motivational YouTube channels

On the journey toward manifesting our dreams and achieving our goals, there will be times when frustration and lack of motivation loom their dark shadows over us. This happens especially in the beginning when we’re just starting to change old habits, which at first will try to suck us back in and return us to our comfort zone. Motivational YouTube channels can help snap us back into the frame of mind that we desire.

Let yourself be influenced!

YouTube has helped me immensely, to overcome doubts and negative emotions that threatened to stifle my progress. Someone, somewhere has gone through something similar to what I have, and they have posted a video about it. Its amazing and wonderful that so many people have openly shared their experience and encouragement. I have tons of gratitude for these people!

I will share a few YouTube channels that are my inspiration, especially when I’m not feeling it and I need to get my mind right. Its so important to influence ourselves daily with the types of thinking that represents the life we are creating. It takes repetition and consistency to become the person we desire. So, save these channels, follow the people who inspire you, and be transformed!

#1- Proctor Gallagher Institute

motivational YouTube channels

Bob Proctor has been a huge influence for success and motivation for decades. He recently passed away in Feb. 2022 at age 87, but for most of his life he was dedicated to inspiring people to believe in themselves and use the law of attraction to manifest the life they desire. He became very well-known after appearing on The Secret.

His YouTube channel –>Proctor Gallagher Institute<– has a 24 hour feed of his lectures. Some are from many years ago and are so much fun to watch. His enthusiasm is contagious, and you know that the techniques that he is sharing he has actually used and achieved results. This makes the information that much more powerful.

Some good videos to look for: explaining the “law of attraction” and how to use it to create success in your life, understanding “paradigms” and realizing that they control our decisions and take away our freedom, and the “terror barrier” and how to break through fears that hold us back from experiencing life to the fullest.

He shares a ton of information regarding success and how to attract wealth. I attended a webinar that he led a month before he passed away. He was such a wonderful man, so helpful, and immensely passionate. A great man to emulate. Enjoy!

#2- Ali Abdaal

motivational YouTube channels

Absolutely loooove following –>Ali Abdall<–!!! He has a fairly wide range of subjects that he covers. He was a doctor who dabbled in YouTube, SkillShare, and other online ventures, until they became so lucrative that he quit his job as a doctor. He found far more fulfillment and fun and freedom in sharing his knowledge and helping people achieve their goals.

The reason I started following him was because of the passive income videos, of which he has a ton. He makes so much money from passive income, its truly inspiring. But he also shares productive hacks, time management techniques, investment ideas, how to study for exams, and the routines he follows to achieve the mental mindset that propels his success.

Hes super easy to watch, will keep your attention effortlessly, and give practical and helpful advise. Just watching one of his videos will motivate you to do the things you “get to” do to produce the results you want.

Be inspired by how helpful, how energized, and how on fire this guy is! His videos will show you how to live your best life!

#3- Evan Carmichael

motivational YouTube channels

–>Evan Carmichael<– is like a masterful DJ for inspiration, as Gary Vaynerchuk described him. I love his videos! Many of them are over an hour long, but he covers all the big hitters and inspirational giants of our time.

He skillfully weaves together the best clips from influencers such as Tony Robins, Deepak Chopra, Jay Shetty, Oprah Winfrey, Joe Dispenza, and more. Any time I need a pick me up, I can browse Evan’s channel and find the perfect video to raise my vibration.

I saved a video of Oprah Winfrey clips that motivate me to follow my dreams to their fulfillment, no matter what obstacles arise. There’s also a powerful video featuring Steve Harvey regarding failure, and learning to see failure as an indication of lessons you are learning, which will ensure your ultimate success. Another video to check out highlighting Bishop T. D. Jakes, will illustrate that happiness cannot be found outside of ourselves, to enjoy the journey and not just the destination, and to see the value in the hard times.

There are seriously soooo many videos to check out on Evan Carmichael’s channel. You could watch for weeks and not get through all of them. Have fun and be inspired to “Michael Jordan level genius”!

#4- Lewis Howes

motivational YouTube channels

–>Lewis Howes<– has a channel for his School of Greatness, in which he interviews hugely successful people and powerful influencers, in order to inspire people to their own greatness. I love how he interviews! He always asks the questions that I’m thinking and gets down to the nitty gritty.

