create your life

Did you know that you can create your life exactly how you want it to be? Anything you can dream of, you can make a reality.

You don’t have to settle for what you’ve been “dealt” in life. You don’t have to do anything! You can decide enough is enough, and say “its time to follow my dreams”.

Manifestation gives you this ability! You have the power within you already. You can become skilled at manifesting, just like any other learned ability. Read on to learn how.

What I have manifested

I struggled with depression, anxiety, and alcoholism for over 10 years of my life. I know for a fact that I manifested sobriety, freedom from anxiety, and relief from my depression. No one else could save me, although many people tried. It was something I had to manifest by changing my energy and transforming myself.

I have manifested numerous other desires as well: a trip to Maine with my mom, the job I wanted, 100% on an exam, manipulated time, caused money to magically stretch out, formed better relationships, freedom from agitation and annoyance, and tons of passion which I never thought I could have.

My biggest manifestation is the love I have for my life! My life is magical in every way, and synchronicities guide me to my dreams. The joy that comes from living this way is priceless.

I want everyone to feel this ecstacy! Life doesn’t have to be filled doing things we don’t want to, just to survive. We shouldn’t feel like we want to escape our lives by using substances, binging shows, or scrolling social media.

What happened to the excitement we had as kids, when life was an adventure and we were excited to get up in the morning? You can get it back. Once you realize just how powerful manifestation is and the exciting ride awaiting, you will be hooked!

What is manifestation?

Manifestation has became popular more recently, especially during the Covid pandemic. During a time of intense helplessness, people were looking for a way to be more empowered.

However, manifestation has always been a thing. Some people naturally use it to their advantage without realizing. I think the power of manifestation even evolved our planet and all the species we see today.

A definition of manifestation is to turn something from an idea into a reality.

Where did this ability to manifest come from? Were we actually made in the image of a God that creates all things? Does that make us creators? Or is the entire universe a mental consciousness, that creates by imagination, which includes our imagination?

Whatever the story is, there is no denying that humans can do amazing things, even seemingly impossible things, by believing it is possible.

You must first have a desire to manifest something in physical reality. I believe that the early chemicals and basic lifeforms on our planet desired to change their states, and that desire produced an evolution, of which we see the results of now.

Manifestation occurs when desire is used to focus the conscious mind on imagining a desired result, assuming the desire to be possible, and impressing the subconscious mind with the belief. The subconscious will then connect this “instruction” to the universal mind, which puts people, places and things into motion to achieve the end result. It will also direct your own actions to be ideal.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”

-Paulo Coelho

You might think this sounds kind of eccentric and far out, spiritual mumbo jumbo that’s not based in reality. Except, once you have a spiritual experience, a “miracle” that you cannot explain, you will be alot more open to possibilities not proven by science yet.

Many people have written of the phenomenon of manifesting, which cannot be entirely explained. There is a power, that will cause people to find answers or see things that they have no reason to know or see. Scientists discovering the same thing in completely different parts of the world, a woman picking up a 3000 lb vehicle to save her child, placebo pills healing patients, and on and on.

Many Christians in the world believe in Jesus Christ, but do they really believe he worked all those miracles? He said that “whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do; and greater works than these will he do“. We can do greater things than healing the sick, raising the dead, and calming terrible storms?

Perhaps we can…

How does manifestation work?

This is somewhat of a mystery. You have to kind of take a leap of faith on how the process actually works. But many people have expressed their ideas, and they seem to have common themes. Everyone is basically saying the same thing from different perspectives.

Jesus said in Mark 11:24, “Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them”. There is a Jewish meditation, “Think good and it will be good” which conveys the power of belief and thoughts. Buddhist teachings proclaim that, “The mind is everything. What we think we become”. Muslim du’as say that “Allah answers the prayers of those who know Him and also those who do not know Him”, which I take to mean that we are manifesting always, whether we realize it or not.

Neville Goddard is a powerful authority on manifestation. He was a New Thought leader during the mid 1900’s, who introduced ideas such as the Law of Assumption, the power of feeling the wish fulfilled, and visualizing the end in a state akin to sleep.

An important key to manifesting is the Law of Assumption. You can visualize and know what you want inside and out, but if you don’t believe you will manifest it, and see yourself as that person, you might not achieve the results. Also, as Wayne Dyer once said, “you don’t manifest want you want, you manifest who you are.”

When you have a desire and decide you want to make it a reality, a transformation process must occur. You must transform from who you are now, into the person who has what you want to manifest. This process includes the illumination and shedding of limiting beliefs, learning via trial, error, and correction, and cultivating new ways of thinking, feeling, and being. You become a changed person.

Ideal action comes automatically once you have assumed the state of the wish fulfilled. Everything stems from your state, and who you assume yourself to be.

Manifestation and The Law of Attraction- Abraham Hicks and feeling good

I was so excited when I first watched the movie The Secret. The Law of Attraction completely made sense to me! I saw clearly how a person’s vibration will attract other similar vibrations. Seeing people who used the Law of Attraction to attract wealth, health, success, relationships, etc. made me into a believer.

Abraham, who is channeled through Esther Hicks (I know, a little weird, but the message is fire!), breaks manifesting down into the simplest approach:

  1. Ask the universe for what you want.
  2. The Universe gives you want you want.
  3. You receive what you want.

Step 1 is easy. Get specific on what you want and declare it to the Universe.

