What is the Law of Attraction?

My quick summary…

The Law of Attraction is a Universal law (which means it is valid in the physical world as well as the spiritual world), and it basically asserts that energies attract other energies that vibrate on the same frequency.

Everything is energy and in constant vibration, scientific research supports this. Everything is made up of atoms which include protons, neutrons and electrons. The electrons are sometimes energy waves and sometimes matter. Most of an atom is empty space. So, the chair that you are sitting on right now is mostly space. Digest that info.

Your thoughts give off vibration, the heart sends out waves of electromagnetic energy, along with every other cell in the body. There is energy moving all around us, most of which we can’t see. We can feel it many times though. Ever enter a room and feel instantly bad mojo? Ever talk to a person and feel their energy so acutely that you almost know what they’re thinking?

Like a radio station…

There is a range of vibrational frequencies. Different emotions give off different vibrations. Negative emotions that don’t feel so good give off lower frequency vibrations, and positive feelings that feel good to us vibrate at higher frequencies.

Any frequency we are emitting will draw the same frequency to it. This involves everything from internal emotions attracting other emotions at the same frequency, to attracting similarly vibrating humans into our experience, and all types of things, thoughts and situations.

Scientific evidence…

Scientific research concerning the Law of Attraction has not produced any empirical evidence in the past. However, with the development of brain image studies and use of more advanced technology, we can see subtleties that we could never see before. Such as the discovery of “mirror neurons”, which cause us to mimic another’s feelings and/or actions in our mind; we can also observe when the amygdala and different parts of the brain light up in response to different thoughts and visualizations.

There are people actively studying the effects of thoughts and visualizations on the physical body, such as Dr. Joe Dispenza. He healed his body after a serious injury which broke his back, using meditation and visualizing his body healing. He takes brain scans while a person is in meditation and has seen amazing occurrences once a person reaches a powerful point in meditation. He’s recorded people being able to regulate their own blood pressure, increase immune response and change many other internal bodily functions through visualization.

There was an experiment done by Rene Peoc’h which involved a robot that wandered randomly around a cage with a bunch of baby chickens. The chicks imprinted on the robot and amazingly the robot stopped wandering randomly and started only keeping near the baby chickens. This could show the attractive power of the chicks manifesting their desire to be close to their robot parent.

Many medical journals support the powerful effects of positive thinking on quality of life. Also, neuroscientists study the effects of visualization on future outcomes and find evidence to connect the two. If you want to find evidence of the attractive power of thought, you can almost look anywhere and see the evidence.

What is the Law of Attraction?
Cells of an onion root; so cool!

Thought + Feeling…

Thought by itself doesn’t contain the power that thought+feeling does. The emotions are where the juicy energy flows. Usually what we think produces the feelings that we feel.

When we think a thought that makes us feel good, we are vibrating at a higher frequency. Then things/ thoughts/ actions that vibrate at that frequency are attracted to us and we become “in the flow”. Everything feels easy and whatever we are trying to do is smooth and successful.

When we are thinking negative thoughts, that causes us to vibrate at a lower frequency. Nothing seems to go right, it’s one thing after the other, and our mood gets worse and worse. We are attracting more negative emotions and negative situations because of how we are vibrating.

We have the power…

We have lots of thoughts. A ton in fact. Some studies say we have about 6700 thoughts per day, others state approximately 60,000-80,000 thoughts per day. 95% of those thoughts are repeated over and over again.

This information was daunting to me when I first heard it. But the truth is, we do have control over our thoughts. Maybe we haven’t paid attention most of our life and just thought like others around us, or picked up bad thinking habits along the way. But right at this moment, you can decide which thought to entertain and which thought to reject. You can decide “how” to think about something, with a positive twist or a negative one.

You create your life…

Realizing the Law of Attraction means realizing that you are the author of your life. You have drawn to you everything that IS your life now. What you see now is the result of thoughts+feelings that you have had in the past.

What you have attracted includes the people in your life– your power-hungry or supportive boss, self-absorbed or inspiring friends, super helpful or annoying neighbor. You also attract your financial situation, which reflects your beliefs about money, what you deserve, and your worthiness. You attract your health, job, opportunities, challenges, everything!

Taking responsibility for where we are at can be difficult at first, and maybe a little disheartening. But once you fully realize that you created your life, you can also realize that you have the power to CHANGE your life. You can take this information and flip it to work FOR you. You have the power.

Pre-paving the future…

The trick of the Law of Attraction, and what can make it seem so counterintuitive, is that in order to create what you want, you think and feel now as you would if you had your desires already. The focus is not on the things we can see in our life right now that we want to change, but on what we can’t see and desire to create in the future.

What we see in our life now is old news. We have already created it with our habitual thoughts and beliefs. The idea is to create different situations/ actions/ people/ places/ things in our lives. In order to do that, we get to the place of feeling what it would feel like to be there now, in order to vibrate at the frequency of what we want to attract.

This can be hard. I’m definitely still growing ALOT in this area. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m pre-paving for the future. That how I’m thinking now HAS to produce what I desire later. It is the Law of the Universe! Lots of pep-talking is necessary to keep up the faith at first, until you start seeing the manifestations, then it becomes easier to believe.

No going back…

Once the Law of Attraction seed was planted in my mind, there was no going back. There’s no one else to blame for anything; I’m not a victim anymore. I’m the master of my world, which starts with my internal world.

All change starts from the inside. Little, consistent steps moving me in the direction that I want. All I have to do is think a thought that feels a little better than the one I’m thinking now. And before I know it, I’m in an upward swirl of manifesting my dreams into my life!

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