I’ve seen interviews Lewis has had with hard core individuals, such as Alex Hormozi and Grant Cardone, who open up in intimate ways because of how comfortable he makes them feel.

Other than interviewing high money makers, he covers subjects such as health and aging, building confidence, how to find love, and more. Almost any area of life you are struggling in you can find inspiration on this channel.

He’s fun to follow on Instagram as well. Hes in a relationship with actress Martha Higareda, and their relationship is so sweet to watch!! They are absolutely adorable together, and share the same passion for self growth, spirituality, helping others, and inspiring the world. Check them out!

#5- Alpha Leaders

motivational YouTube channels

–>Alpha Leaders<– is a great channel to visit when you need some motivation. At the beginning of my journey, as I was crawling out of depression and substance abuse, I visited this channel often.

One video I have saved is a short one featuring a speech by Jim Carrey, which demonstrates how he overcame fears and doubts in his life. He totally used the law of attraction to produce his success, and you will be inspired by the obstacles that he overcame in his life. Rags to riches story for sure!

You will find many motivational videos, some featuring Denzel Washington, Elon Musk, Dwyane Johnson, Warren Buffet, and more. The main theme seems to reveal the struggles that these successful people overcame, and how they persevered even though it was hard.

Many people started with nothing and were able to create the life of their dreams. If they can do it, so can you! Watch these videos and let the inspiration sweep you into action!

#6- Tony Robbins

motivational YouTube channels

I have known a few people who attended a –>Tony Robbins<– conference and came away from it completely changed. They went to the conference broke and working a job that they hate, and came out invigorated, immediately started their own business, and began living the way they want. His energy alone will cause change in the people around him. If you want inspiration and motivation, this is your guy!

Tony Robbins is a self-made multimillionaire, and his chief mission in life is to help people. He donates money every year, feeding around 4 million people across the world. His seminars have inspired millions of people to live healthy, confident, successful lives.

He has videos on how to understand your emotions, how to cultivate drive, the importance of gratitude, and connecting with love for yourself and others. His stories will resonate with your soul and you will be moved to action by his practical wisdom.

I love Tony Robbin’s daily routine for success:

  1. Priming, which is 10 minutes of a breathing exercise, thoughts of gratitude, visualization of connecting with everything and everyone, and setting an intention for the day and seeing himself succeeding in it.
  2. Cold shower. Start with 30 seconds and work up to 5 minutes or more. I’ve started doing this and I feel amaaaazing afterwards! My body feels so alive and I can feel waves of heat flowing through me when I get out.
  3. Exercise at least 5 days per week. I recently had to switch my exercise routine around because I kept missing exercises at the time I was doing them. Try to make it a priority and find the time that works best for you. I suggest start super easy, maybe only 15-20 minutes, so that you can get yourself to do it. Once you make it a habit, you’ll be in love and will want to do longer workouts.
  4. Read every day. Even if its just a page. It is so important to keep working your mind. The mind is a muscle, and what you don’t use you will lose.

#7- Jay Shetty

motivational YouTube channels

–>Jay Shetty<– is a soft spoken former monk, who shares wisdom through his videos, podcasts, and interviews. He shows up on many other podcasts and YouTube interviews because his insights are so profound.

On his channel he has a section called “Inspiration Stories” with over 500 videos to uplift his viewers on subjects of love, health, inner peace, overcoming self-sabotage, setting intentions and sticking to them, rising above low self-esteem, and so on.

Most of his videos seem to range between 5-15 minutes; the podcasts are longer. You will seriously find a video for anything you might be going through. He covers so much!

Check out his video on how to become self-disciplined and overcome laziness. There’s also a video to watch if you are uninspired by your job and feeling trapped. Here’s another video that confronts fear that might be holding you back from living life the way you desire.

“You become what you give your attention to.”


I hope you see the massive value that these YouTube channels provide. Even just seeing different perspectives that open your mind and get you thinking, will lead you to inspiration and motivation to experience more in your life.

Have fun on your journey, and may your vibration rise to such heights that you fly straight to your dreams!

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