Step 2 isn’t even done by you. The universe answers you immediately and gives you what you want.

Step 3, you have to allow what you want to come to you. This is the step that seems to trip everyone up. You don’t make it come. You don’t wait for it to come. You don’t get all excited for a week, and then get pissed that nothing happened and decide its all a load of crap, giving up on your dream.

” If something you want is slow to come to you, it can be for only one reason: you are spending more time focused upon its absence than you are about its presence.”

-Abraham/Esther Hicks

Abraham/Hicks stresses the importance of feeling good. This is similar to Neville’s Law of Assumption. When you feel good, you are in the state you would be in if your dreams had come true. You are feeling good before the manifestation.

How you feel directly determines what you are vibrating. This is easy to see demonstrated. When it rains it pours; when you’re having a bad day, everything seems to go wrong. If you are feeling good, people and situations all seem to go your way. Your feeling brings more reasons to feel the way you do.

This is how you attract your fulfilled desires into your life. By feeling whole and complete, and enjoying your life now, you will be vibrating at the level of your dreams.

Successful people who use manifestation

Manifesting is becoming more and more popular as famous people are disclosing their use of manifestation. Some celebrities who use manifestation:

  • Oprah Winfrey is a huge advocate for manifestation. She is a true believer, and suggests vision boards to prepare yourself to receive what you desire. She believes in actions that demonstrate that you believe you will achieve what you want, such as thinking like someone who has what you want thinks, or doing things that a person who has what you want does. Gratitude is also big; being grateful for all that you have in your life puts you in the state of receiving.
  • Jim Carrey manifested his successful career. He and his family were so broke that they lived out of a Volkswagen bus for a time. He used to imagine conversations with producers, of them complementing him on his superb acting. He even wrote a $10 million dollar check to himself for “acting services rendered”. All of which came true for him, as well as the $10 million dollars. He never gave up on his vision, even in the darkest times.
  • Ariana Grande used manifestation to become a famous singer. Her mother impressed on her when she was a little girl, that anything was possible. And she believed it! She attracted her relationship to Pete Davidson, and her role in the musical Wicked, which she had always wanted to perform in. She openly speaks about her abilities to manifest, and has inspired many to manifest what they want as well.
  • Lady Gaga used affirmations to manifest her fame. She said over and over that the fame was inside of her and she would have number one hits, and she said this “lie over and over again. And then one day, the lie is true.” She embodied the person she was determined to be so completely that she changed her name in order to fully release from her past conceptions of herself. She also visualizes her concerts before she does them. This woman is a powerful creator!

There are countless others that have massive success in whatever areas they desire, using manifestation. Success means different things for different people. The point is, if you can imagine it, you can manifest it. Everything is possible if you believe and never give up!

Using manifestation in negative ways

Manifestation can be used for evil just as it can be used for good. These are non-discriminant laws of the universe. You can manifest whatever you desire, even if it ultimately hurts you or someone else.

Always keep in mind, that the energy you are emitting is what you will attract. If you want to achieve success and you are willing to destroy other people’s lives in order to get what you want, this energy will return to you. “Live by the sword, die by the sword.”

There are many people who used manifestation for negative desires, such as Hitler who wanted to rule the world and eliminate races he didn’t like, and Jim Jones who created a community which he manipulated and controlled to his every whim. These people never found happiness, and died just as miserably as they lived. Yet they had a vision and manifested many things in pursuit of their desires.

What you put out into the world will return to you. Many ancient philosophies will affirm this. Create with loving intentions for all, and you will achieve the most and be the happiest.

create your life

Uncovering what you really want

Discovering what you really want in life is a journey. Sometimes you won’t know until you’re halfway to your goal that you really don’t actually want that thing after all.

When I started my journey of manifesting my desires on purpose, the real me was so buried under years of programming from my childhood, society, media, friends/family, etc. I really didn’t know who I was or what I wanted. I’m still discovering who I am.

The journey to the destination will reveal more of who you really are. But you need a goal to manifest in order to transform and peal back the layers.

Start by paying attention. Begin taking notice of things you like in your day. Is there a car you think looks cool? Do you enjoy talking about certain subjects? What piques your interest? What food do you love? What are your favorite clothes? Get in touch with yourself!

Start writing things down. What did you like about your day? What things and people did you appreciate?

When you begin to look for the things you like, a clear picture will begin to form of what you want to manifest.

Sometimes it can help to take note of what you don’t want. Make a list of the things in your life that you don’t want in the life you will manifest. Write for each one, what you want instead. How do you want your life to look?

Get specific and as detailed as you can. Have fun with this unfolding.

Reprogramming to manifest what you want

Once you have a vision, and you know exactly what you want to manifest, then it is time to impress your subconscious mind.

Your conscious mind comes up with the vision and imaginal scene, and the subconscious makes it all happen. Your subconscious not only determines your habits, actions, and motivations, it also orchestrates events, people, and synchronicities to bring about the desire that’s impressed upon it. The subconscious is connected to infinite power and possibilities.

Your subconscious has been programmed by what you have accepted as true over the years. This has resulted in the life you are now living. If you want to experience a different life, you will need to reprogram your subconscious with new beliefs and a new self-identity.

The various manifestation methods are basically ways of planting seeds in your subconscious, and reprogramming it to create a different reality for yourself.

