How to believe

I’ve had some massive growth in my belief these past few weeks. I thought I believed in my dreams before, but the Universe threw me some curve balls in order to level me up! I appreciate the lessons, and want to share with you how to believe in your dreams, no matter what doubts may come up for you.

Why its hard to believe in manifesting

Lets face it, many of us are conditioned to avoid looking “crazy”, or being misled and lied to. I was raised in a somewhat extremist religion, and when I entered the world and saw how “normal” people lived, I felt like I had been brainwashed and that those extreme religious beliefs were delusional.

There are a great deal of “extreme” beliefs in every culture, and believing that you can manifest whatever you desire could be labeled as such. Especially if what you want to manifest is considered “impossible” by the majority of people.

We are living in a very logical time, where secular beliefs centered around science prevail over religious or spiritual beliefs that might contradict science. Therefore, its against the norm to have faith in something happening, without having a logical sequence of events to explain it ahead of time.

Manifesting might seem like luck

Perhaps manifestation has not been “proven” yet, because when things manifest, they might appear as though they happened by chance. Or someone could surmise that it was going to happen anyway. Usually the manifestation, after it occurs, can be logically explained. The manifestation is attributed to external causes and actions, not an internal belief.

What is not being considered is the energy that was put into motion by the person (or persons) who desired it and believed it would happen. Without that person’s belief and assumption of success, the dream would not have been realized.

We want to be “safe” and comfortable

We have evolved in such a way that we naturally want to feel comfort and safety, rather than face the unknown and possible danger. Even if our comfort and what we know is actually chaos, we would prefer to stay in the chaos then experience life differently.

The tendency to maintain our known state is also due to how we have programmed our subconscious. When our beliefs about how reality works and how we view ourselves gets programmed into the subconscious, these beliefs will run on autopilot. Therefore, change of behavior will be difficult or impossible unless the program gets modified.

Doubt and fear of failure are beliefs that could come up as you attempt to manifest the life you desire. I know the emotions that these beliefs evoke all too well. Its like a stabbing feeling in the gut, almost paralyzing. And, knowing that what you feel is how you vibrate, these emotions are not ones we want to hangout in.

how to believe

Will doubt stop me from manifesting?

I don’t believe that feelings of doubt will stop you from manifesting your dreams. Many people have had times of doubt, almost giving up on their goals, and still they prevailed. Even Jesus had negative feelings arise as he struggled in Golgotha.

The key is to not stay in the doubt. Someway, somehow you need to drag yourself out of the fear and back into faith. Doubt is coming up so you can make peace with it and let it go. These emotions are there to show you where you can transform and grow stronger, and ultimately become a more powerful manifestor of your life.

Don’t fear the fear!

I used to be a chronic over-thinker. Overthinking is usually not helpful, as this demonstrates that we are unsure and not in the present moment. My overthinking caused a disconnect from my intuition and inhibited my flow with the Universe.

It can be easy to overthink when negative emotions arise, such as fear and doubt. But, there are more productive ways to deal with these emotions than to worry about them.

What to do when you are in doubt

I’ve learned to interrupt the doubt as quickly and effectively as possible. If you don’t have time to sit and work through the doubt with yourself, think of some affirmations until you do have time. Even if you don’t feel the affirmations right now, just say them. They will get through.

Writing is a powerful way to look at your doubts and reframe them. Write out your doubts and why you have them. Try to understand where they came from, putting them in perspective. Are they really valid? Maybe something happened that is influencing your lack of belief and its time to heal and leave the past behind. Perhaps you doubt because no one else has done what you are attempting, but you can be the first!

Across from each doubt you have written, write how you want to feel and what you want instead. Do you want peace, excitement, and joy over your accomplishments? Do you want a faith that moves mountains? Do you want to never give up and keep going until the miracle happens? Do you want to prove that this works?

Focus on what you want and take your attention from what you don’t want.

What worked for me

I’ve had recent moments of serious doubt regarding a strong desire that I was afraid wouldn’t manifest. I knew the doubt was causing me to spiral, so I stopped everything I was doing and meditated for 2 hours (literally the longest I’ve ever meditated). Here was my process:

  • Started with Joe Dispenza’s perineum breathing technique.
  • Methodically moved through each body part, releasing the muscles and completely relaxing.
  • Visualized the space in my body and around my body, as Joe Dispenza does in his meditations to get into the quantum field and my “formless self”.
  • Then, I visualized my desired end result for the rest of the meditation, using imagined scenes, imagined conversations, affirming thoughts with myself, and feeling what I would feel if my desire actually happened.
  • At the end, I declared that it was done.

This worked sooooo well for me!!! All fear was gone and I completely believed in my vision as being done. The feeling of relief and joy remained for the rest of the day.

