the law of attraction evolved

When I learned about the Law of Attraction it kind of blew my mind. The scientific explanation of everything being vibration I knew, but that a vibration attracts a vibration like itself was new to me. I wanted to start connecting this new concept to everything I had ever wondered about, including how the Law of Attraction played a part in the evolution of everything that I see today. All of a sudden, I perceived so many things differently!

Darwin’s Theory

When anyone thinks about evolution I feel like most think of Darwin’s Theory. According to Darwin’s Theory, the species that don’t get killed off survive, and they survive due to random chance variations in their genes that help them survive, which are passed on to future generations.

What if the variations in gene characteristics were not so random? What if the Law of Attraction had a part to play in this evolutionary saga? Maybe there is more to the story than random chance and survival of the fittest.

Desire becomes manifested

Over 3 billion years ago the earth was mostly water and devoid of oxygen. There were no birds, dinosaurs, humans, plants, or the diversity that we see now. There was mostly bacteria and microbes. How did fish fill up the sea? And then, how did fish turn into birds?

Maybe there were so many fish in the oceans that some of the fish started to desire an escape from the water. Maybe they started to jump out of the water and dream about flying. Over the next few hundred years they would have jumped more and more out of the water, started to grow longer fins that helped them float above the waves, and started to breath the oxygen through their evolving lungs. Perhaps it was desire that influenced the changes in gene structure, which influenced future generations. Maybe it wasn’t chance mutation.

The Law of Attraction is an ancient concept

The knowledge of this law has been around forever. Ancient Egyptians expressed their wisdom (most of which goes waaaay over my head) in the Corpus Hermeticum texts, such as β€œTHE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.”-from The Kybalion. Buddhist teachings state “All that we are is a result of what we have thought”. Jesus even said we can do greater miracles than him and that the kingdom of heaven is within.

A Course in Miracles explains that we all started as one and somewhere along the way there was a “separation”. It portrays Jesus and his teachings in a totally different way than Christian tradition, and asserts that we can perform miracles when we connect to our true selves. More recently, Abraham (Esther Hicks) has shared many Law of Attraction books, tools, stories, and YouTube videos expressing the power of desire and focus.

Talk to any happy and successful individual and they will tell you that how they think every day plays a huge role in the life they created. Talk to anyone who healed from a terrible illness, and they will express that they believed they would become healed. They did something that they believed would work and it did. Perhaps the law of attraction aided in the evolution of these people into who they were trying to become.

No science behind the Law of Attraction?

When I learned about how certain vibrational sounds, such as produced by singing bowls or tuning forks, can influence living cells to change their vibration, I was amazed. We live in a time where studies can be done on almost anything and the tools to measure the data are phenomenal!

Yet, the scientific method is created to defend against wrong assumptions and be as skeptical as possible. Therefore, ideas that challenge previously accepted knowledge, even when there is evidence, is not acknowledged right away. I can see how this is useful in protecting society from erroneous beliefs based on whims that could be harmful. I get that. But it also makes it hard to advance sometimes.

the law of attraction evolved

Examples of scientists who’s ideas were rejected and proved to be true:

Ignaz Semmelweis in Austria the year 1847 tried to prove with evidence from working with his own patients, that handwashing reduced the mortality rate of birthing women. Doctors during that time would examine corpses one minute, and then head over to deliver a baby with no type of hand washing or sanitizing whatsoever, resulting in many infections and deaths. No one believed Semmelweis and nothing changed for many years.

Aristarchus from ancient Greece is a popular example of how slowly the “authorities on knowledge” change their theories. Aristarchus proposed that the earth and planets orbit the sun, and no one believed him. In fact, many wanted him on trial for his erroneous beliefs. Nicholas Copernicus resurrected the idea in the 16th century, and even though many thought his work was exceptional, still scholars and astronomers refused to change their minds. About 100 years later Johannes Kepler also tried to prove this and was ignored.