In order to get past the conscious mind to the subconscious to achieve the programming you desire, you will need to quiet your mind. Neville Goddard calls it “a state akin to sleep”. Its kind of like a hypnotic state, where you feel sleepy, incredibly relaxed, and almost “zoned out”. When you’re close to sleep, yet still able to direct your thoughts and visualize, you are in the sweet spot.

The most powerful time to impress your subconscious is just before you fall off to sleep. This fact shows how important it is to pay attention to what you are putting into your mind during these hypnotic states. What are you watching just before bed? This will impress your subconscious and program your mind accordingly.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”


What you think about can help or hinder you

Did you know that you have complete control over which thoughts you choose to entertain? I didn’t know that for many years! I really believed I was at the mercy of a crazy mind that went to dark places and there was nothing I could do about it, except drink to try to quiet the insanity.

Many thoughts will pop into your mind, whether from your habitual thinking habits, or from your imagination, or even from the collective consciousness. Wherever these thoughts come from, you decide whether to give them meaning or not.

Meditation will teach you this lesson. When you meditate you learn to be “the observer”. You observe the thoughts going through your mind from a detached perspective. You notice the thoughts, and let them float by like clouds in the sky. They don’t mean anything unless you decide they do.

This gives you all the power. You can pick and choose which thoughts to give your attention to and which ones to let float on by. At first you may need to weed through many thoughts that don’t reflect what you want to manifest, but with time and focus, you will begin to attract more and more of the thoughts that you want.

Pay attention to your habitual thoughts. These are the ones controlling your life. Replace every thought that does not serve you with one that does. This will seem like a ton of work at first. Just do your best and it WILL get easier. It will become a habit, and you will reap the fruits. Your life will transform!

I suggest a meditation practice! Start with just 3-5 minutes per day if you need to. Meditation will get you in touch with your subconscious and reveal what is going on beneath your conscious awareness. Also, this is a great way to visualize and impress your subconscious with your desires!

The importance of wording

The wording you use in your scripting, journaling, and affirmations is very important. Whenever possible, use present tense verbiage.

There is a Facebook group that I follow, and I love the group and the people in it, but much of the verbiage is future tense. If you are talking about your dreams constantly as “coming” and “will happen”, what do you think you are impressing on your subconscious? You’ll always be waiting for those dreams, because that’s the message you’re sending to the Universe.

I know sometimes it doesn’t feel authentic to talk about something like its happened when it hasn’t yet. If I feel resistance towards “pretending” like my dream has happened, then I find a way to reconcile the resistance. I might say something like “more so every day”, or realize that it HAS happened in my imagination, so therefore present tense is appropriate. Whatever I can do to get myself to accept the suggestion that I have what I want now, will get me to the results I’m looking for.

Start viewing yourself as the person you really are. Maybe you’re not completely seeing that person yet, but that person is there, within you. Who you really are is powerful, abundant, confident, and a master manifestor of your life. Declare it! Say it as much as you need to until you believe it.

Your self-image will directly affect what you attract into your life. You are infinite and a spiritually perfect being, and you get to decide who you want to be in this life.

Make your list. Decide who you are.

  • I am powerful
  • I am confident
  • I am wealthy
  • I am kind
  • I am healthy

See yourself as this person now. With practice, you will impress your subconscious and your self-image will be transformed. Then, you will see the change in your life!

create your life

How important are feelings?

Neville Goddard will tell you that “Feeling is the Secret”. We can see how important feelings are when we consider post traumatic stress, phobias, and events that are seared in people’s memories. The powerful emotions in those moments impress the subconscious so strongly, many times a person is altered for life.

This makes clear the importance of feeling when it comes to impressing the subconscious. I know for me, I had a hard time identifying my emotions, and inducing positive emotions was virtually impossible. I still sometimes find myself unable to generate emotions on command, but its getting easier with practice.

You don’t have to have the “right” emotions to create what you want. Also, negative emotions will not keep you from manifesting. Getting into the feeling of what your dreams will feel like will help, and negative emotions will make the journey less enjoyable, but you can still get what you want.

My thoughts, just practice visualizing and feeling your dreams, and the feelings will get stronger with practice and aid in your manifestations. The better you get at visualizing, the more real it will feel.

But regardless, if you sufficiently impress your subconscious with your desire (using any one of the many techniques possible), it doesn’t matter how you feel, its happening! So don’t worry about your emotions stopping your manifestations.

The question you want to ask yourself is, what kind of journey do you want to have to your destination? Do you want to be stressed out, overthinking and doubtful? Or do you want to have a fun, magical ride to your dreams?

Living right now as you would if your dreams had already been manifested, will quantum leap you to their fulfillment. So, feel those happy feelings and let the magic happen!

Is manifesting hard?- the hazards of trying too hard

I’ve noticed on my journey that some things manifest right away and others seem to take forever. I would wonder what I was doing wrong, and if some things are just harder to manifest than others.

The secret to manifesting lies in the subconscious. The subconscious beliefs are what determine our vibration, what we attract, our actions, and what we manifest in our lives.

Many of our subconscious beliefs are unconscious, and therefore we are unaware of them. We could be unaware because we’re so used to believing a certain way that we don’t notice it. Or, the beliefs are so buried that they only come up when we’re caught off guard and find ourselves reacting to a situation in a way that takes us by surprise.

When a desire has an opposing belief in our subconscious, this will cause resistance to the manifestation. This doesn’t mean you will not manifest what you want, it just means there needs to be some house cleaning in order to transform into the person who has what you desire.

