How I Felt Great With Covid

Tested positive for Covid-19!

I was super shocked when my test result came back positive. I went to a drive through rapid testing. I had been feeling like I was getting a cold and was trying to get my shift covered at work. Figured I’d take the night off, get some rest, and be good to go in tomorrow. But if I couldn’t get someone to cover for me, I was just going to go in.

My manager immediately told me that I should take the night off even if anyone couldn’t be found to work for me. She also said I needed to be tested before I could return to work. I hadn’t been sick in two years, not since this whole Covid thing began.

I’m so glad my manager made me get tested before returning to work! What a disaster that would have been to return to work and spread this nasty virus to all my unsuspecting co-workers!

As I mentioned, I have not had so much as a sniffle in over two years. The two weeks before contracting Covid I was getting less sleep than I should and had gotten chilled outside due to not wearing enough clothes in the blowing winter wind, so I had it coming. But generally, I’ve never felt this healthy in my life and I owe it to daily habits of self-care.

Mental health…

First and foremost of importance is mental health. I attribute a huge part of my overall health to my thinking. I’ve learned how to lower stress and raise my vibration, and I work to improve those areas every day. Meditation and focus, being present, practicing new thought phrases that lift me up, daily appreciation; these all contribute to my energy and sense of wellbeing.

I have overcome several health issues mostly by releasing my resistance to them, following inspiration on simple remedies, and believing in my body to heal itself. This was mainly a mindset. I refused to let what was overtake what I envisioned and believed was possible.

Body health…

I work in a pharmacy, so I see firsthand the many people searching for health. We all want to feel good. It’s hard to enjoy life if we are in pain, feeling drug down, or experiencing brain fog. Our body is supposed to be an awesome tool that we use to participate in this physical life and relish in action.

What we put in is what we get out. For every action there is a reaction. Taking a pill or getting a vaccine is not going to make up for lack of care for our body. If our bodies are struggling every day trying to clean out what we are putting into it on a daily basis, then it’s at a disadvantage. When that virus, bacteria or whatever disease is introduced, the body can’t recover as easily.

Ask your doctor…

I definitely want to mention that anything I share regarding what works for me and my health is only informational. I don’t presume to know all the science behind how the body works and I don’t intend for anyone to do what I suggest without speaking with their doctor first.

Medications can react badly or not at all with some supplements, herbs, or foods. Different health conditions can have a negative reaction to things you take as well. There is a lot to consider before taking supplements and herbs. Make sure you ask the professionals first.

how I felt great with covid

Responsible habits…

I have some habits that I’ve picked up because I wanted to care more about what I was putting into my body on a daily basis. I think this occurs naturally as one starts to love themselves more. There are many different supplements/ foods that I’ve tried at different parts in my life. Ultimately, I listen to my body and my inner self for what I need at any given time.

Everyone’s body is slightly different. No two people’s genes are exactly the same. What works wonders in my body, might not in yours. Keeping this in mind allows us to pay attention to how our body is reacting and make decisions based on our individual needs. It’s kind of like a daily experiment, where through trial and error we can find our best routine.

My daily routine…

I have found for me that I don’t need many supplements at this time. I usually have an apple/banana/berries with yogurt in the morning and eat dark green lettuce with lots of veggies every day. I will have a snack in the afternoon: almonds, cheese stick, or almond flour crackers with tuna. I eat a kind of hybrid-keto diet and make all my own meals. I do eat more carbs than keto (ketosis was not good for me) but I stay away from most processed sugar and stick with stevia mostly. I like some honey in my yogurt, and I love potatoes. Grains proved to wreak havoc on my body (especially wheat), and I don’t do well with beans, soy or other legumes.

I take a heaping 1/2 teaspoon of powdered Vit C in a little water with a half teaspoon of Calm Magnesium every night before bed. I like to take these at night because they can get the bowls going, which I don’t feel while I’m sleeping but it’s great when I wake up. Lol.

I practice yoga three days per week at this time (intend to up that to 5 days). I walk daily with Chalie my pup, and we go on hikes about every other day. Marching through the snow right now makes for an especially great workout!

My Covid routine…

The day before I found out I had covid I was starting to feel a little something coming on. It felt like a cold, little icky, little tired.

Astragalus- I immediately started taking astragalus three times per day. Astragalus is a Chinese herb used for many years and has been shown to possibly help with immune function and as an antiviral. It does wonders for me! I can feel it working immediately! I take the liquid Nature’s Answer brand because it doesn’t have alcohol, like most tinctures do. Some people like echinacea, zinc, elderberry or other supplements. Check with your doctor first, and then see what works for you.

OJ and Ginger Drink- When I got the positive result, I reached out to my sister to get me some essentials. Orange juice was necessary for me to get some extra Vit C, which I drank twice per day. I also have a recipe for a ginger drink from my mom.

My mom, Cindy Hornung, has a lifestyle center ( which she has operated for over 20 years, and she has tons of knowledge regarding herbs, supplements, hydrotherapy, essential oils, etc.

I didn’t have a blender, so I supplemented my mom’s ginger drink with Vive Organic Wellness Rescue ginger shots, which included oil of oregano and elderberry. Drank one of those twice per day and I could feel it killing whatever was going on in my throat. Was absolutely amazing.

Water- I drank a ton of water. I like to put a little lemon juice in my water, and I don’t take time to sip it. I want it in my body! I make sure to drink a full glass about every two hours or so. Didn’t go long without it. Was an instant reviver!

Again, listen to your body as to how much water to drink. Maybe take electrolytes if there is diarrhea or vomiting. We don’t want the urine to be too clear, that could be a sign of drinking too much water. But for me, the water was a game-changer. I think it helped my body recover so much quicker.

Eucalyptus- I love essential oils! I use them every time I meditate, in the bath, in my diffuser. Eucalyptus proved very effective in helping to clear my lungs and nasal passages. I was still blowing my nose every 20 minutes it seemed, but I didn’t need to take any Mucinex or other drugs. I was able to let my body go through the process and releases all the gunk without seriously suffering from it. (Drinking lots of water helps with this too.)

Fresh air and rest- fresh, cool air is the best for sleeping. It was pretty cold outside, so I would just turn down the heat a little and wear warm clothes and socks when I was in bed napping or sleeping for the night. Lots of rest is key to healing. I kept taking walks with my dog and got a bunch of homework done for my college classes, but I rested the moment I felt I needed it.

Visualize your health…

See yourself healthy! Tell your subconscious that you are well and everything you do adds to your health and vibrancy. What you suggest to your subconscious over and over will finally become reality. Trust and believe!

Wishing you all health and happiness on this wonderful adventure of life. 🙂

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