How to Enjoy the Journey

Why am I here

For most of my life, I preferred my imagination over the day-to-day grind. I didn’t know how to enjoy the journey of life. Even as a child, I was always seeking escape. I grew up working hard, lots of chores every day, homeschooled, in a religious atmosphere. I couldn’t wait to shut myself up in my room and put my headphones on so I could drift off into my dreams. They were more real to me than my physical life.

I wondered why I was here. And the answers I got from my environment were not satisfactory. It seemed like a boring existence with hard work and responsibilities. I didn’t want to do what everyone else did, like get married, have a house, raise children.

Life doesn’t have to be hard…

As an adult, I believed that life was hard. When I was working, I couldn’t wait to be off so I could watch Netflix or play a video game or have some drinks. On my days off I literally did nothing. I was so tired all the time. I had no hobbies or passions.

I didn’t realize that I was making life hard. The way I was viewing the things I “had to” do every day was affecting my energy, my sense of humor, my happiness. I had conditioned myself to view the world this way.

Changing the perspective…

Because I am the creator of everything in my life, I can change anything in my life, even my outlook. When I shift my perspective on things, those things transform before my very eyes. This is true for anything. Even a job I used to hate!

In the beginning it was extremely hard to change my viewpoint. I used to ask the Universe how to enjoy the journey, for a change in perspective, and amazingly, it would always come. Sometimes the answer would come in a seemingly negative experience, but my perspective on the original issue would be different.

How to enjoy the journey…

My enjoyment increased as I started practicing some simple habits every single day. First thing in the morning, I pulled out my journal (and I was NEVER a journal-er before, but I was desperate for relief). I wrote out 10 things I was grateful for. I tried to make it real by thinking of things that had happened the day before that I appreciated. Maybe someone was kind to me, or I accomplished a small task. I celebrated my wins every morning.

I also stopped saying “I have to” before a task. I replaced this with “I get to”, and immediately my feelings started to shift. Instead of a heavy, begrudging feeling, I felt more thankful and grateful. I started to see the benefit in the fact that I “get to” go to work, because I have a job! I “get to” go grocery shopping, because I have money to buy good food. I “get to” do laundry because I have an abundance of clothes that I love to wear.

Enjoying the journey as much as the destination…

When I learned about the Law of Attraction, I was mind blown. I was able to connect dots that didn’t make sense to me before. I knew now that I had recovered from alcoholism by using the LOA; when I considered my stepdad’s faith as he manifested many amazing miracles of healing ( and attracting money just when it was needed, I saw the LOA; other famous people such as Oprah and Jim Carrey used it to create the life they wanted.

I definitely became obsessed with manifesting a whole bunch of things into my life. I was focused on the end prize and where I wanted to be. I wanted money, better health, confidence, my dream house, to travel, etc. I was attempting to escape my present like I did when I was a child. But the journey is just as important as the end result. Maybe more important.

Have fun now…

“How you do anything is how you do everything” written by Martha Beck is some serious wisdom! How you live your life right now is how you will live your life in the future. Basically, if you’re not happy now, what makes you think you’ll be happy later?

The ability to live a life in flow right now, with the same old job, same old apartment, same car and people that you know, is the secret to manifesting your dreams. If you can learn how to enjoy the journey right now, then you become that person you envision to become. Another great quote by Wayne Dyer, “You do not attract what you want, you attract what you are”.

Enjoy the growth…

Enjoying the growth process is still hard for me sometimes. I want to be further along than I am and not continuously dealing with the same old patterns of being. But my frustration usually occurs when I’m comparing my abilities to others, or being hard on myself, or feeling like I am limited with time, money, etc. These are all opportunities for growth!

Once I started to see my habitual emotions start to change, I got excited. I was literally watching as my feelings of frustration, helplessness, anger, annoyance, and fear, all started to lessen. My habitual thinking started to change! I was correcting the thoughts that I didn’t want to believe anymore as they were coming up automatically. I didn’t have to try so hard anymore. My subconscious was taking in my new ways of thinking and changing my ways of being!

Be a detective…

Once you realize that you are manifesting subtle but huge evolutionary changes in your way of thinking, feeling, and behaving on a daily basis, you will enjoy the journey. You will get addicted to finding out more opportunities for growth. This is how the dots are connected from the life you have now to the one in your vision. And it’s an exciting ride!

Actually, when a lot of stuff comes up such as reactions, negative emotions, etc., be encouraged. This is how your subconscious is going to get you to your dreams. This is how you know it’s working! This is how you know you are on your way.

Enjoy the theater of your life…

Joseph Rodrigues, an amazing philosopher, spiritual teacher, and entrepreneur coach, refers many times in his YouTube videos to “playing out the theater”. He may have gotten this phrase from one of the many books he has shared on his channel. This expression describes how we live our life once we know that our dreams are a done deal. Once we have a clear vision of what we want, we make it clear to our subconscious, and then we live with faith, playing out the theater of our life that leads to the completion of the vision.

Knowing that my dreams are a done deal allows me to enjoy the journey. I can stop worrying, trying so hard, or feeling the need to rush. Now I get to see how my subconscious brings all the pieces together. I get to be present and have fun, enjoying the opportunities to know myself better.

I hope you do too!!

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