I have been focused on health for a couple years now. I have some ongoing health issues that seem to stubbornly stay attached to me, no matter how many affirmations, visualizations, meditations, scripting, or vision boards I do. I can clearly see why, though. As a child, my parents were adamant that the foods you eat can cause cancer and all types of disease. I grew up with sick people all around me, and one died even though she had been eating “healthy” for years. This has affected my ability to believe in health.

Therefore, my journey to health is taking a little longer. I’m working through deep beliefs that were planted in my subconscious when I was a child. I have no doubt that I will break through, and everything that happens is guiding me toward freedom and the realization of my dream!

So, when something is taking longer than you thought it would, ask the universe to reveal what is blocking you. This will allow you to make peace with your old beliefs, and lovingly plant the new ones. It may take some time to convince your subconscious, but you will! Stick with it and the miracle will happen! ✨

What to do when you’re impatient

When a desire is taking longer to manifest than you would like, its easy to get impatient and frustrated. Trust me, I’ve had plenty of moments when I was just over waiting for things to happen. There’s the feelings of disappointment that what you thought was the answer doesn’t seem to be anymore; being pissed off that you have to keep dealing with things you don’t want to do; feelings of futility and hopelessness.

Much suffering comes from attachment to desired outcomes. Buddhist teachings claim that the root of all suffering is desire, which exhibits itself as craving and attachment.

When you want something so bad that you can’t be happy without it, you are causing suffering for yourself and actually blocking the thing from coming to you. You are vibrating in lack and will thus attract lack.

“Don’t give up before the miracle happens.”

-Fannie Flagg

My process now for dealing with disappointment and impatience is to dig deeper. There’s always a lesson to learn. Every moment is an opportunity for growth, which will ultimately lead me to achieve my goals.

First of all, when these negative emotions come up, allow them to be. Don’t ignore them, and don’t try to push them away or force yourself to be happy instead. You don’t need to fear them, or worry that they will cause you to not manifest what you want.

Your emotions are trying to tell you something. Lean into them and ask yourself what is going on? Is there a belief that you have held on to for years that you are finally ready to release? Do some writing, do some meditating. Have a spiritual breakthrough! Realize that you are whole and complete within right now. You don’t need anything. You have everything within you.

Then, remember all the other amazing things you have manifested. Listen to encouraging YouTube videos, do something you love to do, get busy manifesting something else for a quick “win”. Let your subconscious do the work and stop getting in the way.

Letting go of control allows the energy to flow. So many times I received what I wanted once I let go and got busy having fun with something else. By turning my attention away from wanting to manifest it, I gave off the vibration that it was already manifested. Then, it happened. Sometimes without me even noticing until later!

What to do when you doubt your manifestations will happen

I have had some serious moments of doubt recently. At first, the doubt scared me. What I want to manifest means alot to me, and having doubt must mean I don’t believe, and therefore it won’t happen, right?

Doubt does not keep us from manifesting. Plenty of people have doubted themselves and pushed through it to create amazing lives. When I got sober I didn’t really believe I would stay sober. I had no belief in my abilities at that point in time. But I didn’t let it stop me from moving forward, hoping for a miracle.

Doubt can come up, but its what we do with it that matters. Again, don’t stuff the feeling or pretend its not there. Get curious and seek to understand where its coming from. There must be an old belief that came from some event or person. Make peace with it, and decide that you are the interpreter. What you decide to believe is what is fact. Declare this to yourself.

I got to the point where I refused to go down the rabbit hole anymore. When doubt began to raise its ugly head and threatened to take me down into the depths of fear and torment, I said no.

I sat and meditated for 2 hours, until I felt at peace and in harmony with myself and the Universe. I refused to continue my day until I was in the state that I desired to be in. I had to repeat this at least a couple other times over the course of a week, when doubt was trying to overtake me. But it worked!

Joe Dispenza has some powerful tools for meditating, and he will walk you into the quantum field where you can visualize what you desire and impress your subconscious. His breath work is also very helpful. I don’t care for his guided meditations, his voice is a little too strange for me, but I did a couple to get the gist and then did them myself.

Check out my blog post Stop Overthinking to Manifest Your Dreams. I have a list of tools to help you get back into the feeling of your fulfilled dreams. This is where we want to be, feeling that we have everything we could ever want now. Stay loyal to your vision, no matter what, and the miracle WILL happen.

“Our faith becomes stronger as we express it; a growing faith is a sharing faith.”

-Billy Graham

Should you tell anyone what you are manifesting?

You will hear varying opinions as to whether you should share your intended manifestations, or whether you should keep them to yourself until they come to pass. I’ve wondered about this, so I decided to cover my thoughts briefly here.

Neville Goddard seemed to believe that we should be selective on who we share our desires with. He quoted the bible in many of his lectures, and one such quote in Matthew 8:4, “See thou tell no man; but go thy way, shew thyself to the priest, and offer the gift that Moses commanded, for a testimony unto them.” And also Matthew 17:9, “As they were coming down from the mountain, Jesus commanded them, saying, “Tell the vision to no one until the Son of Man has risen from the dead.””

There’s an old tradition, when you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, you shouldn’t tell anyone what you wished for in order for that wish to come true. If you tell, you will jinx yourself.

