How to Manifest Anything You Want

Manifestation is constantly happening…

Literally, we are manifesting every moment of every day whether we realize it or not. Whether we want to create or not, we are. Maybe we are creating the same stuff over and over, or stuff we don’t like, but we are doing it. But did you know that you can manifest anything you want?

When we start thinking about manifesting what we “don’t have yet”, and things that we should be “doing” to “make it happen”, then creating what we want becomes hard. Our physical actions are not where the power is at. Our logical brains can’t force manifestation of what we want to happen. It just doesn’t work that way.

When we resist…

In a state of resistance, we are fighting the flow of the Universe. The Universe is flowing all abundance, health, well-being, and love on us always. We are either letting it flow or we are fighting it.

When I try so hard to make something happen with my own finite little body, I get nowhere. If I am under the assumption that I have to figure all this out and that I know the best way that every situation should go, I will separate myself (in my mind, because we never are truly separated from the spirit) from a connection with the all-powerful wisdom of the Universe.

Resistance also occurs when we think about what we don’t want. If I think about how annoying my co-worker is, I’m in resistance to satisfying interactions. If I think about how I wish I had perfectly shaped arms that didn’t flap in the wind, then I’m thinking about what I don’t have, and therefore in resistance.

Let it go…

I think the most important aspect of attracting what we want is letting go. Abraham (speaking through Esther Hicks) calls it “allowing”. The state of allowing is the opposite of the state of resistance.

When you are in a state of allowing, you ask for something from the Universe and then you let it go. You know that your prayer has been answered and so you let the Universe do the work. When we are allowing, we are focused on joy and feeling good, and simply following the inspiration that flows to us.

Get specific…

Creating our desires is a journey. It is a process and sometimes there are different stages until you manifest the dream into reality. Sometimes time is needed to become more specific and learn exactly what we want.

As we visualize and imagine our dreams to be real, the Universe will bring things to us that help shape our vision until it’s the best one for us.

The more specific we are concerning our dream, the more real it becomes in our minds. The goal is to make our subconscious mind believe that we have our dream in our life now, so we can vibrate at the frequency of that dream and transform our reality.

The conscious mind…

The conscious mind is the brain we use when we are awake. This mind facilitates the awareness of sense perceptions, rationalizing of situations and thoughts, and enables learning.

The conscious mind is also the chooser of thoughts. Thousands of thoughts flow through our conscious mind from the subconscious every day. We have control over which thoughts we choose to validate or ignore.

This waking mind is the director of the subconscious. How this mind reasons and the thoughts that are repeatedly confirmed, determines everything that the powerful subconscious projects through us.

“As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.”

Joseph Murphy

The subconscious…

We all know about the subconscious and how suggestive that part of our mind is. Hypnosis has shown how easy it is to make someone believe something that is not there, such as seeing an imaginary bird on their finger because they were told there was one there. Or forgetting their last name because it was suggested that they couldn’t remember it. The subconscious is ruled by what outside sources tell it, or what our conscious mind tells it to believe.

All our unconscious bodily functions are directed by the subconscious, such as heart rate, immune response, and breathing. This mind has perfect memory and will continue to prompt certain actions based on past programming, even if we consciously don’t remember.

The subconscious doesn’t reason or know what is real or not real, it only takes in what is suggested to it. But once it has a strong belief imbedded by a powerful suggestion (one filled with lots of emotion or that has been repeated over and over), then it becomes conditioned to that belief. Those are harder ones to change but can absolutely be done!

The subconscious is directly connected to source. This is where instinct and intuition come from. Source is also the energy of creation. Universal energy flows in the direction that the subconscious is projecting. How the subconscious has been programmed by our surroundings and conscious mind is what is created.


I like how Abraham explains the emotions: emotions are how our spiritual selves speak to us. We think with our brains and sense our surroundings with our physical body, but we also have a spiritual self, which some call our higher-selves, inner wisdom, soul, authentic self, etc. This is the part of us that is eternal and never dies.

Some of us become so distracted by the physical world that we become disconnected from our higher-selves. We are distracted by what others think or tell us to do. We are jostled around by the chaos we have created and stray far from the wisdom of our true selves.

The higher-self communicates with us through our emotions. When something feels good, we are in alignment with our true self. When something feels bad, we are either thinking thoughts our higher-self doesn’t believe or we are acting in opposition to our true selves.

Our emotions are our guidance system. This is how we can know if we are flowing with the Universe or are in resistance.

Manifest by feeling good…

We don’t even have to continuously think about what we are trying to manifest. I’ve heard so many stories of people sending out their desire as a prayer or even a simple “I would like to have that cool car” and then they never think of it again and go on doing things that bring them joy and fun, and then they realize at some point that what they desired came to them. Or they made a vision board of the house they wanted to manifest, and then tucked the board away somewhere, didn’t think of it for a couple years, and then they acquired the house and were shocked when they looked at their vision board and it was the exact house they had pictured (literally they got the exact house they had put on the board).

The magic is in the emotions. Feeling good means connection to the higher self, which means flow with the Universe. The Universe is continuously flowing our desires to us, so all we have to do is allow them to manifest.

Follow your joy. Focus on what is good even in things you have resistance to. Focus on aspects of your job that you enjoy; see the value in household chores; be grateful for services that you pay bills to. Find a way to flip your thoughts to ones that will serve you. Find a way to feel good now.

Life is meant to be fun!

Manifesting is meant to be easy! 🙂

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