Access Your Power

You are a powerful creator…

Within each of us is a connection to infinite wisdom, brilliant inspiration, and unfathomable power. Many of us experience the feeling of this power at different times in our lives. A guiding intuition out of nowhere or being in the flow and having everything click like clockwork. The feeling is pure joy and total clarity.

Maybe something amazing and miraculous happened and we were in awe for a moment. Perhaps we created something stunning and utterly surprised ourselves. Or we achieved an extremely difficult goal against all odds.

Where’s the power?

Where is this elusive power? Because it does seem like it appears out of nowhere and then vanishes once more, leaving us to wonder if it really even showed up at all. And once it’s gone, we seem to forget that something amazing and otherworldly had occurred.

Artists and writers speak of this power as a creative power. They live for the moments when it shows up. When it does, they jump into action and allow the inspiration to flow forth into their work. Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic (awesome book!) speaks of this creative power as inspiration that comes as an idea. She writes of an idea that she didn’t act upon, and it left her and went to someone else. How did it do that?

The power connects us all…

Isn’t it amazing how people from different parts of the world can have an idea at the same time? Consider multiple discovery, which is the known phenomenon of two or more people inventing or discovering the same thing in different locations without contact. This has been known to be happening for hundreds of years.

Have you ever had a cool idea, didn’t act on it, and then you see someone has “stolen” your idea and is making tons of money from it? What about running into someone you’ve been thinking about lately or getting a random call from them? Has the answer to a question you’ve been pondering been given to you by a person that doesn’t know you and is seemingly out of the blue? There honestly can be no doubt that there is something mystical connecting everyone on this planet.

The subconscious mind…

We have a powerful mind that many of us don’t realize. Our subconscious mind is working 24/7. It is running the automatic life functions of our bodies all day and all night. It has a perfect memory. It gives hunches, inspirations, and a feeling of deep knowing.

Our subconscious is the doorway to the infinite intelligence of the Universe. The fact that it’s connected to spirit, it is also connected to every other subconscious mind. This is how people can have the same idea in completely different parts of the world. This is how we communicate with one another without even speaking.

Our created reality…

Because the subconscious mind is connected to immeasurable power, it has created everything that we see in our experience. This mind adds force behind the vibrations we are emitting. It dictates what we are attracting.

The subconscious will send out astonishing ideas and set up the perfect circumstances, all in order to bring you what you want. It works for you every moment of every day. Everything you see was created from this mind.

Access your power

How we influence the subconscious…

We have the power to influence what is created by what we tell our subconscious. Our subconscious isn’t a separate entity doing its own thing. It takes instructions from us. Whatever we think and believe, our subconscious will seek to create.

We can easily see how we are influencing this powerful creator by looking at our current life situation. If you are unhappy most of the time, that is because of what you are telling your subconscious. If you are broke, that is because of a belief you have and your subconscious is making that so. It you are unhealthy or lonely, that’s how you’ve instructed your subconscious. The same is for things that are good in your life.

Your mind is not your enemy…

For a long time I viewed my mind as my enemy. As I struggled with my alcoholism, I couldn’t trust my thinking. I viewed my mind as insane. After I recovered and found a power I could trust in (that was bigger than my physical self), I started to trust myself again.

Then, I realized that my subconscious programming was dictating my reality. I didn’t like my reality. I started viewing my subconscious mind as clogged up and even defective. It felt like a daily struggle with myself for peace. So many aspects I wanted to change. I felt completely blocked and unable to live the life that I wanted.

I was fighting myself, and whatever you resist will persist. My subconscious wasn’t my enemy, and I needed to start trusting that it would bring me what I desired if I just let it.

Trust and believe…

It takes baby steps. I have to be consistent with the suggestions that reflect the life I want. Even if I can’t see the results, even if I can’t feel the words, I keep saying them over and over. In the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, he calls it “autosuggestion“. These are essentially affirmations that we send to our subconscious mind in order to reverse an unwanted belief and create a new one.

I have to look for the manifestation of my new beliefs. I even would make it up in the beginning. Try anything to get yourself to start believing that its possible and that the change you seek is happening. I listen to audiobooks and YouTubes all day long that help me with my belief. Because I know that what I believe is what will eventually have to happen.

Get inspired…

I suggest reading as many books as possible on your powerful subconscious mind. Here are some that I have been inspired by, but there are many more than this:

  • The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  • Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
  • Three Magic Words by Uell Stanley Anderson
  • E-Squared by Pam Grout

Never give up…

Start looking at your life as filled with opportunity. Everything that happens is happening for you and contributes to your dreams. Trust that everything is working out, that your subconscious knows exactly what you need to get to where you want to be. That power will get you there, someway and somehow.

Have an appreciation for the reactions that come up, because they are showing you where to direct new thoughts that will change what you see in your life. It doesn’t matter what area of your life is not to your liking, you can change it. Start now!

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