I can see why someone might believe that their manifestation may be blocked if they tell people about it. If they have a dream that they don’t completely believe in yet, their doubts will be reflected back to them in the people around them. If they are not a master manifestor yet, or possess a faith that withstands all physical evidence that could be perceived as contrary, then they might be swayed by people reflecting their lack of belief.

Until you have an unwavering conviction that will be reflected back to you by your environment, I would keep your thoughts to yourself. Use your best judgement here. Maybe you need to work on your belief before sharing. Faith is something that is built, like a muscle. It takes practice and application.

Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich has a chapter on Faith. He claimed that you can build your faith by using autosuggestions, and by assuming that you are the person you believe yourself to be. He also suggests seeking out others who have achieved what you are working toward or something similar, and being encouraged by their success.

You choose to have faith. At some point, you will have no physical reason to believe, and you will reach the jumping off point where you will either take the leap of faith, or you will not. Once you take the leap, there is no going back! Your life will be changed forever!

I have decided to share certain aspects of my manifesting journey with others. I want to inspire the world! I will share only what I feel 100% confident about manifesting for now, and I look forward to the challenge of keeping the faith no matter what.

Ultimately, you decide how you want your journey to be. Do you believe that others support all of your endeavors? Then that is what you will experience. Do you believe people who manifest miracles are all around you? Then they will be! You decide how your reality will look. Claim it and create it!

I believe that sharing your desires will NOT jinx you. In fact, it may allow you to make peace with your doubts even quicker, and quantum leap you to your desires even faster.

I agree with Neville, that we might want to be selective, and only share with those who will promote the feeling of the wish fulfilled now. You will know who they are. Follow your heart and intuition, and you will be divinely guided. ?

Instant manifestations- quantum leaping

How do you manifest your desires fast? By assuming you have them now. Read Neville Goddard and listen to his lectures. He coined the term “law of assumption”, and many other New Thought and manifesting leaders have expanded upon it.

By assuming that you are the person who has your desire now, you instantly transform your energy and your self-identity. “You don’t attract what you want, you attract who you are.” If you can stay in the feeling of your dreams fulfilled, you will have them quickly.

This might take some practice. Depending on how much resistance, doubt, or subconscious programming that needs to be overwritten, you may need to work toward this ability more so every day.

As you manifest things into your life, keep track. Looking at what you have already manifested will build your confidence, and you will see your manifestations happen faster and faster. I’m seeing this in my life, and its so exciting!!

There’s a powerful little book called The Quantum Leap Strategy by Price Pritchett. You won’t be able to put this book down once you get started. You will be energetically charged with all the possibilities that come with assuming that your dreams are a done deal. Your limited paradigm will be shaken to its core, and you will want to make a quantum leap and do something crazy!

If you believe that you can manifest anything at quantum speed, you will begin to see the evidence of this in your life. Suggest this to yourself, and stay loyal to this suggestion. Then, hold on as your world shifts in exhilarating ways.

Quantum leaping is your chance to release fears, and allow yourself to fall into the arms of the universe. Move forward on your dreams with complete confidence that they are yours. Be who you know you were always meant to be. Be who you really are.

The trick is to not allow anything to sway you from your quest. You are quantum leaping to your dreams, and nothing will convince you of the opposite, because you are the interpreter of everything that happens. If you decide that everything is happening for you and contributing positively to your journey, then it will. And you will be amazed at the synchronicities and magical moments, which will multiply exponentially in your life!

create your life

The various stages of the manifestation journey

There could be stages that you may encounter at the beginning of your manifestation journey. I experienced these stages when I first started attempting to manifest what I wanted. I think it could be helpful to mention, so that you don’t give up before the miracle happens.

Maybe you won’t have the resistance like I did. My sister jumped right into manifesting with no resistance whatsoever, and she is literally creating amazing things at quantum speed. She believes, and her beliefs are reflected back to her.

But if you do have any type of overthinking or doubt, you may encounter these stages here:

  • Stage 1: EXCITEMENT- When you first have the inspired idea that is true to your higher self, you will feel so excited! This is how you know you are meant to experience this in your life.
  • Stage 2: OBSTACLES (opportunities)- Not long after your initial excitement stage, you may start to have doubts and overthinking could occur. Seeming obstacles might arise and seem to block you from gaining what you want. This is really just subconscious programming that is rising to your awareness in order for you to make peace and release it.
  • Stage 3: RESISTANCE- This is the stage where you either give up or push forward. You will feel intensely uncomfortable during this stage. I was on an emotional roller coaster, feeling frustration, anger, sadness, then hopelessness. It is so easy to revert back to your old self here. If you truly want transformation, you will hold on. Even a “mustard seed of faith” is all you need to make it!
  • Stage 4: SURRENDER- Once you stop fighting with yourself and with the universe, you will feel relief. You will release your grip and allow the healing to happen. You will choose happiness and peace over lack and desperation.
  • Stage 5: BREAKTHROUGH- This stage kind of goes hand in hand with surrender. You will have powerful realizations about what you used to believe, and will be fundamentally altered into a new belief, which you will feel deep within you. You will know that your subconscious has accepted the new belief.
  • Stage 6: TRANSFORMATION- Its important to know that transformation is not a straight line. Sometimes we take a few steps forward, and then a few steps back. And this is ok. New beliefs and new habits can take time to become a regular part of our life. Like anything, such as growing a garden, learning a new skill, training a dog, etc., this takes patience and lots of love. Be kind to yourself as you transform into the person you desire.
  • Stage 7: NEW VIBRATION- You will begin vibrating at a new frequency, more and more so every day. You will start seeing synchronicities and signs showing you that what you are attracting is changing. This part is so exciting! Stay the course!
  • Stage 8: PHYSICAL MANIFESTATION! The timing of your manifestation is determined by the universe, and always occurs perfectly, even better than you could have imagined. Sometimes, you’re having so much fun, you don’t even realize that your desire has manifested. This has happened to me so many times! Once you DO realize, be sure to celebrate it! Keeping a journal of your manifestations is a powerful way to strengthen your manifesting skills. What you focus on will grow in your life.

