change my subconscious beliefs

I have recently returned from a trip to Australia, which I took to demonstrate to myself my belief in abundance, immerse myself in the beauty of coastal life which I desire to manifest in my life, and to get out of my comfort zone. I had many realizations from this trip, one being that after all my hard work to change my subconscious beliefs, a few still stubbornly refuse to let go.

I’ve noticed that many of my manifestations come very easily, but a few, especially concerning money and health, continue to elude me. Scarcity beliefs and reactions came up on my trip, and some health issues resurfaced as well. These beliefs run so deep! But I have not given up, and neither should you if you struggle to release old programming.

The subconscious controls what we do

Our subconscious mind determines about 95% of what we do and experience in our lives. This includes all the automatic bodily functions, habitual movements and reactions, interpretations about events, emotions, as well as compulsions.

If there are programmed beliefs from childhood such as “wanting money is evil”, or the belief that we are victims to inevitable illness, or feeling shame for not being good enough, these can influence many areas of our life and greatly limit us from living the life we desire.

Subconscious beliefs are formed early

When we are very young, our subconscious mind is extremely open to suggestion. The suggestibility of the subconscious is determined by the brain’s electrical wave frequency. Before the age of 6, children are primarily in the slower waves of delta and theta brain frequencies, and this is the prime state for programming the subconscious mind. In delta and theta, the conscious thinking mind is subdued, and suggestions are easily accepted.

I’m amazed when I watch children and see how quickly they learn! Its kind of freaky, actually. Little kids are like a sponge, and anything you do, they are taking it in. Even when they sleep, they’re soaking in the TV playing in the background and can repeat words from a show you didn’t think they had heard. I’d be terrified to be a parent! What a responsibility. 😲

Our brains as adults

As we grow up, our brain waves are more often in Alpha and Beta. Beta is normal waking consciousness, and Alpha is relaxed and quiet thoughtfulness. Our hyper-learning period ends, and habits have been formed. The subconscious is now hidden behind our conscious mind, and set in its beliefs.

As we live our lives, the programming continues to play itself on autopilot, without us being aware of it. Our actions and ways of thinking can be predicted by our subconscious programming. Unless we become aware, or something big shakes us to our core, we could continue in a pattern that we didn’t choose for our entire life.

Core beliefs

The beliefs anchored in our subconscious vary in their depth. Core beliefs are deeply rooted, usually due to strong emotional experiences attached to their origin, or from repeated thoughts that we identify with. These can be harder to shake loose. However, far from impossible.

It took me a while to be able to identify some of my core beliefs. They are so apart of me and so deeply embedded, that even when emotions came up I couldn’t pinpoint why I was having them. Getting to core beliefs is a process, and the more curious I become about my emotional state, the better my relationship gets with myself, and the closer I get to those deep pains and fears that hold me back from experiencing life how I desire.

change my subconscious beliefs

Your subconscious will help you

Building a positive relationship with your subconscious mind will do wonders for your reprogramming efforts. The subconscious cannot be forced or coerced. Instead, the subconscious responds to loving and decisive suggestions.

Ways to build a relationship with your subconscious:

  • Ask yourself questions
  • Talk through old beliefs with yourself
  • Be kind and patient with yourself like you would for a friend
  • Repeat positive affirmations about yourself, others, and your life
  • Don’t ignore how you feel. Acknowledge and release if needed, or take time to get to the core of what is going on
  • Be there for yourself, and your subconscious will be there for you

Actually, your subconscious wants to fulfill all your desires, and its a good sign when old beliefs are brought to the surface. Your subconscious brings up old beliefs that are in conflict with the new ones you are programming. Consider this “cleaning out the attic”, which allows you to make peace with those old beliefs and let them go.

Some beliefs just take time

It can get frustrating when the same beliefs are brought up again and again for you to release. It just means that those ones run deep. Try to have patience and grace with yourself and trust your subconscious. Its like learning anything new, it takes repetition and time. But you WILL get it (written for myself and much as anyone reading 😄).

I recently went on a solo trip to Australia. I wanted to demonstrate abundance to myself, confirm my freedom to do and go where I desire, and have a beautiful adventure. I was dismayed as feeling of scarcity and lack came up during the trip. I thought I had done so much work to overcome this! Alas, there was more to be done.

And that’s ok 💜. I allowed the feelings of frustration and impatience, and let them go.

How Zen practitioners attain enlightenment

I’ve been reading a few books on zen practitioners and their journeys to attain enlightenment. This is no simple task. Some of these people meditated every day for hours, attended zen retreats year after year, and pushed themselves internally to their limit.

They needed to clear their subconscious mind of ALL programming. Not reprogram a new belief, but de-program ALL beliefs. Many wanted to give up, but they persevered, and in the end they were able to reach their goal.

Importance of a “burning desire”

Their experience reminds me of Napoleon Hill’s “burning desire” in Think and Grow Rich. I realize now why a burning desire is so important for success. Without a burning desire, why would someone want to stick to their dream? Especially if its taking longer than expected, or the challenges are multiplying.

When you want something bad enough, you will NEVER give up on it. Someway, somehow, you will find a way. You may falter, doubt, and feel like quitting, but the strength of the desire will pull you back. You will resolve to continue on.

And as soon as you are resolved to continue toward your goal, that’s when the magic happens.

Determination + belief will bring results

The journey to our dreams is not always a straight road. Sometimes we have to take detours in order to learn lessons that will be essential for us later on. Everything happens exactly as it should, and it all contributes to our ultimate success.

Make a pact with yourself, as I am right now, to never give up on your dream.

Ask your higher self for answers and for help, and it will come.

Trust that everything is always working out for you, and it will.

See challenges as opportunities to grow and become more skilled.

And above all, enjoy the journey. 💜

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