

I keep finding more and more authentic, down to earth individuals, who have literal experience with what they are sharing. My perceptions have been shifted by these people, and my inner creativity is awakening due to their influence. I hope the same for you!

#1- Joseph Rodrigues

youtube channels for manifesting

I must mention –>Joseph Rodrigues<–and his YouTube channel first and foremost! His consistent content has by far been the most influential of all the YouTube channels I have ever watched. I think one of his videos popped up when I was searching for a book, might have been Think and Grow Rich. Joseph reviews and interprets many influential New Thought, entrepreneurship, manifesting, subconscious mind books using mind-maps. Some authors he reviews are Napoleon Hill, Neville Goddard, Joseph Murphy, Jay Abraham and many more.

Joseph’s channel provides 3 posts per week, covering concepts such as living a flow-based life doing what you love, how to release past programming and create a self identity that is aligned with who you really are, how to enjoy the journey as much as the destination, entrepreneurship strategies from a place of flow, and so on. There is so much to learn from this man! I have listened for about a year now and my thinking has changed drastically. I literally have more fun on my journey then ever before, and I attribute much of my positive change to his supportive videos. He also has some fantastic affirmations at the end of each video.

There are –>courses<– that Joseph Rodrigues offers for entrepreneurship, communication, reprogramming the subconscious mind, mind mapping, and productivity. I’m working through them right now, and they are EXTENSIVE! You can also join him for a group discussion once per week via the membership tab, ask questions and get in synchronistic flow. Hope you check him out and experience the transformation!

#2- Kinga Kremer

youtube channels for manifesting

I just discovered –>Kinga Kremer<– recently and I looove her channel! She is so authentic and her journey is incredibly inspiring. She started her YouTube channel when she found herself getting a divorce and her life was turned upside down. She decided to reinvent herself and follow her joy.

I was attracted to her channel by a video that involved her experience with Joe Dispenza’s meditations. I was excited to see how Dispenza’s meditations helped her manifest, and was instantly hooked by this first video. She is so easy to watch, and her way of explaining how she manifests is helpful in many ways. With examples and stories she will clearly demonstrate what has worked and what hasn’t worked in her experience. The synchronicities that she shares are inspiring and gave me tons of encouragement on my own manifesting journey.

Kinga illustrates how to use the law of attraction, meditation, and visualization to create the life you want. She does this by providing beautiful meditations, as well as custom meditations and manifestation oils, and sharing her journey as she discovers more of who she truly is, following her heart and shinning her light on the world. I can’t wait to see how her online presence grows and the massive difference she will continue to make for so many! Check her out!

#3- Kimberley Wenya

youtube channels for manifesting

–>Kimberley Wenya<– was one of the first YouTube channels I subscribed to involving the law of attraction. I was drawn to her because of her manifesting money videos, which was my main concern at the time. Her energy is fantastic, and she absolutely practices what she teaches. I love her vlogs, and that she will show you her everyday life, such as what shes working on manifesting, and her challenges and successes. Her life was so captivating, travel, blogging for a living, all the money and freedom; such a glamorous life! She will show you exactly how she manifested her dream life.

What’s awesome is Kenya has a membership community and does frequent trainings on using manifestation, monthly Q&A sessions, is a coach, and has a podcast. She is now working on writing a book and I can’t wait for it to be released!

You can tell she has so much fun and has created an amazing life for herself. If there’s anyone to learn how to manifest success and grow a following, shes the one to learn from. May you be moved to create the life of your dreams and think BIG!

#4- Divine Imagination by Joseph Alai

youtube channels for manifesting

If you are struggling to understand how manifestation really works, let Joseph Alai break it down for you. His explanations make so much sense! He has tried numerous methods and experimented with manifesting for many years, analyzing what works and what doesn’t. He even has me second guessing what constitutes the law of attraction and, and open my mind to different possibilities.

I love that he lives in San Diego (I miss it!) and I relate to the fact that he is in recovery, as I am. Its truly inspiring to see someone’s life transformed so dramatically by this life-changing philosophy. You can also find an –>interview<– that he did with Joseph Rodrigues, and they will share how they manifested specific people into their lives. Its so exciting to watch manifestation in action.

Joseph Alai has a straight forward, no nonsense way of explaining how to manifest, and he uses diagrams and plenty of examples. You will get addicted to his videos and come away excited to manifest all types of things into your life. The way he journals and keeps track of his manifestations is awesome as well! Enjoy his videos and watch your manifestation game shoot to new levels!

#5- Brian Scott

youtube channels for manifesting

I first found –>Brian Scott<– when I was searching for abundance meditations. He has fantastic meditations that are basically hypnosis, and I used one for a couple weeks which I played while I slept –>Large Sums of Money<–, and I ended up getting a raise at work and money for a vacation with my mom. Worked like a charm! And you will see many testimonials for each one of his meditations.

He has a podcast and wrote a book, The Reality Revolution, which was a #1 seller on Amazon, and goes into scientific techniques to get into your subconscious mind and manifest your desired reality. Brian is a hypnotist, NLP coach, artist, and metaphysical master. You will be tripped out by his voice, which is freakin’ awesome, and he cover topics such as quantum leaping, kundalini, Egyptian philosophies, and so much more. Have fun and allow your mind to be blown!

#6- Aaron Doughty

youtube channels for manifesting

When I was struggling with negative emotions around my manifestations not happening fast enough, –>Aaron Doughty<– was there to help me let go of my grip. He has quite a few videos regarding how to detach from your desires in order to allow them to manifest. His channel was a manifestation of my desire to let go and release my resistance. Total answer to prayer.

Aaron Doughty has over a million followers and is super active on his channel. You will find videos on how to use the law of attraction, how to manifest money/relationships/success, and how to raise your vibration. He also delves into shadow work and astrology involving Starseed and Lightworkers.

Definitely fascinating and helpful information to integrate into your life. Especially the letting go videos. I expect you will find exceptional value as you dive into Aaron’s content!

#7- Teal Swan

youtube channels for manifesting

–>Teal Swan<– is a goddess!! The wisdom and energy she shares in many of her videos were life changing for me! I can’t even fully express how much her videos helped me at the beginning of my journey into manifesting my life. My emotions were absolutely nuts and many times I felt completely hopeless. Sometimes I was pissed at the law of attraction and wanted to give up. A video she has, called –>F*ck the Law of Attraction<– was exactly what I needed to release the pain and allow the healing and accepting of myself.

There are some negative reviews about her regarding her teachings around suicide and a recent documentary which may present her in an unpleasant light. Some think her followers and their interactions resemble a cult. I’m not sure about all of that, and honestly, I haven’t watched any of her new videos. But the older ones were incredibly helpful to me, especially the ones on feelings and emotions, also delving into childhood restrictions on expressing emotions. So, I felt I owed her a mention here, at the very least. You can check her out and form your own opinions.

Take what works and run with it

As you will find when exploring various YouTube channels, people have different techniques and opinions on how to manifest and what is most important. What is most important is what hits home to you. Take from these creatives information that resonates and APPLY IT in your life. “Prove it in equation,” as Joseph Rodrigues would say.

Whats fun about this human experience are the many different perspectives and ways of expressing the same thing. You can take pieces from each person’s expression, combine it with your own ideas, and create something different and unique. Manifesting gets to be creative, collaborative, and flow-based. I hope that’s the kind of adventure you choose.

Have fun and may your manifestations be magnificent!

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