I’ve been repeating this same meditation at least a couple times per week, only 1 hour now instead of 2, and my faith is continuing to grow and I’ve effectively kept doubt at bay.

And I’m seeing the manifestation begin to happen!!! Its so exciting!! ?

Check out Neville Goddard, who talks about the Law of Assumption. A couple books by him that helped me believe, Feeling is the Secret, and At Your Command.

how to believe

Ways to build your belief

You build your belief like you build a muscle. Its something you cultivate in order to grow. The way manifesting works is through belief. You experience reality according to how you believe reality to be. So, building your belief is fundamental.

Here are some ways to build your belief:

  • Visualize the end and feel it– as I mentioned above, this technique has helped me the most lately. This could be due to the fact that I believe in visualization the most, as it has worked for many things that I’ve manifested. Visualizing and feeling your wish fulfilled is a powerful way to impress your subconscious mind and plant the seed for manifestation, but its also a great way to feel better when doubt crops up. If you imagine the end and feel it, just keep that feeling going for as long as you can after the meditation. With practice, you will be able to produce this feeling at will, any time you want.
  • Self-talk/Affirmations– have conversations with yourself. Try to look at your doubt from a detached perspective, like you would observe your thoughts during meditation. Is this doubt is arising because you’re allowing yourself to be swayed by your physical reality? Reason with your conscious mind, and let it know that what you’re creating has nothing to do with what exists now. Affirm that what you are manifesting is done, and anything you see that doesn’t confirm this is not worth paying attention to. You can direct your attention where you want. Affirm that what you desire is yours, and accept the suggestion.
  • Choose your environment wisely– if you are working through doubt, be sure to protect your environment as much as possible. Choose wisely who you will share your desires with, in case someone brings you down and sways you from your belief. Keep your conversations positive, and focus on uplifting perspectives. If you can find someone who manifested “big” things in their life, talk with them, and allow them to help raise your vibration. Talk to a mentor, or someone who can help you get through the fear.
  • Consume inspiring content– there are so many inspiring YouTube channels! YouTube has seriously helped me through many negative emotions. There’s always someone that has something perfect for what you’re going through. I listen to amazing content every day, and the repetition of inspiration is shaping my psyche and changing my habitual thoughts. What you put into your brain on a daily basis can either lift you up in faith, or invite doubt to take over. Make it a point to put in information that empowers you to manifest all your desires.
  • Focus on what is going right and exclude what isn’t from your mind– your attention is the manifestational sap of life. What you focus on grows. There is a story in the bible, about a widowed lady who was destitute and was visited by the prophet Elisha. He asked what she had in her house, and she said “3 drops of oil”. He had her collect empty bottles and begin to poor what oil she had into the empty bottles, and she was able to fill all the bottles, from 3 drops of oil. Her attention on what she DID have, allowed for the miracle to happen. Pay attention to what is good. Exclude what “denies” your dreams fulfilled from your consciousness, and that reality will wither and die.
  • Gratitude– gratitude puts you in a state of receiving. Express gratitude for everything that you love in your life. See how good your life actually it. Even appreciate the challenges, as they are building your strength and teaching you invaluable lessons. Practice having gratitude for your desires before they happen in physical reality. If you can really get into the feeling of gratitude for your dreams, you will be vibrating at the level of having your dreams now, which will bring them to you like a magnet. Also, you can’t feel doubt and be in a state of gratitude. Enter into this state of being to pull yourself out of overthinking and fear.
  • Assume it is done, and don’t think about it anymore– move on. Use the Law of Assumption, know that your desire is a done deal, and live like you have what you want now. I’ve done this recently, and the result is undeniable!! If your desire has been manifested, then you don’t need to focus on it anymore. If you’ve impressed your subconscious with the desired result, then let it go. Move on to things you enjoy doing. Exclude from consciousness whatever denies that your desire has manifested, and stay loyal to your vision. You’ll know when you’re ready for this step. This is the ultimate expression of faith; the Universe will respond.

Make the choice to believe no matter what

In the end, its your choice to believe or let doubt take over. Doubt, skepticism, and “logic” kept me drunk for many years. It wasn’t until I was ready to go all in, take a leap of faith into the unknown, and believe even though I had no reason to, that the miracle happened for me.

Falling into the arms of the Universe allowed me to be saved and manifest a life of sobriety. That experience showed me that belief will produce results, as long as you don’t succumb to doubt.

Do whatever it takes to get you to that place. Dig deep, expose those inner demons to the light, and banish them. Choose to believe; choose to live an inspired and magical life, and you will be amazed by what happens.

Everything happens perfectly

Some manifestations happen fast, and some take a little while. The Universe and your Higher Self know the perfect time, and the result will be even better than you imagined.

Trust the Universe, and trust yourself.

And enjoy the ride ?

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