spiritual breakthroughs

Psychologists strive to stimulate breakthroughs for their patients. Many times this will occur after an unproductive plateau, or after much time trying to get through to them with no effect. When the patient has a breakthrough, it is like a light bulb suddenly goes off. They have a realization and finally understand, putting the pieces together. Sometimes the effect is life changing. Its basically an epiphany related to the actual shifting and rearranging of long-term beliefs.

What is a spiritual breakthrough?

I appreciate the explanation of our experience here on earth as “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” I love that! Our basic substance is spiritual energy. At our core we are electrons swirling as matter one second and a wave the next, connected to an intelligence and intuition that is beyond human conception. This can only be felt and experienced on an individual basis.

Spiritual breakthroughs are a result of becoming enlightened to our spirituality. It is an event when a belief that we have had, which we lived and acted from for many years perhaps, is realized as being false and instantaneously released. The feeling is amazing!! Its the most freeing/liberating feeling I’ve had so far.

What are the signs you are about to experience a spiritual breakthrough?

For me, when I started to feel especially triggered, emotional, and overall in a state of turmoil, that’s when I knew that my subconscious mind was about to have a breakthrough. Sometimes I knew what I wanted to believe on the surface, but to overcome deep seated ingrained beliefs can be a struggle.

At first I didn’t really know what was happening and it felt like the world was ending. But then the sudden realization would come, like a deep knowing; or something would happen and the light bulb would go on, and the clouds would magically clear and the exhilaration of feeling freed from an oppressive believe would fill my entire being. Its an amazing experience.

My own examples

I started experiencing breakthroughs when I asked the Universe for them. I had been afraid to ask before. I knew they would be uncomfortable and I didn’t want to suffer. But not having breakthroughs turns out to be far more uncomfortable. Trust me.

One spiritual breakthrough occurred when I broke through my feelings of hatred for myself. I had a super tearful conversation with my reflection in a mirror, staring into my eyes and telling myself how much I loved myself. I started sobbing, and when I was finished I knew that I was a changed person. I’ve had this amazing, flourishing relationship with myself since then.

Some breakthroughs are more gradual. It’s taking time for me to see that I am spiritual perfection right now. When someone explained to me that “perfectionism” is really us believing that we are not perfect, I was convinced it was right. My subconscious mind still took some convincing, however. She fought me, sometimes a lot. I had to keep reminding her, “We are perfect! It doesn’t matter what we do or even what thoughts pop into our head. We are spiritually perfect.” Its becoming a more natural thought for me now. If I mess up at work or someone responds negatively to me, I hardly feel anything anymore. I learn from it, have understanding and/or laugh, and move on.

We have two points of perspective

As I went through my ups and downs and roller coaster ride of emotions, I turned to a super helpful video by Teal Swan. Its called “F*ck The Law of Attraction“. She explains how some spiritual people can get caught up in judgement of themselves and others based on “negative manifestations”. They might see someone who is sick or someone who is struggling through a life situation, and wonder what they did to manifest these “negative” things in their life. Easy way to get caught up in condemnation and dis-empowering attention.

Swan sheds light on the two perspectives that we contain: our temporal self and our eternal self. The eternal self doesn’t have the same view of negative vs positive as our temporal selves do. Our eternal self knows exactly what we truly want to experience in this life, and sometimes attracts the exact opposite so that our temporal selves can understand what is actually wanted. This perspective is fascinating and an interesting way to view events in our lives. Everything happens for us, even the things that seem negative.

spiritual breakthroughs

Change in perspective

Without fail, when I have found myself needing a change in perspective I pray to the Universe and my prayer is always answered. I will read something, someone will say something to me, I will have an experience, and my point of view will shift. I acknowledge when this happens, because the more we appreciate answered prayers and manifested desires the more they come to us.

My perspective concerning spiritual breakthroughs slowly began to change. I started to soften instead of resist when I felt the emotions. I became curious instead of avoidant. Once I saw this process as setting me free and ultimately causing relief, I started looking for ways of experiencing more breakthrough.

Get excited

The only way to get rid of darkness is to bring it into the light. Sometimes darkness is hidden under or behind beliefs that we didn’t know were hindering us. I’ve learned to get excited when these areas are brought to my awareness. When I have a reaction or emotions flare up in a situation, instead of feeling shame or resistance, I am learning to appreciate the revelation.

Get excited when beliefs that don’t serve you are brought to your awareness. No matter what you used to believe, you can create new beliefs that align with who you really are. Be thankful for the people who reflect what is deep within. They are providing a service to us, enabling us to make peace with our past and move forward with increasing freedom.

It gets easier

I’ve mentioned that in the beginning for me, this journey of spiritual breakthroughs was rough. It was like pulling a thorn out of a swollen foot. So painful! I want to also mention that it gets easier. As my perspective has changed, and as I have cleared out more and more of the negative ideas inside of me, the process is a lot more enjoyable now.

I used to be overwhelmed by all my daily reactions and I could only focus on one or two areas. Now the number of reactions have diminished and I enjoy “cause and effect reflections”, which I learned from Joseph Rodrigues on YouTube. I highly recommend watching his videos! Cause and effect reflections are done by reviewing the past day and noting where you expressed reactivity, finding the interpretation we were having at the time, making peace with it, and changing the interpretation to fit our desired life.

Learn to trust your higher-self

Having faith in the part of you that is connected always to infinite wisdom and creativity, will enable you to trust that all experiences are happening for you. Your higher-self knows exactly what needs to occur for you to achieve your dreams. Your spiritual self is attracting every experience, person, event, and thing that will provide you with all you need.

As your higher-self brings to your attention the areas that need work in your life, and as you respond with love and appreciation, that relationship will grow and everything you do will be inspired. You will move more and more in alignment with your true self and the results will be pure magic!!

Someway somehow

You are not alone on this journey of living your dreams. You have your subconscious mind working 24/7 to bring your beliefs to physical reality; your higher-self is shinning a light on the areas that hold you back so you can release and be free; the spirit of the Universe is guiding you every step of the way, so you experience just what you need to live your life to the fullest; your body is performing miracles every moment to ensure you can interact and express your true self; every person in this world is a mirror and an asset and a teacher.

Someway somehow all your dreams come true. Spiritual breakthroughs are the way to freedom and quantum leaps to living your best life NOW. I expect a magical life for you, full of wonder and creation! May you enjoy the journey!

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