Feel Your Dreams Fulfilled

Feel your dreams fulfilled…

I think its super exciting to sit down with paper and pencil and write out my dream life. I love losing myself in thoughts of the perfect situation: beach house, leisure morning with coffee, a stroll on the beach, starting my workday at 10am with a schedule that I made doing the things that I love to do. I always feel invigorated and excited afterwards. Writing about it and thinking about it makes it seem more real, like I was just there!

I was just there. To my body and my subconscious mind, I truly was just there living my dream life. The focus in my imagination caused an unseen reaction in my mind and body that would have occurred if I was really there physically. My imaginal act started energies in motion, even if I couldn’t see it with my physical senses.

Brain plasticity…

For many years medical scientists believed that the brain was hardwired after a certain age and personalities, habits, and any brain damage, was either permanent or very hard to change. With the discoveries of the brain’s plasticity, we now realize that our brains can rewire, regrow, and neurons can even change function to support an injured area. Our brains are not hardwired computers. Our brains are living, adaptable, and most of all, mold-able.

According to the Law of Attraction, this means that we can mold our brains to believe we are living from the place of what we desire, and therefore attract the physical to match the mental/emotional. No matter how deep the old belief neural pathways go, they can be changed! Also, the changes that happen in your brain aren’t always noticed right away. The outer world may seem to be exactly the same, but your brain is changing. Look for the subtle improvements and they will grow.

These are some exercises to help you feel your dreams fulfilled now.

Tool #1: Imaginal Act

Every day I have been using this tool along with my regular meditation practice. I’ll also plug it into my micro-meditations that I do sometimes throughout the day. It’s so much fun and I can see immediate results, depending on how unattached I am to the outcome. (The more lighthearted you are the better!) Neville Goddard taught this exercise, along with many others.

Step 1- Either write or record a scene which depicts a moment of you experiencing your fulfilled dream after it has occurred. Be detailed about the feeling of that moment, the people you are with, the scenery, the smells/scents, what you are doing, etc. This will be your go-to image.

Step 2- Sit or lay down to quiet your mind. This is done in order to get past the conscious mind to influence the subconscious. This can be done before sleep as well, just before your mind drifts into sleep is best!

Step 3- Take a few moments to either focus on your breath, or the sensation of air moving through your nostrils, or you can count down from a large number such as 500. Continue this until your thoughts are gone or simply not important anymore. When you feel super relaxed and either heavy or floaty, you will be in the sweet spot.

Step 4- Bring up the scene you constructed from Step 1. Try to visualize this scene like you are actually there. Imagine you are looking through your own eyes, seeing the people, the house, the clouds, your own hands. Imagine the smells, sounds, and what it feels like to be doing what you’re doing in the scene. Have fun with it. When you are complete, state “It is done”.

Move through your day knowing that you have impressed your subconscious and unseen energies are now in motion towards the fulfillment of your vision. Focus on the present and enjoy what you are doing, as though you are living that life now.

Tool #2: “I Am”

“You do not attract what you want, you attract what you are” by Wayne Dyer. These words are the key to manifesting what you desire! You can want something all day long, but until you are vibrating as the thing you want is vibrating, that thing will evade your experience. I use this tool throughout the day to remind myself of who I am in my imagined reality, which is who I choose to be now.

Step 1- Take a pen and paper and make a list of who you are in your fulfilled dream. Start each attribute with “I am”. You can make the list as long as you would like, but keep your top 3-5 at the forefront of your mind. These will be the ones you go to throughout the day.

Step 2- Either find pictures online, use your imagination , or artistically create an image for each of your go-to “I am” statements. You will impress these images into your memory to bring up with the statements in order to achieve a visual when you think the words.

Step 3- Use the “I am” statements as much as possible! You can even set reminders throughout the day. Think or speak your statement, imagine the visual, and believe you ARE the person you are visualizing. You are impressing your subconscious mind! Repetition is a powerful way to change vibration.

I love doing this exercise. If I’m feeling off or discouraged, I think of who I really am, and rest assured that the change is happening. Change takes consistency. Never give up, stay busy doing what you love (which is also a mindset), and before you know it, you will be amazed at your transformation! The change will happen automatically.

Feel Your Dreams Fulfilled

Tool #3: Gratitude For Fulfilled Dreams

Gratitude is a powerful tool. I can confidently say gratitude is where everything in my life shifted and started to improve. Feeling gratitude creates a feeling of abundance, peace, and the feeling of all good things coming to you. Gratitude is the best feeling to cultivate in order to manifest everything you want to experience.

I use gratitude especially for situations I want to change but they stubbornly persist. I’ve had some pesky health issues that continued to hound me and it seemed I was getting no where with them. Nothing I did seemed to help much and my affirmations felt forced and insincere. My resistance to these issues were causing their persistence. I decided to express gratitude for them instead, gratitude for my body and all it can do, and sent love daily to those areas. I even starting viewing those areas as beautiful. My resistance dissipated and the issues resolved!

Step 1- Write in your positive aspects journal anything good you can see in the situation. Ask for insight from your higher self so you can see the truth. Sometimes putting things in perspective, such as realizing that its not that bad in comparison to what someone else might be going through helps create separation from the problem.

Step 2- Thank the Universe in advance for the achievement of your goals. Know that it is a done deal because you have imagined it, so therefore be grateful for this fact! Having gratitude for the journey and the lessons you are learning is powerful as well.

Step 3- Look for the evidence of the fulfillment of your vision. Before long, your excitement will build because you will begin to realize that absolutely everything that is in your life now is contributing to your ultimate goals. You will see how everything is happening perfectly, and your gratitude will compound itself.

This spiritual journey meshing with the physical experience is purely magical. You will become addicted to the process as you watch things unfold and you KNOW that what you are believing and being is creating your life. Everything is connected. Everything is happening for you.

Have fun and happy manifesting!!

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