Manifesting Your Dreams


Sometimes the ego needs distractions and busy work to keep it occupied. Some of the tips I’m about to suggest are really a way to keep the mind focused and the ego preoccupied so that we can maintain a high vibrational state, and therefore attract what we are desiring.

It’s important to remember if we are not in alignment and flow, nothing we physically do can actually get us what we want. Inspired action is physical movement that occurs naturally as the result of being in flow with the Universe.

Tools to align with desire…

The different tools that I have picked up on this journey help to align me with what I am wanting to create. Whatever we are vibrating at is what we attract into our physical reality. We have to change to a different state of being in order to create something different.

These tools help with getting to that different state of being. They are intended to be fun and in no way by themselves do they ensure manifestation. But they will slowly transform the way of thinking into believing that what is wanted is here now.

The key…

The key to these practices is to get into the “feeling of the wish fulfilled” or acting/ believing/ behaving as if the desire has already happened. Some women have experienced this, such as after they adopt a child and stop trying to get pregnant, then all of a sudden, they become pregnant when they were unable to do so for years previously.

If when practicing these tools, you find that you are experiencing the feeling of lack regarding your desires, or disappointment that you haven’t received the desires yet, then focus on something else that makes you feel good. Forget about your desire for a while. No matter what, the point is to feel good and vibrate at a high level.

Tool #1: Scripting

Scripting is super fun! You get to use your imagination and conjure up the perfect scenario in your mind and pretend you are there NOW.

Step 1- Grab a pen and paper or recording device.

Step 2- Write/ speak a detailed account of a moment in your future life of you experiencing your desire. Write/ speak in the present tense, as though it is happening in the moment. Be super detailed. What are you saying and what are people saying to you? What does it smell like? What are the surroundings, colors, temperature? How do you feel? Have fun with it!

Step 3- Read/ listen to it and feel the feeling of being there now. Keep the script for future reference, so you can be amazed at how you manifested the details.

Step 4- Script daily and before you know it, you will be vibrating your desire and will have pre-paved your future!

I love this one! I used this tool to manifest my position at work. I wrote a detailed account of me wearing my scrubs and having a fun conversation with one of my new co-workers. It totally happened!!

Tool #2: Visualization

I used to believe that I was a bad visualizer. I had a hard time seeing and feeling my vision without physically writing it down and was easily distracted. Also, it took a while to build my belief in the visions of my future as being possible. This one takes practice for some of us, but we are ALL capable of visualizing our desires.

Step 1- Close the door to your bedroom/ office and be in a quiet atmosphere. You can listen to soft music if that helps you get into the vibe of your imagination, but don’t let the music be distracting.

Step 2- Find a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, or keep your eyes open and focused on a mandala/ candle/ spot on the wall. You can count your breathing or just think the words “I breath in” and “I breath out”. Something to keep you focused and not let your mind wander. The objective is to calm your conscious mind so you can get past it to the subconscious.

Step 3- Once you are feeling relaxed and in the zone, start visualizing your desire. Use your imagination to see snippets of what your life will be like in possession of what you are wanting. Feeling what if will feel like is important. Pretend that you are there now. What are you doing? Where are you? How are you participating in your vision? Enjoy the dream as though you are experiencing it now.

Step 4- Carry the feeling of your fulfilled dream with you throughout your day. Imagine in everything you do that you have your desire and are living it now. Look for evidence of it in your life, and watch as it grows!

After practice, I now enjoy visualizing and use this technique randomly throughout my day. If I’m doing a task that is mundane and I want to have some fun, I will imagine myself living my future and carry the feeling as I complete my task.

manifesting your dreams
My vision board

Tool #3: Vision Board

Vision boards are fun! I’ve heard too many stories to count of people manifesting their desires through the use of vision boards, sometimes EXACTLY as the picture on the board. Pictures are a great way to get through to the subconscious.

Step 1- Search for photos online/ magazines that match your desires (be sure you are not using the photos to sell or promote online, or if you do ensure that the photos are public domain). They can all be related to a single goal, or they can be a mixture of different aspects of your life that you want to see transpire.

Step 2- Create your board either by printing pictures and pinning to a cork board or by creating an online vision board.

Step 3- View your board often to imagine yourself in the pictures, enjoying the results of your manifestations!

The time it takes to manifest varies, but they WILL come if you believe. Just have fun with it and keep things light. Follow the breadcrumbs as the Universe leads you along. Always remember, everything is happening FOR you even if you don’t see it in the moment.

Tool #4: Gratitude

Expressing gratitude for your materialized dreams before they manifest is a great way to get into the “feeling of the wish fulfilled”.

Step 1- First thing when you wake up, express either in written word, out loud, or in your mind, appreciation for your dreams coming true!

Step 2- Walk through your day coming from the place of having your dreams now. How would you talk, act, think?

Step 3- Just before bed, express again appreciation for your dreams, and feel the gratitude with the use of expressive words; I feel appreciation, excitement, joyful, peaceful, abundant, etc.

This one was hard for me at first, because I struggled to pretend that I had my dreams when I clearly did NOT have them yet. It can be hard at first to live from a place of what we are creating verses a place of what is already created. It takes practice, but once I realized I am reprograming my subconscious in order to bring what I want into my reality, I started seeing the results. I started to believe in the power of my imagination to transform.

Tool #5: Goal Card

Inspired by the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, goal cards have become a great tool in manifestation.

Step 1- Fix in your mind exactly on what you want to create: definite amount of money, certain event, precise outcome.

Step 2- See what actions you are taking towards achieving this goal. What value are you bringing in contribution to your goal?

Step 3- Establish a date that you will achieve your goal.

Step 4- Write a statement on a card, laying out exactly what you will create, what actions you will take, and the exact date this will be completed. You can write this in the present tense, such as “I have achieved…”, “I have done…”, etc.

Step 5- Put the card in your wallet and look at it often, and when you read it, it is important to imagine and feel yourself as already having acquired the goal.

Think and Grow Rich is a fantastic book and has helped countless people create wealth and success in their lives. I read the book myself as often as possible! Having a clear goal and seeing the details leading to the goal can help make it more real and get the vibration moving in that direction. The Universe will give inspiration and opportunity that will amaze you!

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