books to manifest money

I try to read as much as possible, however it can be a challenge with a full life! Audio books help with this, but also its essential to just make the time to focus on expanding your knowledge in order to grow and become more skilled in life. Check out these books to manifest money!

Learning about finances

I’m realizing more and more how important the subject of money is! Having money is of no help if you don’t know how to use it. I’m learning a ton and am excited to suggest some books that are transforming my concept of money.

Money is a tool and should be understood. It can work for you when its invested as much as possible into assets which will set you up for a life of abundance.

Happy reading, and may what you learn be exactly what you need to propel you forward!

#1- Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

books to manifest money

Of course I would present this one first!! Think and Grow Rich is by far one of the best books to inspire wealth creation and manifesting of the life you desire. You will find yourself getting more out of this book every time you read it!

This book is a classic and has helped millions of people achieve success and joy in every aspect of their life. This book uses law of attraction principles instead of brute force to attract and use inspiration from within.

Napoleon Hill wrote this book as the result of over 20 years studying and interviewing wealthy individuals in the early 1900s. The “secrets” that Hill discovered are actually timeless nuggets of wisdom that many know within themselves if they are brave enough to look.

You will learn how to create wealth that originates from a burning desire, fueled by faith, use of the power of the subconscious mind, imagination, control of thoughts, and master-minds.

Get ready for the possibilities of your life to get blown wide open!!

#2- Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

books to manifest money

This is an extremely popular book which I’m finishing at the moment. It was written in 1997 by Robert T. Kiyosaki from Hawaii. He had a “poor dad” who was a professor that worked for the government.

And he had a “rich dad” who was actually his friend’s dad. He owned multiple companies and became one of the wealthiest men in Hawaii.

Kiyosaki writes about the polar opposite beliefs these two men had concerning money. His poor dad believed that he needed to go to school, get good grades, and get a good job, moving up in a company to make more money.

The rich dad believed that he needed to invest in assets, basically owning the company, not working for it. He taught Kiyosaki how to have money work for him, instead of working for money.

Loving this book! You will learn how to think like the wealthy do and see that the wealthy are not crooks like we might grow up believing. We have not been taught how to use money! Blaming others for our situation that is due to our ignorance will keep us broke.

I totally perceive the story of Robin Hood differently now! Hope you read this book.

#3- The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

books to manifest money

This book influenced a TON of people to leave their corporate 9-5 jobs and build online businesses to live their lives wherever they wanted, however they wanted.

Tim Ferriss is a sarcastic, matter-of-fact writer who has no qualms expressing his disdain over corporate worker mentalities, inefficient “busy work”, and waiting until retirement to enjoy life.

Ferriss shows that you can live like a millionaire and not necessarily have to be one. You can live life as a minimalist and not actually have to own things to enjoy them. He traveled, studied what he wanted, and lived like a millionaire without all the millionaire expenses.

He promotes the pareto principle of getting 80% of the results from 20% of the effort, and will show you that working 4 hours per week will gain you more time and money than 40 hours per week of mostly unproductive work.

This book will reveal a completely new way of thinking. You will realize the importance of time and how to leverage your time and resources to create the life you dream of.

#4- The Quantum Leap Strategy by Price Pritchett

books to manifest money

This is a short read and you will not be able to set it down until you’re finished. Trust me, you will be so on fire after reading this!

The Quantum Leap Strategy is a powerful sequel to You2(squared), also by Price Pritchett. You will see that quantum leaps to your dreams and success is absolutely possible for you RIGHT NOW!

You will learn that trying harder is not better. When you quantum leap you will do so with far less effort. You will see that you need to change your behavior and thinking drastically in order to change your life drastically.

He writes about needing to “suspend belief”, “think beyond what common sense would allow”, and “focus on the end rather than the means”. These are serious law of attraction principles!!

You will finish this book knowing that the only thing holding you back from your dreams is your lack of belief. What would happen if you moved forward like your goals were a done deal and you couldn’t fail?

Be the person you truly are today!

#5- Acres of Diamonds by Russell Conwell

books to manifest money

This is a super short book that is actually a lecture that Russell Conwell gave many times all over the country. There are multiple stories following the first, all showing instances where people sold their property for very little in order to go out searching for treasure or something better. They didn’t realize that they had been living on acres of diamonds, coal, or gold the whole time, and sold their riches for nothing.

This book will open your mind to the opportunities that you possess right now. It will challenge your thinking and help you realize that wealth is directly in front of you, if you but open your eyes.

Conwell had some wonderful philosophies and encouraged providing services that people want and need as opposed to just selling things. He believed that you will make money according to the value you provide to others.

Basically, you have everything you need right now to create a prosperous life. Look within, at your local businesses, and connect/collaborate with your community.

#6- How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

books to manifest money

Love this book!! I’m learning so much I never even considered before. I’ve been applying these principles in my interactions at work with significant results!

The title may make you think you will be learning how to manipulate people to do what you want, but this is not the case. You will learn so much about what people truly want, how to connect in meaningful ways, communicate your needs, inspire others to act and assist you, while also providing what they want in return.

This book promotes mutual benefits for all by showing you how to be interested in others, know and care about them in intimate ways, and handle difficult situations without causing resentment or hard feelings.

You will truly understand how to work with others in a way that seems like magic. You will learn to sell people on your ideas, avoid arguments, and gain support in all your endeavors.

This subject of being able to cooperate harmoniously with others is absolutely necessary in creating wealth. We need one another and not building this skill will be a great handicap.

So, read this classic and be charmed!!

#7- We Should all Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers

books to manifest money

This book had me flying high!! She was the first one who inspired me to start thinking “million dollar thoughts”. I realized so many beliefs that I had about money that were keeping me in a poor mindset.

Rachel Rodgers is a self-made millionaire and mother of four who seeks to inspire an actionable wealth mindset while opposing systemic racism and sexism in our country.

She will show you the numbers and statistics of how women and people of color have been blocked from becoming wealthy. She will also reveal how to combat this and become financially secure and thrive.

You will learn what the majority and patriarchs have instilled in women, such as wanting more money is selfish, and that we need to “skip the lattes” to save money. Skimping and saving to build wealth is thinking like the poor do.

Lets stop making “broke ass decisions” and start making million dollar ones!! Be inspired to greatness!

Go forth and prosper!

I hope you have as much fun as I did reading/listening to these amazing authors. These people are so grateful for the life they created that they want this for everyone.

Listen to what they have to say! Challenge your old ways of thinking! Try out some new strategies and see what happens. You can manifest anything you want, including an abundant life. 🙂

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