How to know if your manifestation is coming true- synchronicities

Synchronicities are the magical elements of manifesting that will inspire you to keep moving forward with excitement and passion. These signs from the universe let you know that your desires are moving toward you. Energies are shifting, and your subconscious is doing the necessary work.

Synchronicites come in many forms. If you are manifesting wealth, you may experience talks of money with strangers, or people you know may display an increase in wealth, or maybe you’ll receive a check in the mail; money will come up someway somehow, and this will be synchronistic to your desire.

Perhaps you are manifesting healing, and you begin noticing people who look amazing and energized, or you are directed to purchase a certain book with a cleanse for you to try, or your dental hygienist gives you an idea to contribute to your health (true story).

Whatever you are manifesting, start looking for the signs. You have to look for them at first, because they might be subtle. If you truly can’t see them yet, ask the universe to show you. You will start to see them.

Follow the clues that the Universe sends you. They will all contribute to your ultimate goal, someway somehow. It may be a journey, but never give up. The next step will always be revealed if you just keep moving forward.

This is the fun of manifesting! The magical unfolding of the journey. The feeling of being led by the power of your intuition. Watching as things unfold even better than you could have ever planned.

This is how you build your relationship with your higher self, subconscious mind, and the spirit in everything and everyone. Read The Alchemist and you’ll know what I’m talking about! ?

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Tools to begin manifesting now

Ask for a sign-

Sometimes in the beginning, you need to be convinced that this manifesting thing is real. Why would you want to pour your hopes and dreams into something that is potentially a scam and will only break your heart?

For me, I had to believe. It was either believe or die as a miserable alcoholic. I actually asked the Universe to change my perspective, even if it meant “bad” things happening to me. I was ready for transformation, even if it sucked. I wanted so badly to live.

The Universe didn’t torture me or put me through the wringer to teach me any lessons. I had done all of that to myself already. Instead, the spirit gently showed me that I was being guided. Every simple prayer for guidance and support was answered almost immediately. A person would give me a hug just when I needed it, or I would be given strength and the words to speak at times when I felt weak and insignificant. These were the signs that convinced me that there was a power within and all around me. This opened me up to believing in possibilities.

So, ask for a sign. The spirit of the universe will gently and kindly oblige. Then, its up to you to believe.


Meditation is an essential way of connecting to your manifestational powers. Meditation doesn’t have to look a certain way. You can meditate doing almost anything. Sitting quietly, working on something you love, fully focused on the present moment.

Meditation is mindfulness. Not mindful as in thinking. When you meditate, you disconnect from the thinking and rationalizing mind. You take a step back from your brain, and get into your essence. You become aware of who you really are. You get in flow with the universe.

Its important to realize that you are not your body, you are not your thoughts, you are not your feelings. You are awareness. You are the observer. You are the I AM, who decides what everything means and what you will experience in this life.

Meditation will allow you to become aware of your thoughts without attaching to them. This will free you from being swayed by thoughts and the feelings they produce, because you will see that you are the interpreter, and you decide what to put your attention on. This takes practice, but in time you will discover the awesome power that you have to direct your focus wherever you desire. Once you master this focus, you can do anything and not be distracted by thoughts that will disrupt your flow. Your focus is power.

When you learn how to focus only on what you desire, you can manifest anything with ease.

Check out my post on Meditation to try some YouTube meditations that are helpful when starting your practice.


Journaling will be so beneficial on your manifesting journey! There are a few different journals that I use and each one serves a purpose.

Appreciation journal– Every morning I write for at least 30 min about the things I appreciate from the day before. This journal raises my energy on a daily basis, and primes me for spotting the synchronicities and daily miracles. Your energy is super important when manifesting, so starting your day in appreciation will set you up to receive all that you desire.

Journal of Positive Aspects– I use this journal to record positive aspects of people or situations in order to change my perspective on them. This is helpful when desiring to transform relationships. Use this journal when you want to manifest harmonious relationships and see people as you want them to be (always in good will and benefit for all). People will seriously transform when you assume them to be ideal!

Manifestation Journal– I actually just started a manifestation journal recently. I realized that keeping track of my manifestations, no matter how big or how small, will inspire and uplift me, especially in times of doubt. But also, its helpful to keep track of the techniques used and what worked and what didn’t resonate. We are unique individuals, and finding the method that works for us is all part of the fun! Check out Joseph Alai’s YouTube video on using a manifestation journal.