In the 1880s Gregor Mendel conducted studies on heredity and showed the way in which traits are passed down through generations. His work wasn’t accepted until 16 years after his death.

Doctor’s who support the Law of Attraction

Many doctors and psychologists are realizing more and more the power of thoughts and mind to influence a person’s life and well being. Some are even starting to conduct case studies and collect data to prove that thoughts and beliefs have the power to heal.

Dr. John Demartini is a specialist and researcher in human behavior and has done extensive work with clients to help them realize their inherent power within. He aims to show his clients the connection between their mind and health, as well as behavior.

A cell biologist researcher Dr. Bruce Lipton, studies genetics and is known for his research regarding epigenetics. Epigenetic studies show how changes in living organisms occur by modification of the gene expression rather than the actual genetic code. During the course of his studies, he became convinced that genes express according to instruction given by their environment to the cell membrane. He believes the instruction is given by the impulses from the brain and that our beliefs determine the nature of the impulses.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is one of the most exciting researchers at the moment. He is actively conducting case studies, collecting data, and using highly specialized instruments to record changes that occur due to heart coherence. Dr. Dispenza can show the physical changes on the body from meditation, change in self-talk and self-image, and the connection of the brain and heart energetically. He’s been able to measure the actual magnetic energy coming off of a person after one of his meditations. He’s also asserted that many of his clients have healed from various illnesses. I’m about to read his book You Are the Placebo. I’ll let you know how it is!

Think about it

If the cell’s environment (which is created by signals from the brain) determines the expression of genes, how did we evolve to where we are today? If it’s not random chance which genes are turned on or off and which ones mutate, than it could be argued that we may have evolved by our thoughts and desires. Perhaps animals, plants, insects, humans, all evolved because they wanted to.

I know in my own personal evolution from depression, low self esteem, and the depths of addiction, I wanted to change because I was super unhappy. Many of us don’t want to change unless things are really bad. I can see that being true for animals as well. Many animals have evolved due to being hunted, such as elephant tusklessness, smaller horns on Big Horn sheep, and smaller cod that mature quicker. It may be a stretch for some to believe, but maybe these animals intuitively knew they needed to change in certain ways in order to survive.

the law of attraction

Extinction and the Law of Attraction

It’s interesting to consider what may have led up to the mass extinction of animals and civilizations over the course of our earth’s history. If we continue along the same line of thought by considering that thoughts, emotion, and energy create the physical reality, then I wonder if the general energy before extinction events was a terribly low vibration.

It seems that many of the extinction events involved environmental factors. There were ice ages, meteors, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. It’s fascinating to consider civilizations that died off, such as the Maya Mesoamerican civilization, the Indus Valley civilization in the middle east, the Easter Island people, and many more. It seems these civilizations had grown large, were devouring all the resources in their area, and the earth was finally done with them. Some civilizations just disappeared, and we don’t know why. Maybe they had become very corrupt and/or crime was high. We know with the Mayans there were many human sacrifices performed. It would be so interesting to go back in time and experience the state of mind of these people just before their destruction.

What about our future?

When I consider how the Law of Attraction works and how the world evolved, I realize that everything I’m experiencing right now in the physical reality, someone dreamed and desired to create. I am living the manifested creation of those who lived before me. This makes me see that everything I am energetically pouring into the world is going to affect those who come after me. I am contributing to the evolution of this world. Quite a mind-blowing responsibility, if you think about it!

I have the utmost faith in humanity. I choose to see people as good and that we are progressing toward a better world for everyone. More and more people are becoming aware of the impact we are having on the planet. The preservation of natural lands and decrease in harmful emissions and pollution has become increasingly important. Acceptance of one another has increased as well. The harmful effects of condemning religions are lessening as people turn progressively toward spirituality and individual expression. I think we are evolving into a more conscientious and connected people.

What we focus on is where the energy goes. Choose the world you want to create. You contribute to the evolution of our planet. Lets dream big!

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