Stay Loyal to the Vision

Always moving forward…

I haven’t written a blog post in almost a month! Alot of growth this past month, breakthroughs, realizations. Everything happens perfectly for what I want to truly experience and learn about myself in this life. No matter how busy I think I am, or how much resistance comes up, or how much I avoid due to fears, I continue to move forward and stay loyal to the vision.

And so, I continue to write what I learn on this wild and magical ride of life. With resistance comes opportunity. It is more uncomfortable to NOT follow my dreams than to allow my fears to stall my movement (momentarily). It took me years to realize this, but now it’s a working belief in my mind which propels me forward.

Keeping the faith- being loyal to the vision…

It can be sooooo hard to believe in a dream when there are physical senses telling me differently. I have my moments of flying high feeling amazingly in flow, brimming with conviction! And then I have those doubtful moments and negative feelings that come with them that practically knock me over. It can seem so daunting to change the view I have always had of myself.

The change doesn’t always happen overnight. It can; I’ve had change that seemingly happened spontaneously, but even then if I seriously analyze it, there were lessons and changes in thinking that led up to that point. It is a progress and not always upward. There are ups and downs. I just have to see that the overall momentum is moving me upward.

Be a lawyer…

I choose what I want to believe. It might take a little convincing on the part of my conscious mind to my subconscious, but convince my subconscious I sure will! I’ve learned in order to stay loyal to the vision I need to be a good lawyer. I need to make the case and fight for the belief. My subconscious needs to be moved, and its up to me to make my case for what I believe.

I get to be my biggest cheerleader. I get to sway those doubts and fears to ones of faith and determination. Even if I don’t feel it, I make sure to tell myself how awesome I’m doing and that I’m progressing, getting better and better every day in whatever area is my challenge. I start to feel it and then I start to SEE it! It’s amazing!!

Don’t shame yourself…

Because the journey is not a straight upward curve, there are times when it seems like I’ve taken backward steps. Those moments can trigger self-doubt, frustration, and discouragement. It’s hard when I’m feeling bad to be the cheerleader or talk sense back into my brain.

I don’t run from or try to resist my emotions anymore. I’ve learned the hard way, that only makes it worse. Instead, I let myself have the moment. I know that it will pass, and I acknowledge my feelings and send love to myself. If I just make it through the day, that’s ok. Even if I don’t work out, or if I decide to eat half a carton of cookie dough ice cream, I know that I did exactly what I needed. I loved myself and allowed the feelings to be.

Breakthrough can be uncomfortable…

I’ve realized that my subconscious mind doesn’t always want to let go of a belief. Especially ones that have been imbedded for many years. It will continue to be persistent and I will seem to be treading the same ground over and over.

I’ve started to see the patterns before breakthrough occurs. Things get really uncomfortable for me just before my subconscious decides to finally concede to what I believe. Just before I got sober, I had the worst drinking binge of my life. Before I recovered from a pesky health issue, it was flaring the worst it had ever been. Each belief that I’ve moved past I experienced huge resistance and intense emotional upheaval just before finally releasing it and finding freedom. It’s all part of the process.

Now I get excited when I’m feeling really uncomfortable. I know there is movement and my subconscious is letting go of some powerful beliefs that don’t serve me anymore.

See the end…

I always keep the end in sight. Whatever the dream is, I stay loyal to the vision of it happening. Even if I just tell myself in moments of doubt “I will remain loyal to the vision”, that will remind me that the vision is where the creation comes from. Creation flows from the imagination and intention outward, not the other way around. So, if I can’t see it yet in my reality, it’s because I’m creating it. Of course it doesn’t exist yet!

It is a HUGE learning curve to not believe what my senses are telling me. To take my attention from things that don’t align with my vision and focus on what does, is a challenge. Like anything, it takes practice. I know that I get better and better at it every day because I never give up. I keep the vision in my mind and KNOW that everything in my experience is contributing to that result.

Everything contributes…

A big realization for me this past month is that no matter what I’m doing, it’s the right thing. I’m experiencing exactly what I’m supposed to in every moment. I don’t need to stress that I wish I had more time to work on such and such, or that I don’t know what I should be doing first, second and third. No matter what I’m doing, it is contributing to my learning and opening up opportunities. I can’t see the opportunities if I’m thinking I should be doing something else.

This has come up a lot with my full-time pharmacy tech job. I blamed being so busy with school and my job for not writing blog posts this past month, and I was starting to feel some resentment toward my job and wishing I could just quit and focus on “doing what I want to do”. Maybe I actually am doing exactly what I want to be doing at this point in time. Maybe my higher self knows that this job is pivotal for my successes and adventures to come. Maybe I could be having ALOT more fun if I wasn’t letting myself think I wasn’t doing what I wanted. I could be a lot more excited to go to work if I knew that it was contributing to my dreams.

Opportunities for growth…

I’ve begun getting excited when opportunities for growth present themselves. I realized at work the other day as resistance was coming up regarding my worthiness, that instead of being overwhelmed with negative feelings as I normally would be, I was able to make mental notes of the event, think of the belief I want to instill in my subconscious instead, and let it go. The fact that I was able to do that so easily thrilled me to my soul!

Growth is exhilarating once one learns to enjoy it and not become identified with the aspects that are being developed. Once I realized that I am changing before my very eyes and that no matter the old belief I WILL transform it, then I can have fun. I can kindly and consistently continue to mold my beliefs to whatever I want them to be. Staying loyal to the vision will ensure my success!

The power is yours!! Never forget that! 🙂

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