The Workbook– I have a thick spiral notebook that I use to write all types of things in. I write in it when I’m inspired with ideas to manifest, or when I’m working through doubts or negative emotions. I script my desired outcomes, write out affirmations, goals, lists, and worksheets. Its my catch all notebook. I’ve had it since the beginning of my journey and I’m almost through it. I can look back and see my progression and the breakthroughs and deep work that I’ve done. Writing out your thoughts and getting to core beliefs in order to re-frame them to beliefs that will serve you on your journey, is an important aspect in reprogramming your subconscious and manifesting what you desire. Check out my post on Tools to Release Negative Reactions.

“My favorite affirmation when I feel stuck or out of sorts is: Whatever I need is already here, and it is all for my highest good. Jot this down and post it conspicuously throughout your home, on the dashboard of your car, at your office, on your microwave oven, and even in front of your toilets!”

-Wayne Dyer

Affirmations (long and short form)-

Affirmations, or autosuggestions, are a powerful way to reprogram your subconscious and change your self-image. When your self-image becomes one that has and achieves all you desire, then the physical reality will change as well. There are many ways to use affirmations.

Short form suggestions- you can repeat statements to yourself, such as “I am wealthy”, or “I am feeling healthier and more energized every day.” I have a list that I created for this year’s goals, and I say them every morning while EFT tapping certain acupoints. You can say these affirmations anytime though, even throughout the day. The more the better!

Long form affirmations- long form affirmations are basically having a conversation with yourself. You are doing more than just saying a statement. You are convincing your subconscious of these beliefs by working through them in detail. I think long form affirmations are helpful when your subconscious is struggling to accept the belief. I do this one in my mind throughout the day. I have talked myself down from reactive emotions, and old beliefs surfacing. You get to be the lawyer here, and a cheerleader for yourself. Great skill to cultivate, and one that will produce substantial results.

Recorded affirmations– you can listen to affirmations made by someone else or that you recorded yourself. I love listening to affirmations while I sleep and sometimes while I’m driving. My beliefs on money have shifted so dramatically since I started listening to abundance affirmations at night. I see myself more and more everyday as a wealthy person. The internal shift must happen before the external changes occur.

Listening/reading/watching affirming shows– what you put into your mind serves as powerful affirmations for what you believe. Focus on content that affirms what you want to create. I listen to various podcasts and YouTube channels that affirm what I desire on a daily basis. This is a huge way to transform your thinking and allows you to manifest what you desire faster.


Prayer is used for manifesting in many different religions across the world. When I first began my journey, I prayed almost constantly. My prayers seemed to be heard and answered, and now I have a belief that my prayers are always answered, which is what I continue to experience.

Praying is another way to get into the “state akin to sleep”. Neville speaks often of the power of using prayer for manifesting what you want. He speaks of the secret of prayer: “The word “prayer” means “motion towards, accession to, at or in the vicinity of”. Prayer is a way of getting into thanksgiving and transporting yourself to the state of your desired reality.

I have a blog post on Using Prayer for Manifestation. Prayer is a great way to build a relationship with your higher self, subconscious, and the Universe within you. You can have conversations that will inspire amazing insights and generate ideas that come straight from source.

I’ve learned so much from these prayerful conversations with myself. Lately, taking baths has been my time for prayer and inward conversation. I’ve had some of my best ideas and insights during these times. I get so excited about new ideas, I’m ready to jump out of the tub and get to work!

Being in prayer is not only a way to generate ideas, but you can ask questions and receive answers, you can express gratitude and thereby increase your abundance, and you can transport yourself to anyplace anywhere you desire.

Praying before bed is a powerful way to converse with your subconscious and plant seeds for manifesting. I’ve been having conversations with my future self, asking her what I should do and how I should handle situations. These conversations are so helpful! I’m told things that are truly inspired, and I fall asleep in the assurance that my dreams are fulfilled.

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Tarot cards/Crystals/Essential oils-

There are spiritual tools which are fun to use and can be helpful in getting you into the desired state. I’ve used tarot cards when I needed answers or encouragement. When you draw a card, its your subconscious expressing itself, and this can be incredibly revealing. I have a blog post on using tarot cards for manifesting.

I use crystals during my meditations and sometimes in the bath. Crystals give off vibrations and these vibrations can aid you in getting into the frequency that you desire. Some crystals naturally give off a certain vibration, others you can charge with the vibration of the sun or moon and use during your visualizations. I have a post regarding using crystals for manifesting.

Essential oils are also helpful to get you into a desired state of mind. I use lavender, jasmine, neroli, and lately I’ve been into frankincense. When I put on essential oils, its like a trigger for my body to relax and get into the state akin to sleep. Just another way to get into the relaxed state that allows for the influence of the subconscious.


I use mainly visualization along with affirmations in my manifestations. Visualization has worked so many times for me, from completing a task in a certain amount of time, to changing interactions with co-workers, to someway somehow stretching my money to last far longer than it should. I’ve conditioned myself to completely believe in visualization and its effectiveness, and that is what I experience.

Because I believe in it so strongly, I tend to use it the most. Its also lots of fun! You can literally be transported anywhere in any time doing anything you want. There is total freedom in imagination.

I’ve visualized my beach house so many times, that I have the entire property mostly mapped out. The details become more and more clear every time I visualize, and when I go there in imagination, I feel as though I am truly there. When I come back out of it, I’m satisfied like I just spent the day in my backyard on the beach with my dog Charlie.

Before I visualize, I get into a super relaxed state. I deep breathe slowly for a while, and release each part of my body until I feel super heavy like a giant log. Then I focus on the space in my body and the space around my body, similar to what Joe Dispenza teaches in his meditation to get into the quantum field. Once I’m aware of being space in space, and imagine I’m in the dark void of the quantum field, then I begin visualizing.

