living from the end

“Let go of how. Know that you will.” A fundamental aspect of manifesting your desire is to live as if you have already achieved it. The vibration that you emit from that state is the magnet that attracts it’s physical equivalent. Living from the end takes practice and consistent reminding.

When you overthink

It can be easy to get caught up in overthinking. You’re busy, there is so much information coming at you, you start to feel stressed, you start to wonder if you’re doing the right things, and then you start to worry. At this point, you have stopped living from the end. You are not feeling the way you would feel if your goal was already achieved.

Overthinking can creep up, as I’m realizing lately. This is why its so important to stay connected to our emotions, which are communicating to us what energy level we are vibrating at. If there are feelings of overwhelm, confusion, or worry, then its time to look at the thoughts, make peace with them, and get back on track!

Letting go of how

When you tend to think more logically, which is a useful aspect of navigating life, it can be challenging to move forward with faith when the plan is not solid. If you have a dream that seems far from where you are now, seeing all the steps to get there may not be possible right now. You could drive yourself crazy with worry if you try to figure out every step that will take you to your goal. Not to mention, being rigid in the path you think you need to take might cause you to miss unconventional opportunities.

There are infinite ways to reach your goal. In our finite thinking, we can’t see all these ways. Nor can we see the way that would be the most beneficial, the quickest, or the most rewarding later on. Therefore, making a plan is helpful, but being fluid and open to possibilities will allow for the best outcomes.

Having faith

Faith is a muscle. It must be cultivated and exercised in order to work for you. Faith is being loyal to your vision even if the physical reality tells a different story. Faith is the evidence of things not seen. Your faith is what creates your reality.

Having perfect faith is not necessary to create the life you want. Even a tiny seed of faith is enough to get started. However, if your faith doesn’t continue to grow, you may find yourself ready to give up. You have to put the work in to strengthen your faith in order to make it through the times that test your resolve.

How to build faith

The best way to build your faith is through autosuggestion. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill has a phenomenal chapter on autosuggestion. Basically, this technique employs the use of self-administered suggestions to the subconscious mind. These affirmations are used to program the subconscious to bring about our desired outcomes.

Our subconscious is the directing force in our lives, and it is programmed by stimuli from our surroundings and by our own thoughts. The subconscious doesn’t judge information as “right” or “wrong”, but simply accepts what is impressed upon it with conviction and emotion.

Our conscious mind is the gateway that information passes through to the subconscious. Nothing gets through unless we truly believe and accept the information as correct. This is where autosuggestion gets tricky. Sometimes its hard to believe the suggestions we are giving ourselves initially. Repetition of the same information is how we combat this.

What to think

What kind of affirmations build faith? The kind that you can feel and relate to. Sure, you could repeat affirmations that are soooo far from your belief that you don’t feel it, and over time it finally might get through. But unless you can accept your autosuggestion, your subconscious most likely won’t accept it either.

The first step is to identify where you’re at. What thoughts are you thinking now? Then, find a thought that feels just a little bit better than the one you’re thinking. Incremental movement up the scale is the best way to actually believe what you are affirming.

If your thought is: “I don’t know what to do”, try instead “I’m guided more so every day to do and experience exactly what I need to achieve my dreams and become more of who I really am.” If you can’t feel what you’re trying to affirm, ask your inner self for inspiration, watch an inspiring YouTube regarding faith, write out the times that you created what you desired in the past. Don’t sit in doubt and fear, because that’s just a downward spiral. Trust me, I know!

living from the end

Be consistent

If you really want to build faith and live from the space of your fulfilled dreams, you will need to put in some work. Until the thoughts and beliefs are cleaned up, you will want to be extra watchful. Repeat your autosuggestions often until they become habitual ways of thinking. Pay attention to moments when you react and ponder them later when you’re alone. Identify the belief and switch around the meaning.

This persistence is how you express your faith. You are believing that you can change your thoughts, your feelings, and therefore your reality. As this becomes a way of life you will be amazed at the transformation. I know I still have to pinch myself to ensure I’m actually awake! My life is so transformed!

Have fun

I’ve been reminding myself lately that I’m really here to have fun. I don’t want to take everything so seriously. No matter what happens, I’m ok. It’s my decision to either be stressed and overwork myself, or to take a deep breath and relax, laughing with a light heart. It’s my choice how I want to think about everything that I do. Its my choice to continue on the path I’m on or take a different one. Nothing is etched in stone.

At this point, I’m refusing to be stressed. I choose love, joy, peace and faith. I choose to feel how I feel when I’m visualizing my fulfilled dreams. I want to live from that place. I want to feel that ecstasy. There may be a lot of decisions to make and things to do, but I can have fun doing them.

The journey to the goal

The journey will have its up and downs, its moments of confusion and fear, and even times when it seems like there are no more options. But the faith that you have built will bring you back to your end goal. You will recall the moments when you were freaking out and everything turned out to be just fine. You’ll remember when the answer came, and right at the deadline all the pieces fell into place. Always find ways to build up your faith, until one day it will be a massive magnetic force that can move mountains.

You don’t need to be perfect; mistakes are actually extremely helpful. You just need to never give up. Live like you’re dreams are a done deal. Move forward into the unknown. Feel the fear and be excited by it. Jump all in and believe in your powerful subconscious mind to catch you.

You got this!!

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