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Do you find yourself easily able to manifest certain things into your life, while for others there seems to be no effect whatsoever? Its like the seemingly small desires come almost instantly while the ones you really want are blocked or something. What makes some things seem so hard to manifest?

The “big” things seem harder to manifest

I’ve seen this in my journey. The things that don’t mean that much to me, like finishing a task in a certain amount of time, having a conversation go the way I imagined, raising money for a trip, passing a test, etc., seem to manifest almost every time.

However, the “big” desires, such as attracting $200,000 per month, living on the beach, overcoming certain health issues, seem to stay just out of reach. I’ve been baffled by this at times. Especially because my other manifestations happen effortlessly and almost immediately. What’s the deal? Do the “big” things just take longer?

The vibrational gap

I think there are many aspects that influence how quickly a desire is manifested. Each person’s journey is unique, and each desire has its own unique vibration. Depending on the vibration of someone’s self image, they may have to change their vibration a lot or a little to get to the vibration that brings the manifestation.

“Big” desires are not actually harder for the Universe to bring to you, they are just further from your current vibration. If I’m living in a small one bedroom apartment, making $2000 per month, this reality is a MUCH different vibration than living in a large beach house bringing in $200,000 per month!

But what if you are visualizing your desired reality every day, imagining with feeling so intensely that you can see, feel, and smell the scene as though you are actually there, and still nothing? Let’s not forget about the vibrations of our subconscious!

Subconscious programming

Your subconscious mind is responsible for the manifesting of your desires. Your conscious mind decides on a goal, and you plant the seed in your subconscious mind, and your subconscious connects you to infinite intelligence which orchestrates all the events/people/opportunities/actions necessary for your dream to become reality.

What if your subconscious has programming that is not aligned with your desire? This is where it gets tricky. Much of our programming is unconscious and we don’t even realize we have these blocks to our success. Therefore, we can be doing everything right, and still be unable to manifest what we want.

Reprogramming is a process

Subconscious reprogramming might not be an overnight achievement. Although transformation can be sudden, such as when something traumatic happens, or when a new concept hits you like a lightening bolt and your life perception is changed forever, this is not always the case.

Many times this reprogramming takes a little time. The subconscious cannot be forced or pressured, it must be coaxed and convinced. Sometimes the journey to the goal is longer because we need to unlearn many beliefs that are in the way of our dreams, and form new beliefs that are consistent with what we want to manifest.

4 Years to manifest sobriety

It took me about 4 years to manifest lasting sobriety and a joy for life. Arguably, I had been wanting to be sober for 10 years and desired relief from depression most of my life, but I hadn’t consciously declared to myself that I wanted those things.

Those 4 years were the struggle of my life. Looking back, I can see that every moment was a necessary lesson that I needed to experience in order to reprogram my subconscious for the outcome I desired. Without the supposed “negative” experiences, I wouldn’t have striven as hard as I did for freedom.

I didn’t know much about manifesting, and didn’t watch anything inspiring or try to change my thinking. I just repeated over and over to myself, “I want to live”, “I want peace”, “I want freedom”.

Those requests finally got through to my subconscious, and when they were accepted, the change was effortless and immediate. I automatically did the necessary actions (AA meetings/sponsor/gratitude journal/etc.), and I quit drinking and smoking without strain. It was truly remarkable and still astonishes me how easy it was!

Being too attached to the outcome

Another reason why the “big” things don’t manifest is because we are too attached to the outcome. Perhaps there’s a feeling of desperation, or we are waiting until we achieve this goal to be happy.

There are at least 2 reasons why being too attached to your desire will prevent or slow your manifestations:

  1. Being too attached to your desire sends out a vibration of lack. What you vibrate is what you attract. When you want something really bad, you are vibrating as not having what you want. If you have your desires, you don’t even need to want them anymore. The key to manifestation is vibrating as if you have what you want already, ahead of the physical manifestation. This requires faith and imagination, which is why it could be a good idea to start with small manifestations to practice and build your faith up.
  2. Being too attached pinches off the flow of energy. Your conscious mind is the director and intention behind all your manifestations, but your subconscious and spirit are the ones that make the miracle happen. Once you plant the seed and declare your desire, if you continue to try to control and force it to happen, you stifle the magical flow of the universe. This is where a joyful, fun attitude is best when manifesting. Follow the breadcrumbs laid out by the universe, and allow things to come together automatically. Enjoy the journey!