I visualize at lease 30 min per day, but if I have more time I will do an hour. As mentioned before, I’ve done 2 hour sessions lately in order to release some serous doubts and fears, and it totally worked.

You can start small. Visualize how you want your day to go, and watch how things happen, many times exactly how you visualize. Its so exciting when you see it begin to work. It just takes practice.

You can use visualization by imagining scenes in combination with conversations that you have with yourself, and you can include affirmations as well. Sometimes, I’m about to drift to sleep, and I pull myself back and immediately think an affirmation in my mind. I know that it went straight into my subconscious.

Believe once you have made the image in your mind, that you have successfully impressed your subconscious. You can then let it go and know that it is done. Your actions, other’s actions, and events will all happen perfectly. Trust your powerful subconscious and trust your intuition.

Vision boards-

Vision boards are a fun way to impress your subconscious with physical visualizations. There are countless stories of vision boards working for people, many times manifesting as the exact replica of the picture on the board!

You can create a vision board and then set it aside, never looking at it again, and it could still happen. Follow your intuition. You will know when your subconscious is successfully impressed, and you will automatically move on from the board. Then, when you’re not paying attention, those images will appear in your life.

I have my board hanging by my front door, so I can look at it while I get my jacket and boots on before going out. I know the images so well, and I see them in my mind clearly at random times. I enjoy looking at it. I love the feelings it invokes. So for now, I will keep it up.

“All you can possibly need or desire is already yours. You need no helper to give it to you; it is yours now. Call your desires into being by imagining and feeling your wish fulfilled. As the end is accepted, you become totally indifferent as to possible failure, for acceptance of the end wills the means to that end.”

-Neville Goddard


Scripting is a great way to get into the feeling of the wish fulfilled. When you script, you are writing out a scene which encompasses your dream as being manifested.

You write the scene in the first person, including how you feel, what you see, your thoughts at the time, the physical sensations, and the people and details around you. You can include conversations with people, and musings about how far you’ve come, etc.

I used scripting to get my position at the pharmacy that I now work. I wrote about the day that I was told that I’ve been promoted to pharmacy technician, along with a raise and some cool scrubs. I wrote that I was ecstatic, and was dancing all over the office. It happen almost exactly like that, and my raise was better than what I thought it would be.

I scripted quite a few different scenes, not all did I actually believe would happen. So far, the raise and promotion at work happened, and also my script of feeling more confident and connected in relations with people. I also successfully eliminated agitation, which was a serious problem for a while. I have more peace then I’ve ever had in my life, and I’ve never been happier.

You can script anything and manifest it into your life. If you are struggling to believe your script, just give it some time. You will get through to your subconscious, you just might need some growth before it comes to pass.

As with all manifesting, if its taking longer than you want, get busy doing something else. Let your subconscious know that you assume it is done, and before you know it, you will have it.

Acting “as if”(law of assumption)-

The law of assumption is the quickest and best way to manifest what you want. Act as if what you’ve impressed on your subconscious mind is done. You are that person now.

You will need to successfully impress your subconscious, using any one of the above methods, or any others. You will want to put in the work upfront, by clearly indicating what you desire, down to the last detail.

Then, assume you have what you want and live your life that way. The better you are at acting “as if” your dreams are done, the faster you will have what you want. The more enjoyable your journey will be, as well.

When you have your dreams now, and you are fulfilled now, you don’t need anything. You have everything you could ever need. You are whole and complete within, and you live your live how you want now.

You are the interpreter of your life. You are the creator of all you perceive. Take your power back. Refuse to be swayed by what you can see with your eyes. Live by faith, and the vision you have for yourself.

“Take a leap of faith. You will either land somewhere new or learn to fly.”

-Kandyse Mcclure

Leap of faith-

Sometimes you need to take a leap of faith. I’ve set a deadline for myself to be completely self-employed by September of this year (2023). That’s only 8 months away!! I’ve declared it to my subconscious, and I will take the leap of faith no matter what. I will perform the actions that I’m guided to, and I know without a doubt that I will be ready!

Someway somehow, everything works out perfectly to manifest your dreams. You can’t make any “mistakes”. So-called mistakes are essential lessons that we need to learn. Therefore there are no mistakes. Everything must occur in order for you to manifest your desires.

Follow your heart. You know what you’re ready for. Don’t force yourself to do anything. Allow things to unfold how they are supposed to. Trust the process.

As your faith grows, so will your trust in yourself and the Universe. As your trust grows, so will the miracles in your life. Faith can literally move mountains.

May your faith grow into a monumental force which manifests all that you desire. ?

Resources- Books and YouTubes to check out

Books to learn methods for manifesting:

  • Psycho-cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy
  • Feeling is the Secret by Neville Goddard
  • The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks
  • The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

YouTubes Channels to follow for manifesting:

Bottom line

Whew! What a looong blog post!

I hope you got tons of value from this. I know when I started my manifestation journey, all of this information was like gold.

And what a beautiful journey this is! Manifesting is what we are made to do! We are here to create and experience the universe from infinite perspectives.

May you know that you are an infinite soul, whole and complete within.

May you enjoy the journey and all the lessons along the way.

May you live in flow with yourself and the universe, choosing joy above all else.

Love you!

Happy manifesting!!

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