get clear on your goal

Are you overwhelmed, second guessing yourself, and struggling to make a decision? I’m right there with you! I’m writing this blog as much for myself as it is for you. Get clear!! This is the way we reach our dreams.

So many opinions!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve changed my mind lately based on someone’s opinion. I’ll be feeling excited and relieved because I think I’ve finally got a plan, and then someone says something that makes sense and completely derails my choice. What to do??!!

Money gurus, such as Napoleon Hill, along with other successful business people, seem to agree that making decisive decisions quickly and changing those decisions either slowly or not at all, is the way to achievement. But its hard, especially when you’re about to make a life-changing decision! You don’t want to be well on your way and wishing you had made the other choice, that’s for sure. You will want to get clear on your goal.


I’m one of those people that can spend as long looking for a movie to watch as it would take for me to actually watch the movie. The more options I have, the more indecisive I become. I put so much emphasis on making the RIGHT choice that I spend too much time deciding, and afterward I’m still not completely happy with my choice.

Ultimately, the actual choice isn’t as important. You WILL make the RIGHT choice. Whatever you choose is exactly what you need to experience to get you to your ultimate goals. It will lead you there. Constantly changing your mind and not sticking to a decision is far more detrimental than just going for it.

How to choose your next move

I’m assuming you already have an ultimate goal in mind. If not, here is a cool workbook to help you discover your ultimate vision. You may have your big goal, but what about the next step on the way to that goal? There are so many options!! Remember, any one you choose will still bring you to your goal. You just need to CHOOSE one!

I would give yourself a time frame to figure out your next move (especially if its a big one). I’ve been trying to decide for about two weeks now. I’m giving myself at the most one more month to get my research done and dip my toes in the different waters. After that month, I’m jumping all in and not looking back!

  • Write out your options. This is a great first step. This list will grow and morph as you learn more of what you want and don’t want. There is a fine balance between being “realistic” and following your heart. Why can’t you have them both? Stretching yourself is how you grow! You CAN have it all if you believe you can.

  • Talk about your options with people you look up to. If you’re planning big moves, people might be skeptical and bring you down. Be sure you only talk about your ideas with people you trust. Not just people that will tell you want you want to hear, but people who have done something similar and have been successful. Get opinions from people whom you look up to and have the results that you are looking for in order to get clear on your goal.

  • Does this plan fit in line with your ultimate vision? I am wanting to quit my job so I can become an entrepreneur and do what I love. I was thinking maybe I should start a cleaning business in order to bring in money while I work on my passion. However, cleaning houses is not related to what I actually want to do. Therefore, why am I wasting time and energy figuring out how to start a cleaning business? Just to quit my job? Doesn’t make sense. Make sure your next move relates to a skill that you are trying to cultivate. Don’t rush just because you want to see movement. You want movement in the associated direction. Although again, a cleaning business would STILL get me to my goal. I just have to decide if that’s the journey I really want to take.

  • How does this plan make you feel? Ultimately, above all the advise and rational thinking, you want to follow your intuition. Your feelings will tell you what is really going on within. Do you resonate with pursuing a certain career path, or is it what you “think” you should do. What does your heart say? What makes you feel the most excited and full of corresponding ideas? What lights you up? What could you talk about all day? These are clues. You don’t have to waste time getting to what you truly love to do. You can start there.

How do you want to experience the journey?

One way to determine your path is to decide how you want to experience your journey. What kind of experiences do you want to have? What would you like to do every day? How do you want to feel? Which option would you respond to the best? Ask yourself and you will receive the answer.

I’ve decided that I want to experience joy, bliss, and ease. I don’t want to stress myself out, although I want just enough excitement to energize me. I want to enjoy what I’m doing (honestly, I’m not naturally passionate about cleaning houses; I’m not saying someone else might not find creative flow in that area of service, just not me). Also, the idea of inspiring others gives me drive and courage because I’m not just doing this for me.

Decide how you want to experience the journey and get clear on your goal. This is your life! You get to decide how its going to be. It’s an internal job. Keep reminding yourself of how you want to feel. Your thinking creates your feeling (5 Tools to Feel Better Fast).

get clear on your goal

Overcoming fear

Fear is our brain’s way of trying to keep us safe. There was a time that fear enabled humans to flee dangerous situations, preserving our species over thousands of years. Fear is not a bad thing. It can be energizing. All of this depends on our interpretation.

Breaking the terror barrier, as Bob Proctor would call it, is how we reach the treasure waiting on the other side. Being able to do this depends on your thinking and your burning desire. If you want something bad enough, you will walk through fire for it. You can create a burning desire by how you think!

  • Keep your focus on the goal. I envision my end goal every day. I take 15 minutes and visualize myself sitting on the beach, looking back at my beach house, my dog running through the waves. I see myself performing my daily habits and doing the things I love. I generate the feeling of bliss, peace, and passion for life. This is what drives me. I bring this to the front of my mind any time I start to feel fear. My dreams are real in my mind, and therefore they WILL manifest. This takes faith and loyalty to your vision!

  • Transform your feelings of fear into excitement. Another way to overcome fear is to transform it. Start affirming in your mind, instead of “God I’m so scared! What if…” change your self-talk to “My soul is so excited for this!” and “These butterflies are letting me know I’m about to have an amazing experience!” You may not relate to being excited at first; you may still think you feel scared. But with practice and consistency you will find yourself thinking “I really AM excited about doing this!”

  • Focus on how your actions will benefit others. Like a charm, any time I finally decide to take the focus off myself and my fear and place it on who I will be serving, the fear diminishes greatly and sometimes leaves me completely. If you can see that what you are doing is going to help make someone’s life better, then you are living with a bigger purpose. When you’re thinking of how you will help, you can’t think about how scared you are anymore. Its like magic! 🙂

  • Look for inspiration. Watch YouTube videos, read an inspirational book, consume content that portrays people who have overcome fear and created something amazing. Don’t just sit with the fear; don’t let it paralyze you; rise above it any way you can. Others have, and so can you!

Once you’ve made your decision, STICK TO IT!

I state this as much for myself as for you! Once you’ve made your choice, get your blinders on and see it through to completion. If you have to start with small goals, so be it. Completing what you intend is power and is the building blocks to creating the life you desire. You MUST see your goals all the way, or you won’t have the experience and confidence that is absolutely necessary on the journey.

Work on building faith, self-talk, facilitating enjoyment on the journey, and keeping your ultimate goal at the front of your mind (Living From the End). You will make mistakes (optimization data) and there will be moments of doubt, but you will rise above them. The perfect inspiration will come just when you need it. The right opportunity will fall into your lap the moment you think there are no more options. The connections will appear, the money will be there, the idea will spring to mind. No matter what, someway somehow, everything will work out perfectly.

Never give up

Ultimately, the best advise is to never give up. Anyone that was successful, created amazing things, and changed the world had tons of supposed “setbacks” and kept going. They viewed those setbacks as opportunities to change their approach, get creative, and push on. If they would have let frustration overtake them, or fear stop them, they wouldn’t have created anything. What if Ford had given up building cars, or if Albert Einstein had decided he was a failure after being told he was “mentally slow” in school, or if Jim Carrey resigned himself to a life in poverty? Check this out for inspiration.

Anyone can create the life they want. There is nothing stopping you except your own fear (self-talk) and lack of consistency. Stay loyal to your dream no matter what, and it WILL materialize. Never forget this.

Have fun on the journey! 🙂

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