affirmations to love your life

Enjoy these affirmations to love your life and feel yourself as you truly are! I love long-form affirmations because I think they get into the subconscious mind easier. Its like you’re having a conversation with your subconscious. 🙂

affirmations to love your life

“Thank-you for this beautiful life! Every day is an adventure and I appreciate the moments more and more. I’m realizing that everything that happens is exactly what I need to experience. These lessons teach me how to let go and become free. Free to be who I really am. Thank-you spirit of the universe, for gently guiding me to live my best life.”

“I appreciate this amazing journey that I’m on! I learn so much about myself every day. Everything in my life is a mirror that shows me how I’m vibrating. I appreciate the reflection, and I appreciate where I am right now. I’m growing at the perfect pace, and learning exactly what I need. I release and make peace with past programming. Thank-you spirit, for showing me who I truly am, and helping me convince myself as well.”

Affirmations to love your life

“I love that I get to live this human life! I feel like a child again, like I’m seeing the wonders of this world for the first time. This earth is so beautiful! I’m learning to slow down and be present in each moment. The only time that matters is right now. Right now I choose to feel joy, peace, love, and gratitude. Thank-you for showing me how to enjoy this life, and appreciate every moment completely.”

affirmations to love your life

“I am grateful for the abundance in my life! I always have more than enough. I have good food, a warm bed, yummy coffee, loving family/friends, and money to buy whatever I need. I am beyond blessed! I intend to notice the abundance in my life more and more and watch with excitement as my abundance grows and multiplies! Everything in my life happens in perfect timing, and I have fun watching the theater unfold. Thank-you universe, for showing me that I’m always cared for. “

affirmations to love my life

“I allow myself to feel good! This life is meant to be fun, blissful, and an adventure. I choose today to release my grip on control and perfectionism. Every day I become more and more lighthearted, seeing the humor and fun in most situations. In this way, I encourage and uplift the people around me. People want to be around me because I make them feel good too. I watch as this wonderful energy infects everyone in my experience! Thank-you for showing me how to let go, and live all out!”

Affirmations to love my life

“I’m learning how to see opportunity in everything! Right now I have everything I need to get me to my dreams. More so every day I’m able to use what I have, which leads me to attract more into my life. I grow exponentially! As I utilize the skills I have, I gain more. I just jump in and DO the thing, and the next step is then revealed. I don’t need to worry about having what I need. The people, info, and capabilities are there when I need them. Thank-you for guiding me every step of the way!”

Affirmations to love my life

“I appreciate the things I get to do everyday! Everything that I do contributes to my ultimate goals. Even the areas I can’t see this in yet, more and more I see their value for me at this point in my life. As I learn to enjoy these environments, I start to see how they are causing me to grow, and how they give me skills that I will use later. These responsibilities give me strength, and I will help others in ways I never could have before. Thank-you for showing me how to love every part of my life!”

Affirmations to love my life

“Thank-you for this magical life! I see more and more that I am divinely guided by infinite wisdom. Everything I do, think, and feel is exactly right for my journey. More so every day I release from overthinking, and instead trust that I’m doing the right thing at the right time. I have more than enough time. There is no rush! My life gets to be awesome RIGHT NOW! I don’t wait for my dreams to be happy. Every moment of the journey is valuable, and I will enjoy this wild ride. Thank-you for this amazing life!”

affirmations to love your life
I love how much I’m learning

“I love how much I’m growing! Every day I make peace with old beliefs, and let them go. I know this journey is not a straight line; there are ups and downs, and that’s ok. Sometimes I don’t feel happy, and that’s alright. Sometimes it seems like I’m going backward, but my subconscious is just processing my new beliefs. I love myself through the feelings and know that I’m having breakthroughs. I see that I’m starting to feel better than I ever have before. Thank-you for changing my perspective!”

Affirmations to love my life

“I can see the blessings in my life! Everyday I notice more things to be grateful for. As I focus on what is going well, and how I’m growing, and all that I’m experiencing, I get more and more excited. I’m excited to get up in the morning and see what the day has in store! I know it will be amazing, because that is what I believe. What I focus on grows and is attracted into my life. Thank-you spirit, for showing me how to love my life and live each moment to the fullest!”

You direct your life!

By actively directing your thoughts you will completely control the direction of your life! Start paying attention to the thoughts that pull you down, and replace them with what you actually want to believe.

Make these new thoughts a habit, and they will become your belief. Then, this way of being will be automatic. This is how you create the life of your dreams! One thought at a time. 🙂

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