listen to your higher self

Do you ever find yourself wondering if you are on the right path? Are you pursuing what you really love, or are you reacting to subconscious programming? How can you listen to your higher self and know the next step to take?

Also, engaging in new activities can be uncomfortable. Are you uncomfortable because you’re not used to what you’re doing, and are growing? Or is it something you actually don’t like and really don’t want to do? Good questions to ask!

Connect to your vision

The first step in the journey toward listening to your higher self is determining a vision for yourself. Check out my blog post on identifying what you want to manifest. This is a great way to build a relationship with your higher self, by determining a vision, going for it, and growing in the process.

How do you want your life to look? Don’t think about how it would look to other people. Imagine that you have no fear and try not to overthink it. Maybe its something you already know you love to do, or perhaps you are curious and think it could be awesome.

Get this vision clear in your mind. Nothing is too big or far out. Use your imagination! Do you want to live on a beach, writing novels, painting beautiful pictures, playing with your dogs, and having meaningful and fulfilling relationships? That’s my vision. ?

What is yours?

What makes you feel amazing?

Your higher self speaks to you through your emotions. At least, this is what Abraham/Hicks believes. I believe this too! When you feel negative, there is something that you are believing that is not aligned with your higher self.

The same is true if you feel good! That means the thought you just had was aligned with your true self. You can use your emotions to discover what makes you excited and therefore, what you want to experience in this lifetime.

Nothing is impossible to the higher self

Those visions that exhilarate and energize you with pure joy and excitement, are meant to be experienced in physical reality. I completely believe that if we can imagine something for our life, we can absolutely manifest it!

Our higher self is expansive and infinite. Nothing is impossible to our infinite selves. If we can start trusting that our dreams are meant to be, then all kinds of magical adventures begin to unfold.

Become a scientist

How you perceive the journey is massively important. At times, your higher self will pull in situations and circumstances that seem completely opposed to your vision. However, your all-seeing inner self might be teaching you an invaluable lesson. Perhaps the sequence of events is exactly what is needed for you to be ready for your dreams to become reality.

If you think like a scientist, this journey will be more exciting and you will learn the lessons far quicker. Pay attention to what doesn’t feel good, and figure out why. Ask lots of questions! Is it something you need to make peace with? Do you need to go in a different direction? Is this an area to lean into rather than run from?

Give it some time

Don’t change your mind too quickly! Give something a few weeks before you decide its not for you. Give your higher self a chance to show you what this lesson is. Maybe what you hated at first, you will come to love.

I experienced this recently with my self defense class. I felt brutalized and entirely sore after the first few classes. I wanted to quit soooo bad. I searched for other classes but there weren’t any on days that I could attend. I was stuck. So I hunkered down and just did the thing. As the weeks went by I felt myself getting stronger, I actually started to enjoy the rough-housing, and began making friends. I was scared of the final, but held my own and felt so proud of what I accomplished. Staying taught me to push through uncomfortable feelings, and even body aches, to achieve a new skill. It was totally worth it, and I’m glad I didn’t quit when I thought I wanted to.

Beware of slipping into old habits

Usually after I have an amazing idea and feel excited about doing it, overthinking tries to creep in and bring me back to what I know. This is something to watch out for.

Maybe you want to increase your income, but instead of becoming more skilled in the area of your dreams, you go to what you know. You do what feels more comfortable, even if its not really what you want to be doing.

My hope for you if this happens, is that your higher self makes doing what you’re used to more uncomfortable than going for your dreams. When you get to that place, that jumping off place, real change happens.

If you want to get to that place, start impressing your subconscious with your desires. Check out my blog post on Techniques to Reprogram Your Subconscious and How to Plant the Seeds for Manifesting.

Building a relationship with your higher self

Your higher self is a part of you, but sometimes with the illusion of separation and distractions of physical reality, we can lose touch with our spiritual selves. This can especially occur if we’re taught not to trust ourselves when we are children. For example, if we’re told we are wrong and others are right, we might stop listening to the subtle voice within.

I used to believe that I couldn’t trust myself, that everyone else had it together and I had no idea what was going on or what I was supposed to be doing. Building a relationship with my inner self didn’t take long, though. It just took consistent attention and awareness. I now feel more and more guided every day!

No matter how disconnected you become from your higher self, you can always build that relationship again. We are all intuitive. The answers are within each of us if we but ask and learn to listen.

listen to your higher self

How to listen to your higher self:

  • Have conversations – ask questions. Acknowledge that your inner self is there and begin to communicate. I practice this by thanking my higher self for guidance in certain situations, or asking questions and expecting an answer (check out Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz!). I acknowledge any time my intuition brought about a desired result. I also affirm that I am able to hear and connect to my higher self easier every day, and this plays out in my life.

  • Pay attention to how you feel. Your emotions truly are a guidance system, as Abraham/Hicks would say. They tell you your vibration, your beliefs, your desires and dislikes, and are messages from your higher self. If you can get curious about your feelings, instead of getting lost in them and making them your identity, you will be guided to the lesson you are intended to learn. Use them to determine where to direct your thoughts.

  • Look for synchronicities. The vibration of your higher self will bring signs and synchronicities into your life. This shows you that your desires are becoming physical reality!!! Its so exciting! Even the smallest synchronicity is encouraging. You have to look for them though, because as you are learning to listen to your higher self, you might overlook them at first. They come in the form of “regular occurrences”, but they are not. If someone randomly speaks to you about some aspect of what you are manifesting, that’s a synchronicity. If what you desire appears in someone else’s life, that’s a synchronicity too. Ask your higher self to help you see them!

  • Meditation. This is a powerful way to quiet this physical world and go inward. When you quiet the distractions and give your full attention to your higher self, you can experience amazing insights. Try practicing meditation every day. Let the thoughts float by without attachment, and realize that as you observe, you are in tune with your spiritual self. With practice, you will have this feeling of connection all day.

  • Have fun! Having fun is the best way to get in alignment with your higher self. When you follow your joy, you are in flow with the universe. There is no overthinking, negative vibrations cease, and magic happens! This is very helpful if you are deep in a challenge and need to take a step back, or if you are trying to solve a problem and are seeking an answer. Go do something fun, and when you get back, things just might magically solve themselves. If you live your life with a lighthearted joy in everything you do, things will work out better and faster then ever before. Check out Joseph Rodrigues’ Flow series on his YouTube channel.

You are infinite

Once you identify more with your higher, infinite self, you can begin working with the feedback that you are receiving from your emotions, your self image, your current reality. Its just feedback, helping you to see where you can modify and get the results you’re looking for.

Your higher self will guide you through this process. Every step of the way, you will learn exactly what you need for the next step.

Decide to do what you love

Its helpful to make the decision to do what you love no matter what. Only you can manifest the life that you desire. You are not a victim, you are the creator!

The choice is yours! You always have a choice, and there is always a path to your dreams. Seek answers and move forward with faith, and your higher self will reveal the way. ?

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