Overthinking is the enemy

Whatever you can do to keep yourself from overthinking and entertaining doubt, DO IT! Worry and fear are killers of dreams. These types of thoughts will come up, but you can decide to identify with them or not.

Watch something funny, read inspirational stories of people who accomplished something similar, meditate, imagine how you will feel when your desire happens. Do/think/surround yourself with positive vibes and keep your vibrations high.

You can train yourself to switch to different thoughts. When a fear thought arises, acknowledge it. Acknowledge that you choose to not believe that thought, and consciously think a thought that makes you feel better. This will start to happen automatically with practice. Plus, it just feels so much better to believe that what you want will happen rather than think about it not happening!

hard to manifest

How to stay encouraged for your “big” dreams

Here are some ways you can stay encouraged and enjoy the journey to your dreams, while in flow with the universe:

  • Break your “big” goal into small goals. Make each of the small goals something you can achieve in less than a year, or even in a week. The more you manifest, the more encouraged and excited you will be. Each step will both build your faith and reprogram your subconscious.
  • Live your life now “as if” you had already achieved your goal. This is the law of assumption, and once mastered is the fastest way to manifest your desires. Imagination is necessary. Its one thing to visualize with your eyes closed, but another to imagine you are living your dreams as you go about your day. Practice feeling as if you are there now! You’ve manifested the money, the dream home, the fulfilling lifestyle. What does that feel like? Feel that way now! Act like that person now, with everyone you come in contact with. You can start small with this, such as just when you’re doing a chore at home, or when you’re walking the dog; but hopefully this can become more of a way of life, and before you know it, it WILL be your life.
  • Get busy doing what you love. Once you’ve declared what you want, whether it be in a letter, an imaginal act, a vision board, or just speaking it to the universe, release it and distract yourself by doing things you enjoy. It can be related to what you declared, or it can be something totally different. The key is to have fun. Even if you are trying to solve a challenge, if you go do something fun, when you come back you just might find your problem has been solved. Let go and let your subconscious work things out! You’re main job is to keep your vibration high. So, let loose and enjoy your life. Everything will fall into place perfectly, your subconscious will bring you situations that will assist you on your journey, and the way will be made clear.✨

No way you can fail if you don’t give up

Never give up on your dreams! There have been countless humans who “should” have given up, but they persisted and attained their dreams.

Michael Jordan– He was cut from his high school basketball team, and yet he never stopped trying. He missed hundreds of shots, and he kept at it. Look at the success he achieved!

JK Rowling– She was a “failure” at 28, basically broke and almost homeless with her young daughter, yet she loved writing and she did what she loved no matter what. The first Harry Potter book was rejected by 12 publishers, but she didn’t give up. She became the first billionaire author in history.

Walt Disney– He was fired from his newspaper job, deemed a man of no good ideas, and lost all of his money in a failed attempt to start his own animation company. He was so poor he ate dog food. But he didn’t give up. He could settled for a low paying job that he hated, yet he attempted a few more animation companies before one was finally successful. Look at the impact he made!

The Beetles– They are a truly inspiring story of how guys could come from nothing, be ridiculed and made fun of, play in the most degrading and sketchy venues for hours every day, rejected by record companies, and yet make it to world wide fame. They didn’t give up, and neither should you!

The journey is what you make it

You decide how you want the journey to your dreams to be. Will you complain, be discouraged, and view everything as hard? Or will you see the silver linings, open your eyes to opportunities, embrace the chance to learn and grow?

Your journey doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s. It doesn’t have to be hard! You can have fun and allow the process to happen with the flow of the universe. The choice is yours. It depends on your perspective and what you decide to believe.

The journey can be as enjoyable as the destination

Once you get to the point that the journey is as fun as the desired results, then you will see what manifestation is really all about. Its really about discovering yourself.

You are here to express, explore, and create. You are whole and complete within already. The rest is just pure adventure.

Have fun creating!!

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